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Bootstrap-based rich text box -- wangEditor [Welcome to development], bootstrap text box

Bootstrap-based rich text box -- wangEditor [Welcome to development], bootstrap text box Supplement: QQ Group 164999061. Welcome to join the discussion! First:01. Introduction I have been studying rich text boxes for a long time. After writing "Understanding javascript proto

Plain text and background schematic welcome page

Text and background images are an important element of every modern web site, and these two items are first reflected in the user's eye, making them familiar with site logos, profiles, and navigation. Match the right photos or pictures to create the desired atmosphere. Text and pictures play a role in the visual and content aspects of a site, and their combination is extremely effective, and even using the

Photoshop makes a beautiful neon art text tutorial

This tutorial mainly uses the Photoshop to make the color soft light effect the neon art word, the overall effect picture is very beautiful, the light decoration uses the color technique expression, likes the friend lets us study together. Let's take a look at the final effect chart: The specific production steps are as follows: Create a new canvas, select the font of the same stroke thickness, white, Word, right-click Layer selection c

Design a cute floral style 3D art text illustration by using Illustrator with photoshop

To the users of the illustrator software to explain the detailed analysis of the combination of Photoshop design lovely floral style 3D Art text illustration of the effect of the drawing tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: Effect Chart: 1th Step First, create a new document, size 1200 x770, and go from the #a1dbff#f0f9ff radial gradient to fill the canvas, from the dark

Photoshop design Art Text creative poster tutorial Share

To the users of Photoshop software to explain the detailed analysis of the design of creative art text poster tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: 1. Make background image Press CTRL + N to create a new file, dialog box as shown Set the foreground color to 122828, press Alt+del to fill with the foreground color, and then select Filter-render-lighting effects to set the di

Word2007 simple three steps to wrap clip art text around vertices

By default, WORD2007 provides a variety of clip art wrapping styles, such as surround wrapping, tight wrap, top and bottom wrapping, and through type wrapping. If these text wrapping styles do not meet the user's actual needs, you can edit the text wrapping for the wrapping vertex custom clip art, provided that the tig

Linux/unix Desktop fun: ASCII art and annotation painting in text mode

The boxes command is not only a text filter, but also a very interesting tool that few people know, and it can be used in various ASCII art drawings in the text or around the code. You can use it to quickly create message signatures, or leave comment blocks in a variety of programming languages. This command can be used in the Vim

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