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The full name and meaning of computer professional terms

Because you will often see abbreviations or professional nouns, and now start to have recorded habits, recorded in the future will be placed in this blog post, in passing will make up their own meanings for easy to find.1. User interface users

Computer Science and technology learning methods

This article reproduced in : www.baidu.com/p/wave drippingJust for sharing and no meaningA reflection on computer science and technologyComputer Science and technology This science deeply attracts us these schoolmates, has been in the computer

Introduction to computer majors

I. Extensive understanding, starting from popular science booksIf you are a computer professional, you may have a certain degree of foundation, maybe because of a temporary passion, but more people may not have a deep understanding of your choice,

Summary of basic knowledge of computer network

One, the main three kinds of network(1) Telecommunications Network (telephone network), responsible for voice communications, that is, call, answer the phone.(2) Cable TV network, mainly provide video services.(3) computer network, mainly data

Meaning of special symbols in the shell

Source: http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_62a151be0100x9rn.htmlFourth chapter basic Skills-Special symbolsThe quickest way to learn to write script is to watch someone else's script file. However, although this method is practical, it is often "less

Windows blue screen code meaning quick query table (Full Set)

Windows blue screen code meaning quick query table Code meaning0 0x0000 finished.1 0x0001 incorrect function.2 0x0002 the system cannot find the specified file.3 0x0003 the system cannot find the specified path.4 0x0004 the system cannot open the

Computer FAQ and Solution 1th/2 Page _ Hardware Maintenance

Computer in the start-up and operation process, if there is a fault will appear corresponding error message, we can follow the prompts to resolve the current problem. But most of these tips are in English prompts or machine code, which makes people

Classification of computer languages

Computer language is usually divided into three categories: machine language, assembly language, and high-level languages.1. Machine languageMachine language is a set of machine instructions that can be directly identified and executed by a computer

Full-text index principle and a complete SQL Server database full-text index example)

Full-text search is an index of big data text. In the created index, you can search for the words to be searched and locate the text data including the words to be searched. Therefore, all the work of full-text search is to create an index and

Computer system roaming

Computer systems consist of hardware systems and software systems that work together to accomplish the task of executing the program. As one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century (the world's first computer ENIAC and the University of

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