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Recommended several best Web Front-end development technology books

WebFront-end development with HTML5And more important. Building a high-quality site has become an important step in winning the game. We recommend the first online bookstore of several computer books, China-Pub.Best-selling WebFront-end development technical books. N0.1 Instant beauty: WebInterface Design how to make the user heart (09Top 50 in the annual best-selling list )(Full Color Printing,First

Two books previously written, "Safe road: Web penetration technology and Practical Case Analysis (2nd edition)" and "Hacker attack and defense actual practice encryption and decryption"

At the request of some friends, I re-sent the cover of the book and the purchase addressExplain: Www.antian365.com original domain name transferred to abroad. Now the state of the foreign domain names in the domestic visit must be real-name, backup what, the situation you understand. Recently, we are making a video course on hacking, encryption and decryption, which is a comprehensive interpretation and analysis of the password acquisition and hack encountered by hackers, and the promin

Books and technical books unrelated to technology

Books and technical books unrelated to technology This article is from http://blog.csdn.net/w324821962. In fact, I seldom buy books and do not know what kind of books I want to read. In this case, I don't know the good books and

Programming development must-read books: 10 books that every web developer should read [figure]

Programming development must-read books: 10 books that every web developer should read [figure]:When developers ask me what books they should read, I usually tell them that you read the book. Many developers read other people's code, and the best way to improve yourself is to read, and the more efficient you are, the m

Programming Technology Books

familiar with any of them. Programming Language C # is just a few months old. later, I always planned to read the second one, but it was a pity that I was either lazy or a new favorite (don't forget to average 2 new books per month, the value of this book is beyond doubt, and I believe that any one will learn. net will have heard of this book, and you should also look at it. many people say that the Chinese version is poor, but I still think that, in

Some personal experience with LaTeX typesetting programming technology Books _latex

Some personal experience in books with LaTeX typesetting programming technology Chen Yu Years ago, I wrote a book review, "〈word typesetting Art"--on the comparison with LATEX "If there is time in the future, I will summarize my experience with LATEX, so that readers can easily apply the knowledge to LATEX in reading the Word typesetting art," he wrote. Typesetting. "I've made my own layout of Linux thr

Google to buy fraud-proof technology company for digital books

Beijing time September 17 (AP)--Google announced in Wednesday the acquisition of the Carnegie Mellon University incubation website fraud-prevention tool company reCAPTCHA to crack down on spam and fraud in books when digitized, the Associated Press reported. The terms of the agreement were not disclosed. reCAPTCHA provides a few simple word fans that users must fill out when they sign up for a Web site and

Recommended Books for Linux technology learning-that's what Linux should learn

growth experience, found that the past suffered setbacks, pain is not completely worthless, but it implies far-reaching significance. Now I, around the people and things, have more tolerant, more understanding, and no longer obsessed with personal gains and losses, so some people say " setbacks, pain behind the growth of space ." Period of study, self-struggle is, of course, the foundation, butpractice and humbly consultis even more critical. In theUniversity, every setback I met, every difficu

Recommended Books for Linux technology learning-that's what Linux should learn

-reaching significance. Now I, around the people and things, have more tolerant, more understanding, and no longer obsessed with personal gains and losses, so some people say " setbacks, pain behind the growth of space ." Period of study, self-struggle is, of course, the foundation, butpractice and humbly consultis even more critical. In theUniversity, every setback I met, every difficulty, there wasTeachers,friends and classmates of the enthusiastic help, and every little bit of success, also h

What are some of the best it technology books you've read in 2016?

code and some problem solving ideas 4Game programming Patterns Game Programming mode3 4 are looking at the electronic version5 Large Web site technology architecture Core principles and case studiesAfter learning the Web server NOSQL, it is natural to know what problems will be encountered in the actual combat, and how to solve. This book is about distributed fi

Recommended books for front-end development Technology (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.)

