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Ruby on rails development from scratch (windows) (1)-use InstantRails to quickly build a Ruby On Rails Development Environment

I have always been very interested in Ruby on Rails. I want to see something that has been praised by many people, but I have been working on windows development, it is still a headache to build the development environment of Ruby on Rails, Which is why Ruby on

What's the biggest advantage of Ruby on Rails

Ruby programming language is developed by the Japanese pine line, is a simple and fast object-oriented programming language, today mainly talk about the ruby framework--ruby on Rails (http://www.maiziedu.com/course/ruby/), Maybe some friends don't like

Use Ruby on Rails to quickly develop web applications.

Use Ruby on Rails to quickly develop web applications. Ruby on Rails is impacting the entire Web development field. Let's first understand the underlying technologies: Ruby is a free, simple, intuitive, scalable, portable, and int

Crossing boundaries: What is the secret of Ruby on rails?

code, and can only develop simple applications. But as praise for rails continues to emerge (often from trusted sources), a more cautious task is to understand what Rails can do and bring its ideas back to the Java platform. In this article, you'll explore the core features (that is, the secrets) that bring great efficiencies to

Use of Ruby on Rails instantrails

Next, let's get started with Ruby on Rails (ROR ).First, we need to quickly configure the development environment of Ruby on Rails.1. Download InstantRails-2.0-win.zipCan go to official download, http://rubyforge.org/frs? Group_id = 904You can also go to/download/tools/InstantRails-2.0-win.zip to change/Download/tools/

Ruby On Rails getting started (installation and use process)

I have the opportunity to try Rails again, but I only came into contact with 2 and now it has become 4. It seems that the current installation is faster than the original one .. Rails 4 installation For RVM InstallationCopy codeThe Code is as follows: gem install railsOtherwise, it should be as follows:Copy codeThe Code is as follows: sudo gem install railsInstructions for installing RVMCopy codeThe Code is

Use Emacs as the Ruby on Rails integrated development environment

In the rubyforge projectEmacs-railsPackage: Ruby support for Emacs under the MISC directory in the ruby release.NxhtmL The use of Emacs addon provides strong support for ror project development. Briefly describe the installation and configuration process: 1.Download the latest emacs-rails package from the rubyforge web

No Rails,java programmers how to use Ruby

First, the introduction Ruby on Rails is just a factor in making Ruby great, as EJB is just one part of the Java Enterprise platform. This article will bring you together as a Java developer, leveraging only the functionality that Ruby itself can achieve. Let me first clarify some questions. First, this is not an art

Ruby on Rails New project does not use database, configuration process logging

Label: Queried the experience of the great God Http://stackoverflow.com/questions/19078044/disable-activerecord-for-rails-4 Http://stackoverflow.com/questions/821251/how-to-configure-ruby-on-rails-with-no-database The one I liked the most was the way I used it. If you is creating a new application, you can use-O to ski

Use apache2.2 and mongrel to run Ruby on Rails on Windows.

/ Proxypreservehost on Mycluster defines each mongrel application server node in the cluster. Proxypass/images! Requests starting with this URL are not forwarded to the mongrel cluster, but are processed by Apache itself. Restart Apache, open a browser to access www.xxx.com, and check whether the configuration is correct. So far, a Ruby on Rails production environment with good stability and performanc

Say goodbye to the nightmare of ROR windows deployment-use Apache to deploy Ruby on Rails on Windows

Today, I went to cyberspace to deploy my website for my friends. The server is a Windows2003 server. I did not expect to configure ror on Windows2003 as a nightmare, because I saw a lot of IIS and ror documents on the Internet. If you don't know, it's a nightmare. I was too busy till five o'clock P.M., but I still didn't configure it. I came back at night and thought about it. Something is wrong. It may be okay to change my mind. The general idea is to install an Apache listener to port 8080,

Explain how to use Cucumber in Ruby on Rails, railscucumber

Explain how to use Cucumber in Ruby on Rails, railscucumber Use the @ wip label to mark your unfinished scenarios. These scenarios are not considered and are not marked as test failures. When an unfinished scenario is completed and the function test passes, the @ wip tag should be removed to add the scenario to the tes

Use PHANTOMJS to generate PDFs in Ruby on Rails

First, the new projectRails new App--skip-bundleModify Gemfile file after completion: Vim GemfileChange source to Taobao or Ruby-china.Add to this file: Gem ' Phantomjs 'Then run: Bundle installSo the project is new and completed.Second, generate PDFCreate a controller to add require ' PHANTOMJS ' to the head and add a get method for getting the PDF: get_pdfAdd the following code to this method:Phantomjs.base_dir = "/path/project_name/bin/phantomjs/"

How to use Ruby on Rails to write Twitter

Ruby on Rails Twitter ApplicationProgramThe interface is very simple.Twitter is a simple rails application.The application interface for querying information is called as a GET request, while the application interface for modifying, creating, or deleting information is a POST request. The command itself is the URL read by your program. Twitter will respond in HTT

Ruby-Flex practice-use swfobject to implement parameters passing through rails and flex

Development Environment: OS: Windows XP RUBY: ruby1.9.1 Rails: rails2.3.5 IDE: rubymine2.0.1 Flash builder: Flash builder4 Background: In ruby-Flex practice-using swfobject to load SWF in a ruby project describes how to reference SWF on the rails interface. This example des

Ruby on rails development from scratch (windows) (26)-use Mock objects

test. Therefore, what we need is a substitute for a false object (mock) or PaymentGateway. Here, rails provides us with convenience, all we need to do is create a payment_gateway.rb file in the test/mock/test/directory to overwrite the payment_gateway.rb file in the app/models directory. Note that, the file names must be identical. Mock file content: Require 'models/payment_gateway' Class PaymentGateway

Ruby on Rails development from scratch (Windows) (26)-Use mock objects

Before we tested model and controller, we learned some common test methods, and now we're going to delve into a few topics about testing. The first is to use a mock object. In many cases, our program and the actual environment have dependencies, such as the current shopping cart, in the remittance, checkout time to access the network bank account, which caused us to test the time must have an Internet environment. For example, we created a payment_ga

Explain how to use mailer in Ruby on Rails, railsmailer

Explain how to use mailer in Ruby on Rails, railsmailer Name mails SomethingMailer. Without the Mailer root, you cannot immediately see which is a Mailer and which view is related to it.Provides HTML and plain text view templates. An error occurred while sending emails in your development environment. These errors are disabled by default. # config/environments/d

After you use kaminari in Ruby on Rails, do not introduce the will_pagination gem.

Label: I/O, AR, SP on C file BSThis problem found during development todayThe per function of kaminari cannot be used in any configuration, and the page size is fixed at 30.At first, I thought it was the gem of ransack. I searched the internet for a long time and found that noFinally, check carefully. It turns out that the gemfile contains will_pagination. After you delete it, everything will return to normal.After you use kaminari in

How to use the Redis store on the Ruby on Rails _ruby topic

Redis Store is a toolkit designed for Ruby applications that supports fragmentation, master-slave copying, marshalling, and timeouts and namespaces. In addition, it is also very easy to use on the Ruby on Rails.How to use:for using the Redis Store on rails, first we need to add a portal to the Gemfile file Gem

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