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Solve the problem of introducing JS, CSS and pictures under the Webroot of JSP page in/web-inf directory

JSP pages are usually placed under Webroot/web-inf to prevent visitors from entering the page directly.The pages under WebRoot/web-inf are protected and users cannot access them through the form of http://localhost:8080/test/webRoot/WEB-INF/content/xx.jsp, and their visits must be handled through struts.However, when the page is placed under the/web-inf, the JSP

The difference between JSP pages placed under Webroot or Web-inf

我们知道,实现页面的跳转有两种方式,一种是通过redirect的方式,一种是通过forward的方式。redirect方式的跳转,系统会在一个新的页面打开要跳转的网页;而forward方式跳转,系统会在原来的页面上打开一个要跳转的网页。所以放到WEB-INF目录下的文件是不允许采用redirect方式的跳转来访问的X1We know that there are two ways to implement a page jump, one is through redirect, and the other is through the forward way. Redirect Mode of the jump, the system will open a new page to jump to the page, and forward way to jump, the system will be on the original page to open a page to jump. So files placed in the Web-inf directory are n

Java Web Webroot and webcontent directories

Webroot and webcontent are the root folders of the program, no essential differences, the two are common and different points:Common: There is a Web-inf folder, the next file is not directly accessible;Web-inf is a secure directory, so-called security, that is, the user client can not access, only the server-side access. If you want to access it directly in the page, you need to map the file you want to access via Web. Xml. Web-inf in addition to Web.

JSP file under Webroot or Webinfo

bad", should belong to the category of robustness. Opinion two: Put to Web-inf under the JSP file, if you go directly to access this JSP is not possible, must pass the action of the jump, so you can understand why security is high, for the user is not visible, for some users, can directly access, such as, login, registration page, Can be placed directly under the Webroot, this is based on the needs of your system. Point three:

eclipse3.6 default point to webcontent directory modification to webroot setting description __web

eclipse3.6 default point to webcontent directory modification to webRoot setting description url:http://ons.iteye.com/blog/717662 eclipse3.6 released, to the general use of MyEclipse feel incomparable card machine friend brought, and Eclipse loyal fans brought the gospel, a little use, let me have a body that it is so light, but has no inferior to the myeclipse function, Really worth a use, start fast, coding without card machine, memory footprint sma

How to access CSS and JS files in Webroot in the JSP page of the Java EE Project under the Web-inf directory

It took so long to find the information, and finally solved it.Thanks Blog Park: http://www.cnblogs.com/xsht/p/5275081.htmlThank you Baidu: Http://zhidao.baidu.com/link?url= Vz4tlygvnmyyvj105bcuzkusjf0g5rm6ophvezhccajk5s1gfuz3pbgawcnsfy1rmtpf4zeo8ev_gd7sykv4s_In the Java EE environment with struts deployment, we generally write the JSP page in the Webroot\web-inf\content directory, so that the JSP page must be controlled and forwarded by struts to acc

The package was not found at compile time but Maven Denpendencies already has this package. or MyEclipse for Webroot Eclipse for Webcontext needs to be modified

The build project in Eclipse is the WebContent directoryThe name of the project directory generated in MyEclipse is called Webroot, so if you import the MyEclipse project into eclipse, what modifications do you need to make to deploy the project to Tomcat? Just one of the following1. Right click on Project--attribute--addAdd Webroot directory, delete webcontentWebroot and WebContent under the Web projectThe

Om.exception.daoexception:java.io.filenotfoundexception:d:\users\liuyangos2237\workspaces\myeclipse%2010\zhuce \webroot\web-inf\classes\users.xml (the system cannot find the path specified.) Solve

Com.exception.daoexception:java.io.filenotfoundexception:d:\users\liuyangos2237\workspaces\myeclipse%2010\ Zhuce\webroot\web-inf\classes\users.xml (the system cannot find the path specified.) )At Com.dao.impl.UserDaoDom4jImpl.addUser (userdaodom4jimpl.java:84)At Com.test.UserDaoDom4jImplTest.testAddUser (userdaodom4jimpltest.java:35)At Sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0 (Native Method)At Sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke (nativemet

Springmvc into the Web-inf directory and then redirects to Webroot.

