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"Turn" what is the split bandwidth/half bandwidth (bisection bandwidth)

subnets is always twice the number of nodes in a row or column. If the subnet can only be divided vertically (n is an even number), then bisection bandwidth = 2*m If only the subnets (M is even) can be divided horizontally, then bisection bandwidth = 2*n If vertical/horizon

What does the uplink bandwidth and downlink bandwidth mean? What is the role of each?

What does uplink bandwidth and downlink bandwidth, or uplink and downlink speed mean? In setting the speed limit of the router, as well as the configuration of some other software often encounter the uplink speed and downlink speed, many users do not know the two represents the consciousness, not to mention configuration, the following will be a detailed introduc

What does the network speed mean? What does bandwidth mean? What is the download speed of 1 Mbit/s network speed? [Convert to. Baidu]

Uncover the real speed of ADSL Users who often use ADSL, do you know the real speed of ADSL? With this question, we will expand the problem step by step.Many users report that,The download speed of ADSL does not reach the nominal 512 K. After the computer accesses the network through ADSL, a download speed indicator is displayed during download. The download speed shown above is generally 50 Kbyte/s.Left an

When the network speed is 10 MB, is it a bit or a byte? -How fast is the 10 M bandwidth? What is the difference between 1 M Disk and 1 m disk?

56 kbps/8 = 7 kbps, that is, 7 kb of Data downloaded per second. In the operating system, the disk capacity is 1024 in hexadecimal format between GB, MB, and kb. Hard Disk manufacturers usually calculate the disk capacity based on 1 GB = 1000 MB and 1 MB = kb. What is 1 mbps ba

Switch backboard bandwidth calculation: What is a qualified switch?

The backboard bandwidth is the maximum amount of data that can be transferred between the vswitch interface processor or interface card and the data bus. The higher the bandwidth of the backboard of A vswitch, the stronger the ability to process data, but the design cost will also rise.However, how can we check whether the ba

What is the use of high bandwidth when BT ends?

cinema, even if everyone is willing to watch the movie at your turn, so what is the use of the Internet? What is the use of high bandwidth? It seems that there is no disease. Since the

What is bandwidth

Bandwidth (band width), also known as frequency width, refers to the amount of data that can be transmitted at a fixed time, i.e. the ability to transmit data in a transmission pipeline. In digital devices, the bandwidth is usually expressed in bps, that is, the number of bits per second that can be transmitted. In ana

What is the bandwidth of the monitor

Bandwidth refers to the number of image points scanned by the electron gun per second, in MHz (megahertz), indicating the frequency range that the display circuit can handle. For example, in the standard VGA mode, if the refresh rate is 60Hz, the bandwidth required is 64048060=18.4mhz; at 1024768 resolution, if the

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