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PHP WeChat public platform development-translation function development _ PHP Tutorial

PHP public platform development-translation function development. [PHP public platform development series] 01. configure interface 02. public platform sample code analysis 03. subscribe processing 04. simple reply function development 05. weather

PHP WeChat public platform development-translation function development

[PHP public platform development series] 01. Configuration Interface02. Public platform sample code analysis03. subscribe Processing04. simple reply function development05. Development of the weather forecast function06. Development of translation

Youdao Translation official iOS version to increase the copy translation function easy to achieve cross application translation

In the new version of the Youdao iOS 1.3, the new copy translation function, become the first support across the application of the translation of paragraph translation applications, users only need to select the sentence or paragraph to be

WeChat public platform development (6) translation function development _ PHP Tutorial

Public platform development (6) development of translation functions. The previous article introduced the development of the weather forecast function of the public platform and realized the first practical application of the public platform. in the

Full-text translation of Bing Dictionary: English-Chinese translation of the Almighty King

The author's friend Xiao Zhao is a public relations company's clerk, because the customer has many foreign enterprises, often will contact some English related matters. Because of this, the translation of this matter has become a troublesome thing,

Free Online Translation Service

Translation is a language to the content of another language in the accurate and complete expression, good translation is not word mechanically, but as far as possible according to Chinese habits, fluent in the original text of all the meaning, this

Develop your own translation tools based on the Baidu translation API

Do you use Web translation tools every day? Have you encountered this situation, the Internet process encountered a long word but can not copy, to open two browsers, one open Baidu translation, according to another page input word? After you have

5 best translation software

Translation software is one of the essential software for installation. With it, we can browse English, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and other foreign language websites to enjoy the wonderful world outside! Now there are already a lot of translation

Several lines of code to add the Word translation function to your website

Add automatic translation of Web pages, Web page strokes, online translations, dictionaries, and daily functions for your website.Suitable for all kinds of websitesChange language, automatic translation page Will the Chinese web site become a site

Full-text retrieval system for machine translation

Full-text retrieval system for machine translationAbstract: This article introduces the design and implementation of a full-text search system for machine translation.Bucket structure and common full-text retrieval system functions such as boolean

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