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Microsoft Surface example-Social stream for Microsoft Surface 2.0

Social stream for Microsoft surface is a simple application example created by Microsoft in collaboration with stimulant and Inc, this example program can share the Community photos and tweets with you through the smooth touch and flip of this application, which is worth looking. Code in the example: rivercontentitem. CS using System; using System.ComponentModel

Microsoft Surface RT tablet get started experience report

slightly green. As of today, compared with competitors in the Android tablet, the most successful thing is that it can truly attract the attention of iPad users.This is the first impression that the surface RT tablet presents to consumers. As the editor-in-chief of the verge said, Microsoft has designed a very beautiful tablet with a detachable keyboard, lighter and lighter than a traditional notebook, bet

Microsoft Surface (Microsoft flat computer) appreciation at at&t stores

Att finally launched Microsoft in four cities on ThursdayThe surface model, you can imagine how many people came in the Business Hall at that time. A 30 inch display screen was placed in the Business Hall, supporting multi-point touch, identification and reading of special labels, the most amazing thing is onlyTo put the mobile phone on the screen, you can handle the corresponding business. att developed it

Reset Error? Microsoft Win10 Flat Surface Pro 4 Reload System tutorial Detailed

Reset Error? Microsoft Win10 Flat Surface Pro 4 Reload System tutorial Detailed 2015-12-11 15:27:30 Source: It house volley Zebian: volley review: What happens to Surface Pro 4 system reset error?What do I do when Surface Pro

Why does Microsoft make a face change with "surface ?)

the direction, it will throw money. It has long been said that the way Microsoft makes money is not only in products, but also in the ability to use financial channels through products to form its own value-added chain of interests. Therefore, it doesn't matter what you do. The problem is whether you want to stick to it. Money is the motive force behind persistence. Many items are flushed out by

The root causes of Microsoft's rapid turnaround from Surface 3 release

650) this.width=650; "class=" AlignCenter size-full wp-image-5281 "alt=" Picture 1 "src=" http://www.kjxfx.com/wp-content/ Uploads/2015/04/%e5%9b%be%e7%89%8714.jpg "width=" 574 "height=" 476 "style=" height:auto;vertical-align:middle; border:0px;margin:0px auto; "/>A thunder from the ground, Microsoft suddenly sent surprise! Without warning, Microsoft suddenly released a new model of the

Microsoft releases tablet-Surface

On October 11, June 19, Beijing time, Microsoft was surprised to announce the official release of Microsoft's proprietary tablet-surface in Los Angeles. You are not mistaken. Microsoft's tablet is named "surface", and the original "surface" product is renamed as "Give way. Micro

Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Disassembly

Although sales of the first-generation surface tablet were not as satisfactory, Microsoft did not abandon its plan to compete for the tablet market and formally launched Surface 2 and surface Pro 2 in the previous period. As a high-end model in the surface product line,

Microsoft Surface Toolkit Beta released

The Microsoft Surface Toolkit released by Microsoft is still in Beta version. It includes some column controls, APIs, templates, program samples, and documents for developers to use. As long as you have. NET Framework 4.0, WPF 4.0, and computers with Windows Touch and Windows 7 OS installed, you can easily create advanced multi-point function applications. In

Microsoft Surface Studio/book How to choose?

Microsoft held 2016 WIN10 new product conference, officially launched a Surface studio, Surface Book i7, such as a large wave of new products. For these two new products, I believe that the vast number of small series of netizens have learned that their prices are very high, the purchase needs to make a prudent choice, small series will help you choose the

Microsoft Surface Design and Development official training

After Microsoft Surface Toolkit Beta was released, Microsoft released nine training modules on Surface design and development. Even friends who have never developed a Surface program can use these nine modules to learn how to design and develop applications for the

Microsoft Win10 All-in-one Surface Studio full model out of stock, delayed until early 2017 shipments

Microsoft October 26 released a brand new WIN10 equipment surface Studio, starting to book, but only in the past three days, Microsoft Official Mall website shows that all surface Studio models, including the price of 4199 U.S. dollars high distribution has been shown out of stock.

Key to Microsoft Surface tablet success: Developer support and Pricing

The Financial Times Online commented on Tuesday that if Microsoft's Surface tablet wants to succeed, Developer support and pricing are the key factors.The following is a summary of the comments: So far, the information about Microsoft's Surface tablet is incomplete. We can see the appearance of this product, but we still have no idea about its real performance or pricing before it is available for sale. To

Microsoft Surface touch

The Microsoft Surface platform brings people the feeling of touching the real world. It is a new technology that combines hardware and software. Users can directly give instructions to the screen by hand or voice, touch and other external physical objects to interact with the computer. Recently, the Microsoft Surface 2

Microsoft Surface RT vs Pro

It has been more than a month since Microsoft released its Surface tablet. According to official information, Surface RT will be available in Windows 8, and Surface Pro will be available three months later. We are expected to meet Surface RT in October this year. How do we c

Microsoft Surface Book pushes Windows 10 new Firmware update: Enhanced system and battery

Microsoft recently launched a new Windows 10 firmware system and driver update for Surface Book and uploaded it to Microsoft's Download Center in MSI's file format. The update focuses on improving the stability of the Surface Book system and the reliability of the battery, which is the version of Microsoft's Surface Bo

Root question! What is the surface subdivision technology?

subdivision technology. This kind of easy-to-use and effective things will be the most representative of dx11 performance and performance technology in the long initial stage of dx11 popularity, and will naturally attract attention from all parties. So everyone understands why nvidia and AMD are arguing over this issue. So what is the surface subdivision? What

Microsoft Surface touch the real world

The Microsoft Surface platform brings people the feeling of touching the real world. It is a new technology that combines hardware and software. Users can directly give instructions to the screen by hand or voice, touch and other external physical objects to interact with the computer. Recently,Microsoft Surface 2.0 SD

Scatterview of Microsoft Surface Control

Today, I will introduce the control in Microsoft Surface. scatterview is a simple and common control in Microsoft Surface. The namespace of scatterview class is Microsoft. Surface. Presentation. controls, which is also the locatio

Microsoft releases patch ban allows surface RT to install Linux "vulnerability"

Learn about Linux, please refer to the book "Linux should Learn" The birth of the 2012 Surface RT tablet is a tragic product, based on the ARM architecture running Windows RT operating system, but incompatible with the x86 environment, resulting in product and market positioning confusion, consumers are very confused, eventually after two generations went back to the x86 platform, Windows RT operating system was also completely abando

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