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26 Web conferencing/video conferencing open source software

Transferred from: Http://www.oschina.net/project/tag/227/video-conferencing?lang=0os=0sort=viewp=1 Video Conferencing System Openmeetings Openmeetings is a multi-lingual, customizable video conferencing

Problems should be noticed in the development of mobile video conferencing software

With the rapid development of mobile Internet, the annual growth of smartphones is much larger than that of PC, and the corresponding types of mobile terminals and the number of software are increasing rapidly, so most PC application software can find similar software on mobile terminals, and even many of the company's PC sof

Google acquired Marratech video conferencing software

Google announced on its official blog that it has acquired video conferencing software from Marratech in Sweden, which will allow Google users to participate in video conferencing from their desktops wherever there is a network connection.It is reported that the Marratech

Practical office (video conferencing) software integrated collaborative communication im software-transfer source code or cooperation

Practical office (video conferencing) software integrated collaborative communication im software-transfer source code or cooperation-Linux general technology-Linux programming and kernel information, the following is a detailed description. It provides users with a wide range of unified communication services, includi

Cloud video conferencing software development Solutions

-visual interactive platform. In the technical field of cloud video conferencing industry, it belongs to industry benchmark products,First,AnychatSupport HD Video720P(1280x720) and Full HD video1080P(1920x1080Real-time video for one-to-one HD real-time calls, as well as many-to-many HD real-time meetings. Second "AnychatInstant Messaging platform "withPeernetwork

Collaborative document technology in video conferencing software

Label: style HTTP color ar use SP file data on Today's video conferencing software products not only involve audio and video transmission, but also include collaborative data functions. Collaborative data functions include: electronic whiteboard sharing, collaborative Document Browsing, and shared desktop. Now we mainl

Discussion on developing video conferencing software based on P2P Technology

This article aims to analyze and develop main technologies related to video conferencing software based on P2P technology, and give a simple example. I. Introduction I believe most people have heard of Microsoft's NetMeeting and even some people have used it directly. Today, many online worms are addicted to video chat

Webus Fox (1) Free installation of online teaching, video conferencing software

Webus Fox is a web-based online teaching and video conferencing software that does not have to be installed and used directly. It provides text, voice, video chat, file sharing, electronic whiteboard and other functions.1. LoginVisit http://flash.webus.cn/#, log in with your name:Ability to log in to two different acco

What is the difference between video streaming, video conferencing, and video on demand?

The live video system achieves three forms of live broadcast:The first live event, the live broadcast of the meeting. Through the camera, acquisition equipment (video) to collect the activity of the scene into a data stream to the Live software (ffmpeg), live software to collect compression transcoding push to the serv

How to open a network video conferencing skills

scenario, the general personal Access meeting or the meeting of the company venue access to the terminal requirements are different, personal access can be a general headset and microphone or computer integrated headset, venue mode access can be enough to buy professional conference equipment. Suggestion: The different application scene chooses the corresponding terminal equipment. Network environment Network broadband is not enough to cause voice delay,

Analysis of HD video conferencing system

, monitor, solve problems in real time, and report to systems of multiple vendors for intercommunication ). With video management software, the IT department can provide end users with the best user experience and meet service level requirements. 9) Can I hold multi-point HD meetings? Before purchasing a system, confirm with the manufacturer whether the system they provide has a multi-point control unit or

Open Source Video Conferencing collection

other files, file types are not limited.Streaming media files support a wide range of applications, such as Rmvb,wmv,flv,mp4Source Code Download Forum: http://opensource.kan8888.comSvn:Project Address: Svn://p2p.kan8888.com/p2pcenterUser name: Mc_publicPassword: kan8888.comSourceForge.net:Website:http://p2pmedia.svn.sourceforge.netSVN Address: Https://p2pmedia.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/p2pmediaDemo Website: http://www.skyvcd.comLatest Source code package download: Http://opensource.kan8888.co

Seven ways to access network in video conferencing system

, Because the DDN line according to the number of point-to-point to charge. If some of the group's users are affiliated with the company's headquarters, can be used in a DDN-point way of the network, but if the subordinate departments also need to communicate frequently, if the point-to-point connection, the company under the various departments to form a mesh network, so that the user's cost is too high. Systems using the PSTN For ordinary individual users, if you want to try a

Video Conferencing System and Its Application

Currently, video conferencing has been widely used, and our video conferencing system has been put into use. We have successfully held several major conferences, which play a very important role in daily office meetings. The following section briefly introduces the knowledge base of the

Video Conferencing system leasing or self-built

Today, video conferencing has become a long-distance enterprise remote office must be a lot of communications equipment, in helping enterprises to achieve savings, improve communication efficiency, video conferencing system also presents a polarization. Traditional hardware-built v

C # Implementation of video conferencing system ggmeeting (with Source)

Some time ago did an online education training project, and video conferencing is similar, so, I intend to like WAN instant communication system GG (QQ high imitation version), write a video conferencing system and the realization of the principle and source are shared out, so that interested friends can refer to. Inhe

Business video conferencing for Cloud communications

.Video codec technology andAACAudio Coding and decoding technology. The application form of video conferencing under the support of cloud Platform Very flexible, based on multi-tenancy architecture, is a rental program shared by attendees, with more flexibility and can be freely customized to meet the special needs of conference hosts. Can support hundreds of l

I've been through a failure. Products and Projects (vi): Experience a poor video conferencing system

Provincial video conferencing system 12 launched the development of high-definition conference terminal, launch the development of software video conferencing terminal 13 End of development Results this project caught up with the operator NGN an

7-way access to the network of the video conferencing Solution

Most users are most concerned about Video Conferencing Systems in the following aspects: audio and video quality, system price, system security, and scalability. This article compares the problems raised by users from the perspectives of network access methods, software and hardware solutions for applications, and othe

Common Access Network Methods in video conferencing

There are still many ways to learn about the access network. Here we mainly introduce the main access network methods of video conferencing. Most users are most concerned about Video Conferencing Systems in the following aspects: audio and video quality, system price, system

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