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What is the role of a blog and how to write a blog?

What is the role of blog? Some time ago, it was about one or two years ago. It seems that all people are writing blogs, fashion, news everywhere, and websites are talking about blogs, it seems that if you don't mention this, you will be outdated, and you will also talk about What Web 2.0 represents. As a result, vario

What is a blog? What is RSS? News aggregation Tool

Rss|rss What is a blog? What is RSS? News aggregation Tool Arron posted on 2004-6-7 1:08:13 What is a blog? -

What is a Blog? What is RSS? News aggregation tool

What is a Blog? What is RSS? News aggregation toolArron posted on 1:08:13What is a Blog?-Blog, short for Weblog.-Weblog: a combination of We

Investigation: The QBlog blog is open-source and not open-source. What is your suggestion?

Take a lunch break and take a look: Topic: The QBlog blog is open-source and not open-source. What is your suggestion? Autumn GardenQBlogIntroduction: QBlog: a high-performance multi-user Blog system that supports multiple languages and databases. It has a variety of innov

What is blog?

Recently, some people often ask on QQ, what is a blog? It seems that there are still many people who are confused about the blog. Next I will give a brief introduction to the blog. A blog

What is the difference between the blog group building and the wheel chain model of the site group?

Use the time to update articles for blogs and websites, and decide to write something to the blog, feelings and hair: because at ordinary times QQ Communication has friends on the blog Group building and site groups to build the model seems to be a bit confusing, think that group building blog (here is the following fi

What is the use of the optional type (Optional) in Swift? And! The difference (reprint blog, knowledge sharing)

This article reproduced from: Code Craftsman's Blog, original name: Swift? And!The swift language uses VAR to define variables, but unlike other languages, Swift does not automatically assign an initial value to a variable, which means that the variable does not have a default value, so it must be initialized before it is required to use the variable. If you do not initialize before using the variable, you

What is blog (turn) _ Web surfing

What are blogs, weblog, blogs, bloggers, blogs? I think from the current web technology perspective can be defined as: 1 blog is a simple website content management System (CMS). 2 The content of the blog has time characteristics, and is generally classified. 3

What is the difference between BBS and blog? [Reprint]

their own living space and service objects, and there is no such problem as who replaces them, just like the metaphor of bus and private car.3. BBS uses post fixation and post time sequence to organize posts ( Article ), And use the classification method to classify posts (articles), but the classification users cannot be changed, only the Administrator has this permission; blogs organize articles (posts) in calendar mode, but blogs can classify arti

I cannot post flash html code in my blog. Does anyone know what is going on?

Http://www.cnblogs.com/begtostudy/archive/2010/08/20/1804444.html Source code: But when I open the page, there is nothing. It is strange that it was previously displayed normally. FollowJowoI can save it and put it in HTML to open it. Jowo said, "It is estimated that it was blocked by the blog Park" (See http://sp

What is a blog?

Blog is the short name of the Web log, which is your blog. Blog is a spiritual interaction tool, blog is also a lifelong learning tool,

What is the blog garden mode that comes to mind by Google's development model?

"Google's technology is not top-to-bottom control. It is not a pilot who says we are going here. The following three officers say how we work together, like a factory or an army. There are thousands of Google employees who have new ideas on the Internet. After the software is created, we can drop it out to see if there are any users. If the user prefers the softw

What is the product vision-learned from a blog

I just read a blog post about the startup story of Jing zhixun, president of sanyang Motor Co., Ltd.. one of the stories is about Song Xixing (originally, Jing zhixun was from Panasonic) the story of improving bicycle lights. At that time, Mr. Panasonic proposed the following requirements for new bicycle lights:Bright, durable, no flameout in the middle, inexpensive, easy to use.This

ESL Podcast Blog» What is ESL Podcast?

ESL Podcast Blog» What is ESL Podcast? HOME> What is ESL Podcast? What is ESL Podcast? What is

What is the Typecho_fields data sheet for the Typecho blog?

What is the Typecho blog's typecho_fields data sheet for? I'm studying Typecho blog, To find out where the background can write data, I can't even write this typecho_fields table. Reply content: What is the Typecho blog's typecho_fields data sheet for? I'm studying

What Is Ajax? (Reposted on the blog of crazy customers)

turns, and wait for the server to finish responding. An HTTP user request action can now be replaced by calling the Ajax engine through JavaScript. The response of any user action is no longer required to be directly transmitted to the server, such as simple data verification, data editing in the memory, or even some page navigation, and the engine can process it by itself. If the engine needs to retrieve data from the server to respond to user actio

What if your blog is reposted?

If your blog is reposted, are you happy or angry? I am a coder, not a big bull or a star coder. I have been here for more than two years, but I have never been too easy to learn. I hope you can learn from the excellent works of Daniel and ask for advice. Although the industry is not refined, I also try to share some of my daily work problems, some technical insig

Technical Blogging Reading Notes 1 What is tech blog?

A blog refers to publishing an article on the web. People think of a person in pajamas typing in front of a computer, recording his daily things or thoughts. Different technology blogs are used to share new gains, ideas, and summaries of technical majors. Focus on sharing and communication. We are familiar with technology blogs such as TechCrunch and Joel On Software. In China, there are 36 Krypton and cnBeta. As software developers or software

Baidu Blog Search Ping service is what

Ping is based on the XML_RPC Standard protocol Update Notification Service, is used for the blog in the content update notice Baidu Blogsearch timely crawl, update the way. Baidu Blogsearch after successfully accepted to ping, will crawl and update immediately. Using the ping service, you can let Baidu Blogsearch in the first time crawl to your

What is the gender of your blog?

Do you want to know the gender of your blog? Go to http://www.yodao.com/blogender /. Enter your blog address. The following figure shows the gender of my blog: Blog-song fantasy 93.0% male, 7.0% female

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