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How to achieve your DBA career

Original article transferred from: http://database.51cto.com/art/201105/259261.htm (If You Want To reprint please indicate the source)   This article is about "how to get the work of a Database Administrator (DBA) or how to grow into a DBA ?" Give

DBA career achievements

Http://www.itpub.net/519295.html * Introduction Over the years, I have spent a lot of time in different news groups talking to people who want to know how to get a database administrator (DBA) or how to grow into a DBA, now they have a job. Over the

Achieve DBA's career

Author: Brian peasland, Senior Expert at the techtarget website searchoracle, Sgt, Inc. Head DBA. Oracle 7.3, 8 and 8i OCP, Master's degree in computer science, specializing in database. Brian has been working in the IT industry for 20 years, from

What is DBA? How to become a DBA?

  Although this is a foreign translation article at the beginning of 99, many contents are also suitable for today's DBA.In recent years, I have been dealing with database administrators and have directly interviewed many DBA jobs. This article will

Grow from a junior DBA to a senior DBA [2]

How can I get the first copy?DBAWork? You have read the previous sections and think that it is a good job to become a DBA. Congratulations! I hope your career will become so exciting and meaningful as you think. So how do you find the first DBA job?

Grow from a junior DBA to a senior DBA [1]

I should be oneDBA?   One of the questions I have asked is whether a person should be engaged in a profession like DBA. This question is not easy to answer because it varies from person to person. Some people have the talent they need to become a

"Top Secret leaked" wind brother Oracle DBA Senior Engineer Training Video tutorial and internal data v0.1

Because it is a "top secret leaked" information, to prevent the investigation, the need for the small partners to quickly download the attached courseware document.Because the video is too large, has been placed in the Baidu network, has been in the

Blue growth note-Chase DBA (17): whether to share or consume, learn to grow in the Post-IOE Era

Blue growth note-Chase DBA (17): whether to share or consume, learn to grow in the Post-IOE Era [Preface] This is an accumulation of personal records. As we enter the blue ocean of oracle, we can't go all the way and continue to test. Share the

Database Administrator DBA

What is Database Administrator DBA? Database Administrator (DBA. This position has different meanings for different people. A small software development studio has broader responsibilities than a large company with a highly detailed division of

What is SQL Server database DBA ???

In the MicrosoftSQLServer2008 system, database administrators (DBAs) are the most important roles. DBA's goal is to ensure that the MicrosoftSQLServer2008 system runs properly and efficiently. DBA is also the busiest job. Both Performance adjustment

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