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Turn: WF Workflow Technology Insider-invoke workflow workflow via Web service (develop persisted workflow)

Ext.: you have ever been in charge of developing an ERP system or OA system, the workflow will not be a stranger to you. A workflow (Workflow) is an abstraction, generalization, and description of the business rules between a workflow and its vari

Turn: WF Workflow technology insider-call Workflow workflows (develop persistent workflows) through Web Services, wfworkflow

Turn: WF Workflow technology insider-call Workflow workflows (develop persistent workflows) through Web Services, wfworkflow Turn: If you have been responsible for developing an enterprise ERP system or an OA system, workflow is no stranger to you.

WF Workflow state machine Workflow development

Overview A workflow is a modeling of a business process. When designing a workflow, we must first analyze the steps that need to be taken during the business process. Then, we can use WF to create a workflow model to simulate the business processing process. We know that WF

Workflow Services-Workflow visualization design with WCF and WF 4

Developers are increasingly using service-oriented architecture (SOA) as a way to build distributed applications. For inexperienced people, designing and implementing service-oriented distributed applications can be daunting. However, Microsoft. NET Framework 4 Enables Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) services to be implemented using Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) more than ever More simple. WCF

WF from entry to entry (Chapter 3): workflow instances

Previous Article: WF from entry to mastery (chapter 2): workflow Runtime After learning this chapter, you will learn about:1. initialize a workflow instance in either of the following ways:2. determine the status of your running workflow instance3. Stop a workflow instance4.

Chapter 7 event-driven workflow in WF programming Series 46

When creating a new workflow, you must make an important decision: Is the workflow we want to create an ordered workflow or a state machine workflow? WF provides two out of the box workflow execution types. To answer this question

WF workflow persistence-workflow state persistence (source data collection test)

Configure the persistence service (step 3 ):1. Create and configure a Persistent Database 2. Add the sqlstatepersistanceservice instance object to the workflow runtime; 3. Save the workflow instance status.There are two ways to add the workflow persistence service to workflow running: 1. Write Code directly to add t

WF from Getting started to proficient (chap. III): workflow Example

least you have to write workflow tasks or workflow runtime will perform the tasks for you. Microsoft provides the workflow runtime and you have to create the rest of the stuff. After all, this is your application. WF can help you with the creation of these places, WF will

Mutual invocation of WF workflows and Web Services -- call Workflow workflows through Web Services (develop persistent workflows)

If you have been responsible for developing an enterprise ERP system or an OA system, workflow is no stranger to you. A Workflow is a business rule between workflows and their operation steps.Abstract, summary, and description. The main problem to be solved in a workflow is that, to achieve a certain business goal, documents, information, or tasks are automatical

WF from entry to entry (Chapter 1): status-based workflow

Previous Article: [translation] WF from entry to mastery (Chapter 1): build custom activities After learning this chapter, you will learn about:1. understand the concept of a state machine and how it is simulated into workflow processing.2. Create a status-based workflow3. Use the initial and terminal status Conditions4. Use code to switch the status In Chapter 4 "Introduction to activities and

Workflow (WF) from entry to master series

[Translation] WF from entry to mastery (chapter 2): guoyong at workflow runtime. che 976 read: 19th comments: 7 [translation] WF from entry to proficiency (Chapter 1): publish a workflow as a Web Service guoyong. che read: 2488 comments: 13 [translation] WF from entry to mas

Combination of WF (Workflow Foundation) and (2)

I found three instances that run WF under ASP. NET and all of them run successfully on my computer. Two of them are found online at the following addresses: WF (Windows Workflow Foundation) workflow Learning (1) an ASP. NET state machine verification program and WF (Wind

WF in Hours reading notes-Hour 1-understanding Windows Workflow Foundation

1.1Hour 1-understanding Windows Workflow Foundation1.1.1What workflow are in general A workflow is logic-consisting of one, or more steps, that's predicated by one, or more conditions-that a system or person Must perform to complete a function. Because the logic or process automated by a workflow generally con

WF from Getting started to proficient (fourth chapter): Introduction to activities and workflow types

After completing this chapter, you will learn: How the 1.workflow activity is formed 2. The difference between sequential workflow and state machine workflow 3. Create a sequential workflow 4. Create a State machine workflow Activity is the basic unit of

WF is not a workflow (subsequent)

// Connect to the previous article Aspnetx said: it provides space for third-party software vendors A. Z said: WF is the packaging abstraction of a series of processes. Nostalgia said: the platform and engine are two yards away. Qu Bin Said: the foundation is not a platform. Artech said: WF, as its name implies, is the basic structure of a workflow and

WF Workflow running mechanism

1 workflowruntime. startruntime () Start WF runtime.2 workflowruntime. createworkflow () returns the newly created WF workflow instance. This method prepares a scheduler and a scheduler work queue for the newly created WF workflow instance. When this method is returned, all

SharePoint workflow solution (2): WF state machine in SharePoint

In the previous article, we mentioned that Sharepoint is a workflow platform that encapsulates event-driven interfaces on top of the WF workflow engine. SharePoint expands many activities on WF, among them, there are three common activities closely related to WF: onworkflowa

WF from Getting started to proficient (14th chapter): Workflow based on state

After completing this chapter, you will learn: 1. Understand the concept of the state machine and how it is simulated into workflow processing 2. Create a state-based workflow 3. Application of initial (initial) and termination (terminal) condition 4. Use code to switch status In the fourth chapter, "Introduction to activities and workflow types," I explaine

WF Learning Series 4: Introduction to the application template of the sequential workflow Console

(); Ruleconditionreference1.conditionname ="Condition 1"; This. Whileactivity1.condition = ruleconditionreference1; Load to the cyclic activity. Communication between the host Program and workflow How to pass parameters to a workflow: Define member variables in the workflow: Public String tofolder {Get; set ;} Public String fromfolder {Get; set ;} Public i

Persistence in learning WF (15): State Machine Workflow

[Stick to the top] Stick to learning WF Article Indexes This article mainly introduces the basic knowledge of the state machine workflow in WF. The state machine workflow and sequential workflow are different. Ordered workflows are generally relatively fixed and predictabl

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