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WebLogic Middleware Basics Introductory Training Tutorial _weblogic deployment Configuration Video Tutorial

WebLogic Middleware Basics Introductory Training Tutorial _weblogic deployment Configuration Video TutorialWebLogic Middleware Basics Introductory Training Tutorial _weblogic Deployment Configuration Video Tutorial 5Wind Elder Speaker: Introduce the concept of Oracle WebLogic Middleware,

Method Analysis for fixing weblogic JAVA deserialization Vulnerability

Method Analysis for fixing weblogic JAVA deserialization Vulnerability Oracle has not released official JAVA deserialization vulnerability patches for weblogic in public. Currently, there are only two solutions:Use SerialKiller to replace the ObjectInputStream class for serialization;Delete the org/apache/commons/collections/functors/InvokerTransformer. class file in the project without affecting the servic

WebLogic Chinese Document

Chapter 1 Introduction and guidance This document describes the WebLogic Server domain and how to configure the domain. The domain is the basic management unit of WebLogic Server. A domain can contain one or more WebLogic Server instances and related resources. You only need to use an Administration Server for management. The following sections describe the cont

Install and configure Weblogic 10 in CentOS 6.3

Installation instructions Installation environment: CentOS-6.3-x64Software: server1001_ccjk_linux32.binInstallation Method: binfile InstallationInstallation path:/usr/local/weblogic/: Http://www.Oracle.com/technetwork/middleware/weblogic/downloads/wls-for-dev-1703574.htmlInstallation preparation # Create a weblogic user group.[Root @ admin/] # groupadd

CentOS 6.3 Installation Configuration Weblogic-10 method _linux

Zhoulf 2013-02-22 09:51:52 Original Installation InstructionsInstallation Environment: centos-6.3-x64Software: Server1001_ccjk_linux32.binInstallation mode: Bin file InstallationInstallation Location:/usr/local/weblogic/Download Address: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/middleware/weblogic/downloads/wls-for-dev-1703574.html Installation Preparation Copy Code code as follows: #创建

CentOS-6.3 Installation Configuration Weblogic-10

Installation InstructionsInstallation Environment: Centos-6.3-x64Software: Server1001_ccjk_linux32.binInstallation method: Bin file InstallationInstallation Location:/usr/local/weblogic/: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/middleware/weblogic/downloads/wls-for-dev-1703574.htmlInstallation Preparation #创建weblogic用户组.[Email protected]/]# Groupadd

Oracle Fusion Middleware Basics Summary

1, Oracle Fusion Middleware Products1.1 Integrated development Environment (IDE): Oracle JDeveloper, Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse1.2 Application Development Framework: Application Development Framework (ADF)1.3 Application grid: WebLogic Server1.4 Identity Management: Directory services, access management, identity Federation, fraud detection, entitlement services, identity management, identity analysis1.5 Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA): Or

WebLogic installs __linux in Linux environment

WebLogic Installation Installation Environment CentOS 6.4 x64 You can search WebLogic Install silent Reference Documentation: http://g14n.info/2014/11/install-weblogic-12c/ Official documents: Https://docs.oracle.com/middleware/1213/core/WLSIG.pdf 1. Download and extract WebLogic Oracle account needs to be

Wheat Academy Android Development Java Tutorial classcastexception error parsing

it to type T.s S;...T t = (t) s;The above conversions can cause classcastexception if any of the following conditions are trueS is incompatible with T. Specification: "When an application code attempts to convert an object to a subclass, the JVM throws ClassCastException if the object is not an instance of that subclass." "The following is a sample code that will throw such an error when executing the code:public class Testcce {public static void main (String args[]) {Object obj = new Object ()

Xmanager3 remote connection RedHat6.4 install WebLogic12

installation and deployment documentation PDF http://www.linuxidc.com/Linux/2013-04/83658.htm Linux deployment Weblogic11g http://www.linuxidc.com/Linux/2013-01/77940.htm Oracle basics-installing and configuring Weblogic single-instance http://www.linuxidc.com/Linux/2012-02/54418.htm Linux Weblogic uninstall http://www.linuxidc.com/Linux/2012-01/51886.htm Config

