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Basic working principle of TCP/IP protocol stack

TCP/IP is the core protocol of the Internet and also the core protocol of most network applications. Here is a simple summary of the TCP/IP questions I have asked during the previous interview. TCP is defined by RFC793, RFC1122, RFC1323, RFC2001,

Analysis of TCP connection disconnection

Analysis of TCP connection disconnection Document options

Configure the development of Linux applications that support high concurrent TCP connections

1, modify the user process can open the number of files limitOn a Linux platform, regardless of whether you write a client or a service-side program, the highest concurrency is limited by the number of files that can be opened by the system at the

Comprehensive Analysis of TCP protocol intractable diseases (1)

Comprehensive Analysis of TCP protocol intractable diseases (1) 1. network protocol design ISO puts forward the OSI layered network model, which is theoretical. TCP/IP finally implements a layered protocol model, each layer corresponds to a set of

The establishment and shutdown of TCP connections

1. TCP establishes the connection (three times handshake) The following two diagrams explain TCP's three handshake processes from the protocol and interface two angles (respectively from the computer network-Shehiren and UNIX Network Programming

Application and principle of TCP three-times handshake

TCP/IP is a large number of different protocol components, is actually a protocol group, TCP User Data reporting Protocol (also known as TCP Transmission Control Protocol, transport control Protocol. Reliable host to host layer protocol. The first

The TCP protocol (TCP message format + three handshake instance) with Wireshark capture packet in-depth understanding of TCP/IP protocol stack

Turn from:Http://blog.chinaunix.net/uid-9112803-id-3212041.htmlSummary:In this paper, we briefly introduce the theory of TCP-oriented connection, describe the meanings of each field of TCP messages, and select TCP connections from Wireshark capture

The advantages and disadvantages of TCP congestion control algorithm for environmental performance analysis

"Abstract" This paper gives a brief description of TCP congestion control algorithms, and points out their advantages and disadvantages, and their applicable environment."Keyword" TCP congestion control algorithm advantages and disadvantages of the

Sending TCP Packets

First, the purpose of the experiment: The function of this design is to populate a TCP packet and send it to the destination host. Second, the experimental requirements: 1) Run as command line: sendtcp source_ip source_port dest_ip dest_port Where

TCP three-time handshake four-time wave

TCP Three handshake (connection established) and four waves (close connection) Reference: Http://course.ccniit.com/CSTD/Linux/reference/files/018.PDF http://hi.baidu.com/raycomer/item/944d23d9b502d13be3108f61 To establish a

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