website page load test

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AJAX online music website (5) test and ajax online music test

AJAX online music website (5) test and ajax online music test Requirements, function structure, database design, and function implementation are all summarized. Haha, It's like building a house, feng shui has been seen, the foundation has been laid,

Test page load Time

Website loading speed is the most important factor to determine the level of the site, worthy of special attention of stationmaster. The reason is simple, no one wants to open a Web page and so on long time, in other words, if your site is very slow

An article that takes you in-depth understanding of what a load test

IntroducedWhen any software development project is nearing completion, it may have passed numerous tests, especially in the context of testing and development of simultaneous agile testing. No matter how many rounds of testing you have, once your

Use nginx for website load balancing test instances in Windows

If you have been paying attention to nginx, you must know what the nginx software is for. If your website traffic is getting higher and higher, one server can no longer withstand traffic pressure, let's increase the number of servers for load.

Software Test interview questions (partial collection)

Software Test interview questions (partial collection) 01. Why should I perform software testing in a team? Because it is difficult for a software without tests to know the quality of the software before release, just like ISO quality certification,

Discussion on performance test load target

This post was last edited by Dionysus at 2011-5-30 23:21First, the premiseRecently, I have tracked 2 performance test projects involving the outside team, communication found that everyone in the development of test strategy on how to determine the

Genius Website---alpha+ version test report

Note: As the teacher asked for a test report a few days ago, this test report is only for the functions that were completed at that time, not a beta version to be released after a few days, there will be no difference, but the beta version will

Another discussion post: How can I test whether a portal website supports simultaneous online use of 0.1 million users?

Document directory Feedback The content of this post is typical. If you are interested, consider it. First, the landlord raised the following question:A recent project in the company is a portal website that requires performance testing.

Nginx provides Proxy service (website agent), Nginx to achieve load Balancing cluster and high-availability cluster, NGINX implementation of Web site static and dynamic page separation

Static pages: pages written in static programming language are static pages, support static pages of the language, CSS HTML XML, do not manually change the source code, the page will not change.Dynamic pages: Pages written in dynamic programming

Stress Test ~ A complete set of stress test project documentation

Web pressure ArchitectureZhang JianlingWeb Pressure architecture ... 1A system performance Test overview ... 11.1 Performance Test Overview ... 11.2 Indicators of performance testing ... 21.3 Description of key points ... 21.4 Purpose of performance

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