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Linux kernel Debugging Method __linux

Linux kernel debugging methods KDB: Only in the assembly code level for debugging; The advantage is that two machines are not required for debugging. GDB: When debugging a module, it lacks some vital features that can be used to view the operation

Introduction to Linux debugging technology (programming and development)

For anyone who writes the kernel code, one of the most attractive issues is how to complete the debugging. Because the kernel is a function set not related to a process, its Code cannot be easily put in the debuggerAnd cannot be tracked. This

Introduction of compressed references in Compressedoops:java

Original address: http://blog.csdn.net/seatalks/article/details/52981819In this article, let's talk about compressed oops (a compressed normal object pointer). It is one of the optimization techniques of the JVM. Why should we put forward the

Valid tive C ++, 3rd edition, item 18: Making interfaces (Interface) Easy to use correctly and difficult to use incorrectly

  Item 18: Making interfaces (Interface) Easy to use correctly and difficult to use incorrectly By Scott Meyers Translator: fatalerror99 (itepub's nirvana) Release: http://blog.csdn.net/fatalerror99/ C ++ is drowned in interfaces (interface.

Kernel symbol table

"Kernel symbol table, kernel symbol table" Linux's kernel is a single kernel monolithic, and any function can access public data structures and function calls. In the design of the program, you need to name some function names, variable names, and

Fault Locating Technology on Red Hat Linux

1. fault Locating (Debugging) scenarios are classified into two categories to facilitate Problem description. A) online Fault Locating (online-debugging) when a fault occurs, the operating system environment where the fault is located can still be

Linux Kernel Analysis--18th chapter debugging

18th Chapter Commissioning18.1 ready to start1, in the user-level program, the bug performance is more straightforward, but not clear in the kernel.2, kernel-level development of debugging work far more difficult than user-level development.3. The

Linux kernel design and implementation a book of reading and finishing the 18th chapter

CHAPTER 18 Commissioning 18.1 ready to startWhat needs to be prepared is:-a bug-a kernel version that hides bugs-knowledge and luck about kernel codeThe point: if you want to successfully debug, it depends on whether you can make these errors

"Linux kernel design and implementation" Fifth week reading Notes (Chapter 18th)

18th Chapter Commissioning20135307 together 18.1 preparing to start a bug in the 18.2 kernel There are many bugs in the kernel, and they can be produced for countless reasons, and their appearances are changeable, from unmistakable

"Linux kernel design and implementation" Learning summary CHAP18

First, ready to begin1, a fixed bug, but most of the bugs are usually not reliable and well-defined.2. A kernel version that hides bugs.3. Knowledge and luck related to kernel code.Second, the bug in the kernel1, the appearance of the

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