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Causes of Linux memory errors and debugging methods

Linux memory error causes and debugging methods-general Linux technology-Linux programming and kernel information. The following is a detailed description. A block error occurs when you access the wrong memory segment. Generally, you do not have the permission or the corresponding physical memory exists, especially when you access the 0 address. Generally, a segment error means that the accessed memory exceeds the memory space of the program provided

The causes of ORA-01555 errors and the solutions

The first point to note is: ORA-01555 error is a "safe" error, it will not cause data loss or corruption, but will allow the query to receive the error can not continue, therefore, in the day-to-day maintenance of the database, if only two times to encounter ORA-01555 errors, generally ignored, However, if you frequently encounter this error, make some adjustments to avoid the recurrence of the error. 1. Why are ORA-01555

Causes and debugging methods of Memory Errors in Linux

Article Title: Causes of Memory Errors in Linux and debugging methods. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Including desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, open-source, and other basic categories. To sum up, if a segment error occurs, the system accesses the wrong memory segment. Generally, you do not have the permission, or there is no correspond

What should I do if mysql cannot be installed? mysql installation failure causes and solutions, mysql Failure Causes

What should I do if mysql cannot be installed? mysql installation failure causes and solutions, mysql Failure Causes The mysql database cannot be installed! Mysql cannot be installed in the last step! Mysql cannot be installed! Is it a headache and a headache? Now you don't have to worry about it. Let's take a look at the reasons for mysql installation failure an

The causes and debugging methods of the errors in the Linux environment summary _c language

so it is not allowed to access , or attempts to access a memory location in a way this is isn't allowed (e.g., attempts to write to a read-only location, O R to overwrite part of the operating system). Systems based on processors like the Motorola 68000 tend to refer to this events as address or bus errors. Segmentation is one approach to memory management and protection in the operating system. It has been superseded by paging for most purposes, bu

About. A different way of introducing source files into the pro file causes Qmake to fail to generate correct makefile file errors

OriginToday with qt Creator 3.4.1 open a very old project, or qt 4.5.2 ,VS2008 version of the editor; no syntax errors, but prompt "LNK2019: unresolved external symbols" when linking Public:static class Log * __cdecl log::instance (void) "([email Protected]@@[email protected]), the symbol is referenced in function _main" error.The ability to include header files in Main.cpp, and the use of shortcut keys in Qt Creator F2 can also jump to the function d

Common Causes of internal server error 500 errors in apache, apacheinternal

Common Causes of internal server error 500 errors in apache, apacheinternal When a newbie uses the apache environment for development, he may encounter "internal server error 500" from time to time. According to the translation, it should be an internal server error. Is it because apache is broken, the answer is obviously not the case. In fact, apache cannot Parse Files normally, so this error is thrown.

Common causes of Internal server error 500 errors appear in Apache

Novice use Apache environment development, occasionally encounter "internal server error 500", according to translation, should be the server internal error, apache error, Apache broken, the answer is obviously not so, actually, Is that Apache cannot parse the file properly, so it throws this error.So what is the common cause of this error?It is usually 2 points:First, the permissions configuration problem, the file does not have the permission to rea

Causes and workarounds for the errors of the SharePoint report hresult:0x80131904

Appears when you create a new file library. Upload files and Change permissions, are reported this hresult:0x80131904 error, basic all operations reported the same error, such as: Cause of error In fact, the problem is that theSharePoint configuration file (Sharepoint_config.log) log is too large to occupy the database space and cannot be uploaded2. Solution: Search using SQL Server's administration Tools To compress the database log, first change the database to simp

Javascript script causes the IE browser to run slowly

Nicholas teaches you how to avoid the slow running of IE and other browsers due to JavaScript scripts During web development, the browser prompts that the script runs for a long time and stops or continues. No matter what you choose, I believe you will try your best to keep this dialog box away from your users. But do you know how different browsers determine which scripts are out of control? This article

Causes and solutions for "unable to execute a freed script code" error _javascript Tips

Many Web developers may have encountered this problem, the program inexplicably appears "unable to execute code that has been freed script," error row 1, column 1. For this message description is not the same, row and column description is a disorderly write JS error, I believe that all debugging JS program friends are the most depressed also the most hated things! Encounter this problem, the simplest way to directly put the wrong to Baidu or Google t

GBK-encoded PHP script causes a syntax error (ZendMultibyte)

The following php code in GBK environment: "> The following php code in the GBK environment: Php syntax errors may occur. how can this problem be solved? This is because, in the GBK environment, the encoding of "signature" is "0xab 0x5c, so it is a problem caused by '5c .. In general, we recommend that you use unicode as the character set of the code file. if you want to use GBK, you can switch it. However, if your

In the production environment, what causes the Socket error EINTR to be triggered?

There is an online PHP script used to connect to a set of socket services to query data. This script is run once every minute. A small number of EINTR errors are found in the log after running for a period of time, mainly caused by the execution of socket_read. After reading the information, I learned that operations such as Socket reading will call Sl... online,

Solve the Problem of ASP. net ajax script errors

1. screen migration should use the Response that executes screen redirection. redirect instead of Server. transfer, because Server. transfer does not change the IE client URL, which causes ASP. a URL error occurs when the. net ajax script accesses the resource. 2. the ScriptManager class should be used to register scripts and hidden fields on the server, instead of pages. clientScript object, because Page.

What causes PHP Remote file Inclusion Vulnerability Generation _php tutorial

For primary PHPProgrammers, the security of PHP is not fully mastered. First, we need to understand the principle that causes the program to leak. Now let's introduce PHP. remote file contains vulnerabilityThe cause of the production. The first question is, what is a "remote file Containment vulnerability"? The short answer is that the server through the PHP arbitrary file contains the filter is not strict

Interview: if the program crashes, what are the possible causes?

You are given the source to an application which crashes when it is run. After runningIt ten times in a debugger, you find it never crashes in the same place. The applicationIs single threaded, and uses only the C standard library. What programming errorsCocould be causing this crash? How wocould you test each one? You get the source code of an application. Every time the application is started, the program crashes. After debugging 10 times, you find

What causes slow start of session_start?

What causes slow start of session_start. It is very slow for PHP to start session_start for the first time. (Wait for several minutes) after the client generates PHPSESSID nbsp; COOKIE, the access speed will return to normal. Why does it cause slow start of session_start when PHPSESSID nbsp; is opened after the COOKIE is deleted. It is very slow for PHP to start session_start for the first time. (Wait for

PHP script monitors Nginx502 errors and automatically restarts php-fpm, nginxphp-fpm_PHP tutorial

The PHP script monitors Nginx502 errors and automatically restarts php-fpm and nginxphp-fpm. The PHP script monitors Nginx502 errors and automatically restarts php-fpm. nginxphp-fpm recently occurs on the server Nginx502BadGateway from time to time. if it is good to be on the computer, if it goes out in the middle of t

PHP script monitors Nginx502 errors and automatically restarts php-fpm

This article mainly introduces how to monitor Nginx502 errors with PHP scripts and automatically restart php-fpm. This article provides the implementation code and then puts it in cron for execution. For more information, see This article mainly introduces the PHP script to monitor Nginx 502 errors and automatically restart php-fpm. This article provides the imp

Please check the script errors

I would like to ask you to check the Script Error-general Linux technology-Linux technology and application information. The following is a detailed description. The following are two scripts for batch addition and deletion of users. I hope you can see what went wrong. #! /Bin/bash I = 1 Read-p "Enter the number of users you want to create:" Read-p "Enter the username Prefix:" B Read-p "Enter the user

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