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Several concepts and examples of masking and text masking

Concept Today, there are just 2 posts with questions about masking. This tutorial is about concepts, practices, and examples for today's posts and beginners. Please have a lot of discussion, perhaps some improvement. Masking (MASK), also known as

Azure SQL Database (masking) Azure SQL database Dynamic Data mask

Windows Azure Platform Family of articles Catalog  When we use relational data, we sometimes want to:-Admin admin, can view all the data-Regular users, some sensitive fields, such as credit cards, e-mails and other fields are maskedIn this case, you

Can filter 16-bit identifier masking configuration error description in the STM32 manual

In the Stm32 can filter configuration, the document indicates that the 2-bit 16-bit filter-identifier masking mode is configured asBut in actual use, this mode of configuration of the register simply can not achieve the desired filtering purposes, I

Java bomb: overloading, rewriting, hiding, masking, and masking (1)

See the "encapsulated set Encapsulate Collection" section in "refactoring comments version)". This refactoring method has different processing methods for different Java versions, so the annotator gave a prompt: The new Collections API in Java 2 is

User Experience Design: Masking the password or plaintext password

Picture references from buckeyesecure.osu.edu The idea of using plaintext passwords by Jakob Nielsen, a renowned usability expert, has caused a lot of controversy right away.Here I translate this controversial article and tell me after reading,

Esfog_unityshader Tutorial _ Masking strokes (rationale)

Cough, there is a period of time has not been updated, recently a bit lazy! Put a lot of energy on C + + body. Gossip less, today to talk about can be different from the previous several, this is a comprehensive application. This content is

What is masking (mask) in an image

In image processing, the word mask is often encountered. So what does this word mean? Here's a quick explanation. 1. What is masking First of all, we look at what is the process of mask from a physical point of view.In semiconductor manufacturing,

Dynamic Data masking in SQL Server

Sometimes ah, when we store the data in the database, need to be clear, but for the front desk query out, but also do not want to clear the text out of the time (for example, customer's cell phone Ah, mailbox AH) Such a bit sensitive information,

Data masking in Java logs

Idea 1. The model layer is processed, the Get method is rewritten directly, and a getplain is written to get the plaintext method. ( Cons: Ciphertext is used when database writes and JSON serialization are passed )2. Use the log component to filter

iframe tag Flash Masking page element problem--wmode parameter

In the recent project process, encountered a variety of small problems, so intends to use the blog park to record the solution of the problem.The background to this question is this: The project is a ANGULARJS framework that uses the Wangeditor Rich

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