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User Experience Metrics: A user-centric index system for Google Apps

Article Description: Google's application of this user-centric indicator system provides a very good reference for quantifying the user experience by providing a broadly adaptable dimension framework, as well as a process of creating specific

How to use Google Analytics to track and analyze customer calls

In September, Shenzhen website analysis and sharing activities, a friend asked the customer calls tracking content, at that time I made some simple answer, but the answer is not very systematic. Use this article to make some deep sharing with you.

How to perform a comprehensive website analysis

Website analysis ultimately serves Online Marketing (promotion). if it cannot serve online marketing or promotion, website analysis itself cannot be implemented, and it has no practical significance. This article describes how to conduct a

E-commerce Summary (eight) How to create a small and refined e-commerce website Architecture

The front has written some e-commerce website related articles, these days have time, on the previous write the site structure related articles, summarize and tidy up. In the past, some of the content is coherent, so you can also systematically know,

How to create a small and refined e-commerce website architecture?

This article outlines:1. Structure of small e-commerce website2. Log and monitor system solutions3. Building the master-slave architecture of the database4. Image server architecture based on shared storage5. Mobile m Station construction6. System

[Particularly recommended] 12 best website speed and performance testing tools

To a certain extent, the website loading speed is the key to determining the success of the website. If you are the website owner, you must know the importance of website speed. No one is willing to wait for a long time to open a webpage. In other

Go to Yahoo! 34 golden codes for the best website performance experience-JavaScript and CSS

Http:// part 1 and part 2, we have introduced several code for improving the page content and server in the website performance. In addition, JavaScript and CSS are also common content on our pages, they

Proficient in search and analysis

Preface to proficient search Analysis This book aims to fill the gaps in the search industry. There are already many books on the market, such as website analysis, search engine optimization, and search engine optimization, and paid search

Yahoo team experience: 34 golden rules for website performance optimization

The Yahoo team summarizes the experience of website performance optimization, which is of great reference value.English Original: Minimize the number of HTTP requests 80% of the end-user response

Yahoo website performance optimization of the 34 rule

1. Minimize the number of HTTP requestsIn the end user response time, 80% is used to download the content, this part of the time includes the download page image, style sheet, script, flash and so on. Reducing the number of HTTP requests by

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