what difference between socket and port

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Windows Socket API

Windows Socket API usage experienceThis article is some of my experiences in MS-windows and HP-UNIX network programming. It is for your reference only. If the socket function mentioned in this article is not specifically described, it refers to the

Linux Socket network programming

What is socket   A socket interface is an API of a TCP/IP network. A socket interface defines many functions or routines. programmers can use it to develop applications on a TCP/IP network. To learn TCP/IP network programming on the internet, you

Socket programming principles

  1. Problem Introduction The I/O command set of UNIX systems evolved from COMMANDS IN Maltics and earlier systems, the mode is open-write-read-close ). When a user process performs an I/O operation, it first calls "open" to obtain the right to use

Java (Socket programming basics), socket programming Basics

Java (Socket programming basics), socket programming BasicsI,Two main problems in Network Programming One is how to accurately locate one or more hosts on the network, and the other is how to transmit data reliably and efficiently after finding the

Linux socket programming (byte processing)

1. IntroductionThe rise of Linux is a miracle created by the Internet. Linux, as a free software that fully opens its original code, is compatible with various Unix standards (such as POSIX, UNIX System V, and bsd unix) multi-user, multi-task

SOCKET protocol & socket Functions

Image Description of the SOCKET protocol The original meaning of socket is "hole" or "socket ". Here we use the 4bds UNIX Process Information mechanism, take the latter meaning. Socket is very similar to a telephone outlet. Take a national-level

The difference between Http, TCP/IP protocol and socket

HTTP protocol: Simple Object Access Protocol, corresponding to the application layer, HTTP protocol is based on TCP connection TCP Protocol: Corresponds to the transport layer IP Protocol: Corresponds to the network layer TCP/IP is a Transport

Socket programming in Linux

What is the SocketSocket interface is the TCP/IP network API, the Socket interface defines many functions or routines, programmers can use them What is SocketA Socket interface is an API of a TCP/IP network. a Socket interface defines many functions

MFC socket Programming (light out + depth: Server and client port issues)

To write a network program, you have to use a socket, which is what programmers know. Also, during the interview, we will ask the other party will not socket programming? Generally speaking, many people will say, socket programming is basically

Socket programming in Linux (Basic Reference)

what is socket the socket interface is a TCP/IP network API. The SOCKET interface defines many functions or routines, Program personnel can use them to develop applications on TCP/IP networks. To learn TCP/IP network programming on the internet,

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