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HTML inline elements and block-level elements __html

inline and block-level elements inline elements are generally containers of content, while block-level elements are generally containers for other containers . In general, inline elements can only contain content or other inline elements. Width and

PHP generates random colors, and neighboring elements have different colors

PHP random PHP random Title, is this layout form 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 The color of the neighboring elements is different, there is, for example, 5, and 1 3 7 9 color also to be different, how this implementation, generate random colors can be, but how

Three different kinds of HTML tags

In CSS, tag elements in HTML are broadly divided into three different types: block elements , inline elements (also called inline elements) , and inline block elements .The most common block elements are:, , ..., , , , , , , The commonly used inline

Method of horizontal vertical centering of CSS elements (with inline elements, basic concepts of block-level elements)

It's not easy to use CSS to center an element in a display. The same CSS centering settings in different browsers also have their own performance. This article introduces several common methods for displaying elements horizontally in CSS.  1.

Revisit data structure: common methods of two-fork tree and three kinds of traversal methods Java implementation

After reading this article you will learn: What is a two binary tree Two special two-fork trees Full two fork Tree Complete binary Tree A contrast chart of two-and full-binary trees

From the analysis of Jin Mu-fire-fire soil, five kinds of link bait manufacture "secret recipe"

I like to read old books, like our ancient philosophy, but also a webmaster and professional seo. About doing outside the chain is very headache, has been looking for a lasting or miraculous way, this is a difficult process. Yesterday weekend, read

Five kinds of data types supported by Redis and their underlying implementations

Introduction to Redis object types Redis is a key/value database in which each key and value are represented using objects. For example, we execute the following code: The key is a message and is an object that contains the string "message". And

Data structure--sort--stability analysis of 8 kinds of common sorting algorithms

First of all, the stability of the sorting algorithm should be known, popularly speaking is to ensure that the first 2 equal number of the sequence before and after the order and the ordering of their two before and after the position of the same

The magical effect of "CSS advanced" pseudo-elements 2-Multi-column uniform layout and Title property effects

Recently, whether it is work or self-learning is very busy, the face of long-winded blog is always weak, but also constantly contact learning to fragmented but very meaningful knowledge points, very want to share to everyone, so this article may be

Two ways for JavaScript to randomly extract different elements from an array _javascript techniques

First, the general algorithm The first method is more conventional, the test has a bug, the amount of data returned randomly several times after the object directly is a function rather than object. Of course, simple data types should not have this

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