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Latest Awesome free icon fonts (icons font) collection

Today we collected 18 sets of very unique free icon fonts for everyone, if you can apply them to your user interface design, absolutely perfect!What exactly is the icon font?icon fonts are font files that use symbols and glyph outlines (such as

Summary of cross-platform open-source frameworks on various smartphones

Summary of cross-platform open-source frameworks on various smartphones Currently, the development language of SmartPhone Apple iPhoneObjective-C C/C ++ Google AndroidJAVA You can use NDK for C/C ++ development. Windows PhoneC # VB.net Windows Phone7

Coursera course "Everyone's python" in some of the information

Printed copies of Python for Informatics is available for $ or less from Amazon and $ or less on Kindle: English:amazon/kindle Spanish:amazon/kindle (Python para informáticos:explorando la Información) Korean:amazon (?????

25 Free responsive web templates for collection

For web designers and developers, creativity, experience, and expertise are indispensable. The most troubling of the work, however, is limited time, repetitive and trivial work, and a limited budget. That's why everyone is so hungry for dry goods,

Support for mounting EXFAT and NTFS file systems under CentOS

CSDN GitHub Support for mounting EXFAT and NTFS file systems under CentOS Aderxcoding/system/tools/centos_mount_exfat_ntfs This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial use-Share 4.0

Deep analysis: Google and Apple have never been the enemy

Editor's note: This article comes from Insider, a popular commercial review media business, from the recent in-depth Google I/O conference, and then gradually describes the reasons why Google and Apple have never been a mortal enemy ... These

Android Performance Optimization Paradigm---turn

Android Performance Optimization ModelOriginal link: http://hukai.me/android-performance-patterns/JAN 17TH, 2015 | COMMENTSAt the beginning of the 2015 New Year, Google released a feature on Android performance optimization, with 16 short videos,

ASP. NET Core 1 Deployment HTTPS (4.5.1)

ASP. NET Core 1 Deployment HTTPS (4.5.1)?WarningThe page you are currently viewing is an unauthorized reprint!If the current version of the typographical error, go to view the latest version: Http://www.cnblogs.com/qin-nz/p/aspnetcore-using-https-on-

Nginx Anti-Desu detailed tutorial: accelerating website Google, Gravatar and Hostloc

VPS Tutorial»nginx Anti-Desu detailed tutorials: accelerating websites for Google, Gravatar and HostlocNginx Anti-Desu detailed tutorial: accelerating website Google, Gravatar and HostlocDecember 31st,•Edit•Visit: 672 timesNginx This lightweight,

Apple you hurt me so much that you won't let me say

Editor's note: This article is from medium, the Chinese version is compiled by Heaven Zhuhai Branch Rudder. As a seasoned application developer, the author is deeply hurt by Apple's application audit mechanism, like Thorn. The original text in this

Netty Automatic re-connection

From: http://www.dozer.cc/2015/05/netty-auto-reconnect.htmlAutomatic re-connectWhen you write Client and Server with Netty, you have to deal with automatic re-connection.Server-side startup error, to continue to retry.The client does not only handle

A copy of XMLHttpRequest code written by foreigners. Multi-browser support for compatibility

In the past few days, we have to use Javascript to call Asp. net WebService, which needs to be supported by XMLHTTP, but it was found that the XMLHttpRequest of Opera is very bad and cannot be supported. Later, I searched for it everywhere and

Open-source movies-tell you how to really own a movie

Open-source movies-tell you how to really own a movie-general Linux technology-Linux technology and application information. The following is a detailed description. What is an open-source movie: movie roles, stories, 3D models, 3D scenes, Texture

Personal studio website development specifications V1.0

I. Overview Whether it's the oldest HTML or recently popular Ajax, website development is always an experiment that combines a variety of the latest technologies. As a personal studio, there are only a handful of members, mostly working by

One week learning flex, English Video tutorials, exhausting tutorials

ArticleDirectory Day 1: Flex Basics Day 2: component development Day 3: putting it all together Day 4: Adding visual appeal Flex in a week Http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flex/videotraining/ Learn flex in one week by going

Go FAQs (i)

Pure amateur interest in translation, ability limited level amateur, welcome to shoot bricks.There are some sentences not translated, because I didn't understand:-)The problem is more, the part translates, this document is the first section.Original:

Zeromq interface function: ZMQ_PGM–ØMQ uses PGM for reliable multiplexing

ZeroMQ API Directory : http://www.cnblogs.com/fengbohello/p/4230135.html—————————————————————————————————————ZeroMQ Official Address : HTTP://API.ZEROMQ.ORG/4-0:ZMQ-PGMZMQ_PGM (7) ØMQ Manual-ømq/3.2.5NameZMQ_PGM–ØMQ reliable multi-channel

Zeromq interface function: zmq_send_const– sends a fixed memory data from a socket

ZeroMQ API directory :http://www.cnblogs.com/fengbohello/p/4230135.html—————————————————————————————————————ZeroMQ official address :http://api.zeromq.org/4-1:zmq-send-constZmq_send_const (3) ØMQ Manual-ømq/4.1.0Namezmq_send_const– send a fixed

Unicorns have bubbles? absolutely! But it's not a valuation bubble

Editor's note: Bill Gurley, the original author, is one of America's most famous investors, Benchmark's partner, whose company has invested in Uber, SnapChat, DropBox, WeWork and many other startups. At a time when experts are debating whether the

Sicily 1780. Faulty odometer Again

Descriptionyou is given a car odometer which displays the miles traveled as an integer. The odometer have a defect, however:it proceeds from the digit 1 to the digit 3, from the digit 4 to the digit 6 and from The digit 7 to the digit 9, always

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