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Free of charge-free homepage Space

广西都市网2006/11/16免费50M主页空间,并提供二级域名,web方式上传管理文件,无广告。此免费空间的『演示』(感谢永林工作室提供此信息)--> ExHub2006/10/13为您提供100M免费主页空间,每月3G流量限制,每天最高500M流量,可以绑定顶级域名,ftp、web上传管理文件,支持php、mysql,无广告。不支持gb2312编码网页,要将编码改为utf-8才不乱码。此免费空间的『演示』-->

IE homepage Registry Key Modification

IE homepage Registry Key Modification1. webpage viruses that damage ie browsers:(1). The default homepage is modified.1. Damage characteristic: the default home page is automatically changed to a website URL.2. form: the default homepage of the

User Experience website Homepage Design Guidelines

Recently, when training students to find a problem, is that they design a topic or page when the self-awareness is too strong, the lack of basic thinking of page design, how to design how to design, some just see someone else's page is so, he also

Website homepage and inner Page Layout policy

A website consists of many web pages, which can be divided into the home page and the inner page, which can be divided into the content page, channel list page, single page, and so on. How should we layout so many pages? now I will give a general

Homepage How to design good-looking

A website suction is not attractive in addition to the content of the site, the site's interface is also very important, then how to the homepage design attractive and beautiful, the following small set to introduce some of the homepage design

Main points of homepage planning when website construction

Website construction time, the homepage is the most important one page, is also the user most visits the page, if the website homepage did not do well, then most users also left the website. So, when you do the site, you need to spend a little more

Powerful skills help you solve the problem of website not on the homepage

1,The problem that the homepage of a new website is not the first is that the website isLow authoritative value. There are not many external links and indexed sites that have just been built, and their own resources are limited. The weight of the

Summary of the 100 methods required for website promotion

Website promotion is an urgent concern of every webmaster. Now we have sorted out the common 100 promotion ideas. You can use your favorite methods based on your own capabilities and external environment. I hope this will be helpful to all

The homepage feature of Chinese website from the view of form

With the development of High-tech and the advent of information society, all kinds of media continue to develop and update, network media due to the diversity of its layout factors, has become the most attractive media in today's society. Since

How does one modify the default homepage of a website through. htaccess? _ PHP Tutorial

How can I modify the default homepage of a website through. htaccess ?. After the website is completed, the customer often asks to add a website boot page, but the index of the website. php has already been defined, so you have to try to skip the

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