recommend Jquery:novice to Ninja This, the framework of the book, often a primer is enough, because the update is too fast, after the study can only rely on the network. In-depth: Unlike CSS, JS is a real programming language, so deep research on him is a long-term process, CSS in-depth more inclined to the skills/craftsmen, and JS more biased design/architecture/art, I recommend the following several in-depth JS from different aspects of the book, They are members of the industry's top JS

"Ansible Automation Operations: Technology and Best practices" books are on the shelves, welcome to read

-client deployment model greatly reduces the user threshold, and its excellent design without sacrificing the architectural advantages of piping orchestration. The content of this book is easy to understand, convenient for readers to master, and quickly applied to their own real environment. Along with the chapters of this book, readers can gradually grasp the large-scale environment of the automated operation and maintenance capabilities, truly become a devops surfers.--Journal of Easy product

The sense of learning PHP development site to the bottleneck, technology do not know how to break through, I hope the great God to recommend a few books, thank you!

From the HTML small white to PHP, just beginning to feel php to do the site is very simple, but later the more I feel the knowledge is not enough, the site is far from the message board, login registration so simple. I don't know much about these technologies at the moment: Server operations, website deployment, technical architecture PHP Advanced technology, timed tasks, queues (I've been using PHP as a "static" language for a long time, no o

The technology of supporting processor--the world of endless pursuit of speed books and information

saving is not. This book is written to a programmer who needs to improve the efficiency of a computer system, revealing the great difference between "knowing." Similar bibliography recommendation: "Deep Linux device driver kernel mechanism" Content Summary This book, with its easy-to-understand language and a large number of illustrations, introduces the history, basic structure and principle of the processor, as well as the popular virtualization technolog

The experience of Web front-end development: Sharing the books you've seen and the growth process

Article Introduction: talk about my web front end of the road to share some good books on the front. Web front-end research and development engineers, in the country is a Chaoyang career, this area is not the formal education of schools, most people rely on their own self-taught. This article mainly introduces the

App Star teaches you to make ebooks (including graphic books), technology-Independent

, Content introduction information, upload e-book txt document, you can quickly generate an ebook of the mobile app installation files. The whole operation is a matter of minutes.If you have an ebook resource for a Word document, you can also convert it to an ebook in apk form using the "graphics" tool on the app's star platform, and the "graphics" tool also supports image and text blending. There are three big strides in concrete.The first step: Login to the application of the Star website (htt

Web Standard Learning resources (books, web site) Recommendations _ Experience Exchange

One, Web standards Learning books recommended 1, "website reconstruction-application of Web standards for design" screen.width*0.7) {this.resized=true; this.width=screen.width*0.7; this.style.cursor= ' hand '; this.alt= ' Click here to Open new Window\nctrl+mouse wheel to Zoom in/out ';} ' Onclick= "if (!this.resized) {return true;} else {window.open ('/upload

About the book on mobile app Testing: Technology, tools and case books Corrigendum information

First of all, the negligence of our work to the "proficiency in mobile app testing: technology, tools and cases," the readers of the reader's apologies, and has been the issue of these questions to the publishing House editor comrade, reprint will be unified amendment;Second, please refer to the Annex PDF document, Errata information.Finally, I would like to express our gratitude to the readers of the supporting authors and sincerely hope to receive m

Java Web Development must read books

overview of an open source Web server--nginx that is currently popular on the Internet. The book is divided into four parts, respectively, from the introduction, function, implementation and application of four aspects of the Nginx server knowledge is fully elaborated to meet the broad masses of readers in the application of Nginx server in the universality of demand. At the same time, it also deeply analyzes the working principle and implementation

Web Standard Learning resources (books, websites) Recommendation _ Experience Exchange

Web Standard learning books recommended 1, "Web site reconfiguration-application Web standards for design" screen.width*0.7) {this.resized=true; this.width=screen.width*0.7 this.alt= ' Click here to open new Window\nctrl+mouse Wheel to zoom in/out ';} ' Border=0> Author: (US) Seldaman Translator: Wang Zongyi/Fuche/

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