Linux publishes Web applications on WebLogic and WebLogic errors after entering passwords __linux

The latest project to use WebLogic, version is 10. Installed on a Linux system. These 2 days hurriedly to this research under how to use, the article writes relatively simple, mainly is to record some questions, also for sharing the knowledge. First of all, the problems I have encountered: 1,weblogic has been installed, the installation process is very good to do, do not say, in the start of the

Java Basics-A detailed explanation of the session

BContexta = Context.getcontext ("/appa");HttpSession Sessiona = (HttpSession) contexta.getattribute ("AppA");It is important to note that this usage is not portable because, depending on the Javadoc of ServletContext, the application server can be for security reasons for Context.getcontext ("/appa"); Passed in 8.1.So why does WebLogic server have to set the cookie path for all applications to/? Originally for SSO, all applications that share this se

How to configure the Weblogic service in eclipse!

Configure the Weblogic ide plug-in eclipse WebLogic-EclipsePlug-ins are designedEclipse IDERunWebLogicServer. WithWebLogicServer plug-in, fromEclipseEnable and stopWebLogicServer, you can useEclipseDebuggingWebLogicServer. InEclipseInstallWebLogicPlug-ins, andEclipseAfter setting the server class path and JVM options, you can useEclipse IDEConfiguration and managementWebLogicServer.   Overview J2EE develope

Unzip the fragmented zip file under Linux __linux

Because of network instability and slow file uploads, we often split files into multiple files and upload them to the server -rw-rw-r--1 weblogic weblogic 50000000 02-06 16:18 weblogic-linux.z01-rw-rw-r--1 weblogic weblogic 50000000 02-06 16:18

Top 10 reasons for upgrading to WebLogic 9

Document directory Conclusion Since WebLogic 9.0 was released, many people have said this: "Give me three reasons to upgrade to WebLogic 9.0 first ." WebLogic 9.0 has rich features and is performance-driven, so we can easily give 10 main reasons.Reason 10: enhanced web services and a golden-age SOA Architecture WebLogic

Weblogic official help documentation

Weblogic official help documentation, sometimes flipped through. T Able of Contents Title Page Copyright Page Dedication Contents at a Glance Contents Foreword Acknowledgments Introduction 1 Installing WebLogic Server and Using the Management Tools Oracle WebLogic Server: An Overview Oracle WebLogic Server P

migrating WebLogic EJB programs to JBoss _jsp programming

The WebLogic server is a top-level commercial application server. But for a small developer, JBoss, a standards-based application server that develops the source code, can be used to replace a commercial application server like WebLogic or WebSphere. Unfortunately, applications developed in WebLogic cannot be deployed in JBoss. The JBoss Migration Service provide

Programming Learning: Java learning from getting started to mastering

learning becomes easier. But the book also has a problem, is the version of the older, mainly speaking EJB1.1 norms and some EJB2.0 norms. and Ed Roman wrote "Mastering EJB 2.0" This book is written in accordance with the EJB2.0 specification, in simple language, covering all aspects of EJB programming, and there are many programming experience tips, is also learning EJB is very recommended by one of the books. If it is a combination of Weblogic to

WebLogic domain configuration method

WebLogic domain configuration method Translation: UnknownAuthor: Prakash malani The domain contains the configuration information of the BEA Weblogic server instance. It contains configuration information about servers, clusters, and machines. The domain also contains resources, such as Java database connectivity (JDBC), connection pool, JDBC data source, connection factory, and Java Message Service (JMS) q

Load balancing and cluster configuration for WebLogic plus Apache

WebLogic load Balancing can be achieved by means of software and hardware. Hardware can use F5 and other devices, software generally use Apache to achieve. Here's how to use Apache. WebLogic load Balancing can be achieved by means of software and hardware. Hardware can use F5 and other devices, software generally use Apache to achieve. Here's how to use Apache. 1. Environmental preparedness Apache 2.2 http:

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