Because the prefix is configured in the Spring-nvc.xml fileTo exit the login to return to the Webroot directory, you can redirectreturn "redirect:/index.jsp";We can get into the Webroot directory.This article is from the "matengbing" blog, make sure to keep this source http://matengbing.blog.51cto.com/11395502/1914097Springmvc into the Web-inf directory and then redirects to

Directory files under JAVA access Webroot

We need to configure the document to access the database when we do the project, but the service-side Servlet writes, so the question is, how to access the files under Webroot. As follows: /** * Gets the data inside the Webroot */java.net.url url2 = Classloader.getresource (""); String Root_class_path = Url2.getpath () + "/"; File RootFile = new file (Root_class_path); String Web_info_directory_path = rootf

Eclipse defaults to the WebContent directory modified to the WebRoot method:

Modify the project. org.eclipse.wst.common.component file under the settings directory XML version= "1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> project-modules id="Modulecoreid" project-version="1.5.0"> wb-module deploy-name="XXX"> wb-resource deploy-path="/" source-path="/webroot" tag= "defaultrootsource" /> property name= "java-output-path" value="/xxx/webroot/web-inf/classes"/> property n

Webroot and WebContent under the Web project

The Web project is published to Tomcat.The build project in Eclipse is the WebContent directoryThe name of the project directory generated in MyEclipse is called Webroot, so if you import the MyEclipse project into eclipse, what modifications do you need to make to deploy the project to Tomcat? Just one of the following1. Right click on Project--attribute--addAdd Webroot directory, delete webcontent650) thi

"JSP" reads the image file under the Webroot

PackageReadpic;Importjava.io.IOException;ImportJava.io.InputStream;ImportJava.io.OutputStream;Importjavax.servlet.ServletException;ImportJavax.servlet.http.HttpServlet;Importjavax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest;ImportJavax.servlet.http.HttpServletResponse; Public classReadpicextendshttpservlet{/** * */ Private Static Final LongSerialversionuid = 1L; Public voiddoget (httpservletrequest req,httpservletresponse resp)throwsioexception,servletexception{Resp.setheader ("Content-type", "

Issues with Eclipse Development Web project WebContent WebRoot

Original: http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_525960510100jo0j.htmlWhen you recently made a Web project, you created a new Web project, such asWebdemo, eclipse default build path is build, Web-inf stored under webcontent, changed a build path and webcontent name, found that the project is not available,1. The specific modification process has been webcontent change to WebRoot2. Move the build path frombuild/classesSwitchwebdemo/webroot/web-inf/classesThe j

IOException parsing XML document from class path resource [Webroot/web-inf/applicationcontext.xml];

Java Spring Problem: When you test with JUnit, you can't get the Applicationcontext.xml profile "The configuration file here is placed under Web-inf, and if it's underneath SRC, it's not going to be a mistake." Writing: Classpathxmlapplicationcontext ac=new classpathxmlapplicationcontext ("/webroot/web-inf/applicationcontext.xml "); Tangle: Always feel is the path of the fault, but tried a lot of, or a rookie error, think Impassability AH How to

Logbook webroot--edit page about processing two associations selection box

() {alert ("List:" +getoption ("Connectionerrormessage")); }, Success:function(data) {if(Data.resultcode==getoption ("Resultcode_success")){ varHtml= ' ; for(varIteminchdata.data) { //var machinegroup = {"mg_id": data.data[item].mg_id, "Mg_name":d ata.data[item].mg_name, "description": data.data[ Item].description, "flag": 1}; varMachinegroup_str=json.stringify (Data.data[item]); HTML+ = "; if(data.data[item].mg_id

Eclipse defaults to webcontent directory modifications to webroot setting instructions __web

In the use of Eclipse, I believe that everyone is more familiar than me (I usually use IntelliJ idea), the following explains how in the Eclipse Web project, how to set the Webroot directory pointing to the problem, I hope to be useful for beginners. In eclipse3.6, it is the default point of WebRoot for webcontent directory, if our project WebRoot directory is no

Eclipse defaults to webcontent directory modified to webroot Setup instructions __web

Original: http://blog.csdn.net/qbz2004/article/details/7364045 in the use of eclipse, I believe everyone is more than I pro (I usually use Intellij idea), explained below in E Clipse Web project, how to set the Webroot directory to point to the problem, you want to be useful for beginners. In eclipse3.6, it points to the WebRoot as the WebContent directory, if our project

JSP submitted to servlet report 404 error Resolution (Webroot) _JSP programming

The first time to write things with JSP, in the Webroot subfolder to write JSP, when submitted to the servlet times 404 error, the old thought is a child file problem, in fact, is not. The fact is that the students delete this code to me, the JSP file can not find the root directory, Copy Code code as follows: String path = Request.getcontextpath (); String basepath = request.getscheme () + "://" +request.getservername () + ":" +request.g

Missing Configuration resource for Path Webroot/web-inf/struts-config.xml

Servletunit.struts.exceptionduringtesterror:a NullPointerException was thrown. This may indicate a error in your actionform, or it could indicate that struts Actionservlet is unable to find Struts Config file. TestCase is running from D:/workspace/struts1unittestproject directory. Context directory has not been set. Try calling Setcontextdirectory () with a relative or absolute path. Struts config file must be found under the context directory, the directory of the test case are running from, or

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