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What does vo, PO, BO, QO, DAO, pojo mean in java?

What does vo, PO, BO, DAO, pojo mean in java?Recently in the project, met vo, my God ... Then learn to remember it together.Let's start with a simple explanation:the o/r Mapping is an abbreviation for the object relational Mapping. Simply put, the object is bound to the relational database, and the object is used to represent the relational Data.Java WEB three-tier Architecture We need to be skilled at it.V

What is po/Vo/Dao/bo/pojo (explanation of several Java objects)

From: http://blog.csdn.net/hlf48641715/archive/2008/12/25/3605789.aspx Several Java objects (PO, Vo, Dao, Bo, pojo)I. Po: persistence object of persistant object. It can be regarded as a Java object mapped to a table in the database. The simplest Po is to correspond to a record in a table in the database. A set of PO can be used for multiple records. The PO should not contain any operations on the database. Ii. VO: Value Object value object. It is us

"Bo Master Benefits" blog Save draft lost what to do?

-s_3167458311.png "title=" write the title. png "alt=" wkiom1ey5k6jgav3aadsdrhgsn8317.png-wh_50 "/> You can insert a paragraph reference650) this.width=650; "Src=" Http://s5.51cto.com/wyfs02/M01/86/08/wKiom1ey5mjT9HNNAAG_-m0xJxc054.png-wh_500x0-wm_3 -wmp_4-s_161657961.png "title=" paragraph references. png "alt=" wkiom1ey5mjt9hnnaag_-m0xjxc054.png-wh_50 "/> Can be added to the buying style650) this.width=650; "Src=" Http://s5.51cto.com/wyfs02/M01/86/08/wKioL1ey5n2Sb8hXAAJ5Fgjt7N0151.png-wh_5

Baidu search results appear micro bo information means what

The Internet in the continuous development of users in the constant increase in the application of the rich constantly. Baidu before the introduction of the box in the webmaster in the waves. As a result of the application of Baidu, and Baidu cooperation application will often directly block most of the flow. Today, the development of micro-blogging will also slowly affect the webmaster. Sina Weibo appeared in 09, and today, the major portal sites have their own micro-blogging business. Mainly h

Differences between state-owned enterprises and private enterprises: what comes to mind from flying

Differences between state-owned enterprises and private enterprises: what comes to mind from flying I have been working in State-owned enterprises. Even if I have friends who work in private enterprises, I know there are differences between the two, but I have never had such a profound experience, only then can we know that the difference between state-owned enterprises and private enterprises is everywhe

What is the status of Linux games when the Steamos era comes?

best desktop gaming platform can run all the apps and games," Gordon said. Many Linux have so far been unable to find good email, word processing and instant messaging apps, and in order to play games they will switch Windows. So it's unlikely that Windows players will be able to switch to Linux to play games. ”But for those who are the main players in Linux, they can finally play some games on the platform with the help of Valve. Gordon said, "The worst is over, the first chicken or egg proble

What should I do if I don't remember the input method that comes with Win10? How can I solve the problem of non-memorizing frequently used words in the micro-soft Pinyin input method ?,

What should I do if I don't remember the input method that comes with Win10? How can I solve the problem of non-memorizing frequently used words in the micro-soft Pinyin input method ?, What can I do if I share Win10 built-in Input Method with no memory? How can I solve the problem of non-memorizing frequently used words in the micro-soft Pinyin input method? We

What C ++ list size () comes to mind, listsize

What C ++ list size () comes to mind, listsize Valid STL focuses on listing in an Item. size () is an O (n) efficiency. At that time, I just wrote down the efficiency. Later I saw some people in csdn encountered a pitfall in the actual project. I 've been idle for nothing to take a good look at the STL list-related part: Let's take a look at the reason why the STL experts set it to O (n: 1) size () calls di

What should I do if the screenshot tool that comes with Win7 is missing ?, Screenshots taken by win7 are missing

What should I do if the tool provided by Win7 is missing ?, Not found in win7 The tool that comes with Win7, that is, SnippingTool. Under normal circumstances, you can find it in start-All menus-accessories. But what should I do if I cannot find it? Step 1: Open the computer-drive C. Step 2: Double-click drive C and find the Windows folder. Step

What if the Win7 screen comes across?

Our computer screens are generally positive, but sometimes in some cases, our computer screen comes across, just like the phone has this function. Recently, the users of the Win7 system, the situation, the use of a good suddenly computer screen came across. What kind of situation is this? How to solve such a problem? Now it's up to the small and everyone to say Win7 computer screen across how to solve.   

PHP comes with a method to verify the existence of a mailbox you know what?

PHP Check email address A lot of methods, more commonly used is regular expression, but it is more trouble, in PHP has a way to check the e-mail address, the following to do a detailed introduction, together to see it I have PHP's own method to do the calibration. Filter_var Filter_var is a PHP built-in variable filtering method, provides a lot of practical filters, can be used to verify the integer, floating point, Mailbox, URL, MAC address and so on. Filter_var if return false, $email = "last

What is the posture of using the right git? Comes with my git advice

to the current branch before adding changes to the current branch. If there is a conflict, after resolving the conflict add--continue parameter to continue mergingGit branch-d git merge # Go to the ' master ' branchgit checkout Master# Create A temp branchGit checkout-b Temp# Merge The feature/x branch into the temp using--squashgit merge feature/x--squash# See the new modifications/files in the Staging areagit status# Create the Unified commitGit commit-m "Add feature/x"# Delete The feature/x

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