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What is the use of!important in CSS? The role of!important in CSS

This article brings you to the content is about CSS in!important what is the use? CSS in the role of!important, there is a certain reference value, there is a need for friends to refer

What are CSS selectors? What attributes can be inherited? How is the priority algorithm calculated? Inline and important which priority

-right order.Example Analysis:1.div {font-size:12px;} Analysis: 1 element {div},specificity value is 0,0,0,12.body div P{color:green;} analysis: 3 elements {body div p},specificity value is 0,0,0,33.div. sjweb{font-size:12px; Analysis: 1 elements {div},specificity value is 0,0,0,1 1 class Selector {. Sjweb},specificity value

What is the reason Python is important to programmers?

compare the framework implementations of other languages, such as spring in Java). Also python realizes the importance of development speed for developers. Easy-to-read and refined code is only part of it, and the other part depends on a powerful constructor that avoids many tedious and repetitive code. In addition, maintainability is also important-the number o

What is the most important thing about website optimization

you to discuss: The most important site optimization is what. I. Structure and content of the website First in doing Web site optimization We should pay attention to the structure and content of the site, the so-called Web site architecture is user-friendly browsing, find information mode, the content of the site

What are CSS selectors? What attributes can be inherited? How is the priority algorithm calculated? Inline and important which priority

{There is no binary between the digits, such as: 0,0,0,5 + 0,0,0,5 =0,0,0,10 instead of 0, 0, 1, 0} to get the final calculated specificity, Then compare the trade-offs with a bitwise comparison of the left-to-right order.Example Analysis:1.div {font-size:12px;} Analysis: 1 element {div},specificity value is 0,0,0,12.body div P{color:green;} analysis: 3 elements {body div p},specificity value

What is the most important part of a programmer interview?

only interested in pure technical issues such as what a * algorithm, asynchronous programming, and JVM class loading mechanism, and are not interested in implementing user requirements. Such people seem to have certain technical capabilities, but they have very limited contributions to the company. They are even less technical but responsible. Therefore, once the interviewer has a good algorithm, I will pay special attention to whether it will be suc

What is the most important part of a programmer interview?

because I think the middleware development experience is the main contradiction, switching from C to C ++ is not a problem. Therefore, the interviewer needs to determine which experience is important and which experience is secondary. For example, we are looking for Android

What is important is that laptop bags for students shocould be functional and stylish

Bean bags for policyears. although it is an old design, people feel like it, and still one of the most sought after tools today. if you are looking for stylish, comfortable, durable and economical furniture is a great chair for you. this unique tool is designed to be applied not only indoors but also outdoors. if you are someone who wants to relax after a long da

What is Unix and why is it so important?

What is Unix and why is it so important?Most operating systems can be divided into two different families. In addition to Microsoft's Windows NT-based operating system, almost all others can be traced back to Unix. Orbis OS running on Linux, Mac OS x, Android, iOS, Chrome OS, and PlayStaion 4 and various firmware runni

What is important is not knowledge, but posture.

few people in the same period, knowledge is far less than mine, have already enjoyed this life.A person with a posture is always deeply contemptuous of a person who has no posture. I think of one of my high school classmates, home big business, the college entrance examination to change the household registration, easy to go to Beijing to school, Beijing graduated on the money to buy the hukou, house, Beij

What is the most important trait of a great product manager?

In contrast to the use of Google and the German:1. Give people a sense of trust or a frequent brush?With a long time, Google Maps to give me the feeling is trust, it as long as not to speak, I will be relieved to open the music forward. And the high map, I need to drive the time to focus on what it said, for fear of missing important information.Well, I know some

Do SEO different stages of understanding the most important thing is what

The network on the growth of SEO level of the article has been quite a lot of narration, here will not repeat. What is the most important for doing SEO? Maybe different people will have different understanding. The following several should be more common for good SEO conditions understanding: The network on the growth of SEO level of the article has been quite a

SEO optimization for the site is what important significance

SEO meaning everyone knows search engine optimization, to operate the site webmaster, SEO is very important, for the site SEO is the best way to get traffic. No matter what industry sites are trying to improve the visibility through SEO methods, improve the long-term survival of the site. That blogger with everyone to

What is an algorithm in C language? An algorithm plays an important role in programming.

1. What is an algorithm?Algorithms are a series of clear instructions for solving problems, that is, they can obtain the required output within a limited period of time for certain standard input. Algorithms often contain repeated steps and comparison or logical judgment. If an algorithm has a defect or is not suitable

What is the most important thing about website building

After all, the Enterprise website is different from the professional portal, there is no need to comprehensive rollup, each enterprise has its own specific products or services, the content of the site should be around the core business of the enterprise set. Corporate Web sites should not be just a decoration, the site is the most useful marketing tools. Of cour

Disagree with "What's important is thought, not language."

process, almost no reference to Delphi any code, More than just reference it in terms of user habits and interface design factors, because the language and language, libraries and libraries, the difference is really too big. This is not to say that I did this project, but that I thought of it (according to the observations of many projects), but this project really deepened my judgment. You can do it in a

What is the most important thing in life?

What is the most important thing in life? Is it smart? Is it money? Love? Is it friendship? Understanding tolerance? Is it healthy? Is it fr

More important than meeting what kind of person is the first person to become

How do you know that you met the true love?As a child, I think true love is the extreme possession, she is my, I forbid her to talk to any boys, even she looked at others two eyes I am uncomfortable, I am selfish, sensitive, possessive, and these as love her performance, intensifiedAt that time I like a girl, until I use my sentimental and narrow-minded successful to get her out of the airLater, I think tru

What is the most important

Some people always think that we should do more important things. "Isn't it a waste of searching materials ?" "Is it too mentally retarded to do a test? Should I be programming at least ?"...... Similar ideas are not an individual phenomenon, especially the young people who have just entered the company with an ambition. I want to say: you are wrong! What

Is it really important to choose what language?

stage is in- depth study (this time will study hard)Learn the language you want to learn in depth.You can get to the third stage when you go deep into your studies. any language is just a toolThe third stage: Any language is just a toolAnd when you get to the third stage it really is that any language

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