what 502 bad gateway nginx 1 1 19

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The problem of NGINX+PHP-FPM environment Nginx 502 Bad Gateway

# in Nginx and PHP-FPM next visit Nginx on the instant 502 question Php-fpmsignal 7 (Sigbus) Failure phenomenon Use the tinkphp3.2.x frame, the page occasionally appear a visit Nginx on the report 502 bad Gateway, not wait for a period of time

phpmyadmin/nginx:502 Bad Gateway settlement record

Today the boot run Nginx ready to do local testing, browser opened phpMyAdmin after the nginx process crashes. Open nginx error log "Error.log" does not have any valid information. Then open the phpmyadmin error log "***-pc.err", extract the valid

Installation configuration php-fpm to build nginx+php production environment

This article mainly introduces the installation configuration php-fpm to build nginx+php production environment method, PHP-FPM role is to integrate FASTCGI process management into the PHP package, the need for friends can refer to the next Nginx

Install the configuration php-fpm to build the nginx+php production environment _nginx

Nginx itself can not handle PHP, it is just a Web server, when the request is received, if it is a PHP request, then sent to the PHP interpreter processing, and the results returned to the client. Nginx is generally the request to send fastcgi

Nginx configuration file resolution (optimized)

Nginx configuration file resolution (optimized) The Configuration File Settings include:Main global settingsServer Host settingsUpstream Server Load balancer settingsLocation is used to match webpage settingsLink: server inherits main;Location

CentOs 7.2 + Nginx 1.10.2 + musicstore (ASP. NET Core MVC 3 Project) virtual machine complete build process sharing

Original hard, declined reprint!Virtual Machine DescriptionThis virtual machine is built to verify that the ASP. NET Core program can run on the CentOS operating system. #软件环境版本枚举os:centos Linux release 7.2.1511 (Core)OS kernel:linux version 3.10.0-3

Deploying a Django Project under Linux

Deploying a Django Project under Linux Description: The environment used in this article is CentOS 6+python2.7+django1.11Installing Django, Nginx, and Uwsgi1. Make sure that the 2.7 version of Python is already installed;2. Installing

PHP's awesome face question sharing _php skills

What kind of network protocol does 1.nginx use? Nginx is the application layer I think from the bottom up, the transport layer uses the TCP/IP application layer for HTTP FastCGI is responsible for the scheduling process 2. ? echo ' Hello

When the disk is full, MySQL cannot be started: Diskisfullwriting & amp; # x27_MySQL

When the disk is full, MySQL cannot be started: Diskisfullwritingamp; amp; # x27;. mysql-bin .~ Rec ~ Amp; # x27; (Errcode: 28). Wa received a monitoring email saying that the blog access failed. Open the page and check that the huge 502 Bad Gateway,

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