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Talk about website optimization let SEO optimization simplify (ii)

On the privacy of the "Changsha hidden guest talk about website optimization, let SEO optimization simplification (i)" mentioned how to understand and understanding of SEO, this article in Changsha, the site optimization of their own some ideas to

Optimization of internal website links is the first element of SEO

Before starting the link structure topic of the website, I will first complain. I am sorry to see that many SEOer are engaged in SEO optimization for the search engine ranking. This consciousness leads to the following behaviors: when a SEOer knows

Reasonable analysis of website SEO optimization of the top ten misunderstandings (last article)

On the Internet, if you search this title, you may find it is not new. On the site SEO optimization problems in many stationmaster has not stopped, especially the new site to do site optimization site analysis, it is easy to fall into the

Reproduced WIKI MVC pattern

The MVC pattern (model-view-controller) is a software architecture model in software engineering, which divides the software system into three basic parts: model, view and controller.The MVC pattern was first proposed by Trygve Reenskaug in 1978 [1]

Internal optimization of the first factor of website ranking

The factors that promote the site rankings are varied, a website wants to have a suitable position in the search engine is really not easy, this is why we these SEO people in order to rank, can all day and night keep in the computer next to the

Web site performance Optimization practices

Content Directory before optimization, the key is to analyze the current Web performance, to find performance bottlenecks, so as to identify the most need to improve the place, if the energy is limited, first focus on the improvement can

Hive Use summary __ optimization

Hive The main features of each version Introduction to Key new Feature of Hive versions The website downloads the introduction of the page Hive Foundationcommand-line interface The user interface provided by hive includes: CLI, Client, WebUI

61 things website developers should know

Someone asked on Stack Overflow what do I need to know before developing a website? Unexpectedly, he got a lot of answers. Generally, you need to read everyone's speeches from start to end. However, stack overflow has a very considerate design,

Website optimization: Reference CDN Public JS Library

What is a CDN public library?CDN Public Library refers to the common JS inventory placed in the CDN node, in order to facilitate the broad masses of developers directly call. Compared with the JS inventory on the server machine, the CDN Public

Website optimization-The reasons and solutions for decreasing power and ranking

Google down the right, ranking down, first of all, analyze what causes the rankings to fall or fluctuate. There are actually a number of reasons. Here are a few: 1, with you do external links to the station has been down the right, or rank down 2,

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