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ThinkPad X1 Tablet install WebEx conferencing software on the 99% page or cannot detect microphone problems

Failure phenomenon: When you install the Cisco WebEx application on the ThinkPad X1 tablet machine, it is possible for the program to stay on the 99% progress bar for 3-10 minutes at the installation interface. When the installation is complete, devices such as the system's microphone may not be detected properly in the WebEx meeting. Impa

Best Recorder software WebEx Recorder Editor

WebEx Recorder is an excellent recording screen software.WebEx Recorder can record full-screen or specified windows, can be set to include sound, the resulting file volume is very small and very clear, the recording process occupies little resources. 1. Download and install WebEx RecorderDownload the WebEx recroding Ed

WebEx RECORDER: screen recording software with the best performance

2. Download and install WebEx Recorder Download the WebEx recroding Editor, which is 4 + MB in size and about 7 + MB after installation. After WebEx is installed, there are three shortcuts, including player, recorder, and editor. But this does not mean that there are three independentProgramThe playing, recording, and

WebEx for the 4412 Development Board Learning WIN8 Installation and learning of basic software

shortcut. Click"Next".as shown, click"Install".For example, click the button"End". 4installation of other librariesin theWin8, HyperTerminal may need to install other Microsoft Library files at the time of installation, which does notAs soon as you are prompted to install the system.as shown, prompt to install“. net2.

Install WebEx in Ubuntu to play the wrf File

1. Install wine: sudoapt-getinstallwine2, download and run WebEx installer 3. Add WebEx to the menu: sudomv ~ /WebEx */usr/local/share/applications/4. Add wrf file type association: Right-click any wrf file --- gt; open it with another program --- gt; use the custom command --- gt; and enter the following content: e

Install WebEx in UbuntuLinux to play the wrf File

Article Title: Install WebEx in UbuntuLinux to play the wrf file. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open source. 1. install wine: sudo apt-get install wine 2. download and run th

Red Meter Note cannot install software to SD card how to do red meter note cannot install software to memory card solution

memory card all the old partitions, in the creation of new partitions to the full capacity of FAT32 can, and finally remember point "application"! Second, mobile phone installation LINK2SD LINK2SD A can make Android more than 1.6 system users to move applications to the SD card, need root support, in fact, is LINK2SD Mount ext2 for/data/sdext2 your SD card partition, so that the Android system on the boot when it mounted, Implement Mobile program features!

Samsung can't install software? Samsung cannot install software solutions

Samsung mobile phones can not install software mainly because of security settings 1. In fact, if we are a new mobile phone may not be the source of the unknown, we clicked "Application." 2. Then find inside the "set" into. 3. Also click "Security" in the Open interface as shown in the picture. 4. If your "unknown source" is not checked, let's select it. 5. Click OK l

How to install software in linux and install software in linux

How to install software in linux and install software in linux I. parse the Linux application installation packageGenerally, there are three installation packages for Linux application software:1) tarpackages, such as software-1.2

Samsung S5 g9006v can not install the software how to do? g9006v Software cannot install solution

When you download some Third-party application software but cannot install it, we need to make sure that our installation files are in APK format and our downloaded app installation files are compatible with our system before we solve the following methods. This phone is using the Android4.3 system, and we have to see if the file is downloaded files have been destroyed, if you are sure that there is no prob

Samsung G3858 How to install software? G3858 cannot install software solution Tutorial

When you download some Third-party application software but cannot install it, try the following:1. We can access the "apps" of the phone after the official view of the method.2. Click "Set" to enter.3. Then we click on the "More" button as shown in the following figure.4. Then we click on the inside of the "Security" button to enter.5. Entering the security interface we will see an "unknown source".6. Pop-

The new Samsung G7109 can't install the software. G7109 How to install software

1. If you run into a problem with the software we may be unknown source did not open, we click on the phone "application."2. After the "setting" is found in the application, click Enter.3. Then find inside the "general" click on it.4. OK here you will see a "security" option, we click on it.5. Now you will see that there is an "unknown source" feature that we click on.6. Then we click on the "OK" button to enter.7. At this time the unknown source is c

How to uninstall the software and install the application software under 013_mac OS x

How to uninstall software under Mac OS x There are many ways to install MAC OS x software, and the software offload is very different. Removing software in Mac OS X is often not as simple as pulling the software into the tr

Python server environment setup (2) -- install related software and python related software

Python server environment setup (2) -- install related software and python related software After installing CentOS7 on the local virtual server in the previous article, our python web service, custom python service, or python script must be run on the server, you also need to install various related

Install the deployment software in Bare Linux (no gcc, no RPM Package Manager, no make command, no system software manager such as Apt-get,zypper,yast, etc.) __linux

One way to install the RPM software in bare Linux (no gcc, no RPM Package Manager, no make command, no system software manager such as Apt-get,zypper,yast, etc.) Installing software in an extremely cropped Linux system is a hassle. Our bare Linux refers to: 1. No system-led management

Phpstudy is how a software is not a button to install the server, there are other similar software?

version is Usbwebserver v8.5, build environment for WAMP, including: PHP Version 5.3.9Apache 2.2.21PhpMyAdmin 5.5 4, here is usbwebserver download address , official website: usbwebserver V8 5, the tribe before there is an article on the topic: Usbwebserver local Rapid Build Web server environment One-click Server platform Second, the Uniform server 1. The Uniform Server is a Wamp package that runs on the Windows platform. Easy to build server platform, can also be conve

Samsung A7 installation software not what to do A7 install software blocked solution

1. Click "Apps" in the A7 interface after entering the mobile desktop. 2. Click the "Set" button again. 3. We can move up or down to find the "safe" option and then click Open. 4. Then we'll find the "unknown source" below the security to get it checked out. 5. After we select the "unknown source" prompt, we click on the "OK" button and the details are as follows. 6. At this time the unknown source is checked, the follow

IPhone5S How to install software? Introduction to IPhone5S Installation Software method

First step 1. Open the itunes Store, where we choose a free software to buy and install. Click on "Free Apps". Second Step 2. Downloading a project at this time we just need to wait for the download to complete. Third Step 3. Click on the left side of the list "application" you can see that you have downloaded a good application, as shown in the picture. Fourth Step 4. This time put your device

Whether I install the software or delete the software, it will happen! Please take a look.

Whether I install the software or delete the software, it will happen! Please take a look at the Linux general technology-Linux technology and application information. The following is a detailed description. Whether to install software on a terminal or uninstall

Ipad4 How to install software/download software

Ipad4 How to download software 1. Download an itunes on your computer and install itunes, register your account, and then find the software to download in the itunes Store in itunes. 2. Connecting the ipad to the computer will automatically connect to itunes and the upper-right corner will display the ipad. 3. Click on the database, download the Dongdong will b

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