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How the Software design is made (1)--what is a good design? _ Software Design

Summary: A project of the design of the document review meeting, the road technology Daniel has a "warm" discussion, the focus of discussion is how the design is beautiful. There is a "heated" debate about how Oo, how high cohesion is

Software Design: What is software design?

Software Design: What is software design? "Wow, design !" Whenever you talk about this word, will your mind soon pop up with "genius", "inspiration", "creativity "...... In terms of wor

What is software design?

thoughts on this topic as a paper. The following is the article. What is software design? Object-oriented technology, especially C ++, seems to have brought a great shock to the software industry. A large number of papers and boo

Website design: What is scrolling parallax? Guide to the design of rolling parallax

As one of the hot trends in the future web design, "rolling parallax" has been adopted by more and more websites in recent years, and the special new display mode has also made many users bright. On the network also springing up a lot of like "30 exciting parallax scrolling website", "60 parallax Scrolling website appreciation" ... And a series of parallax scroll

Software architecture and design model: what is architecture

function is the most important, and the form must obey the function. Like this, Louis Sullivan, one of the creators of modern architecture schools in the architectural field, also believes that the form should be subject to the function (Forms follows function ). Almost all software design concepts can find more distant historical echoes in the vast history of

What kind of website design is the best

relatively large number, you can use numbers to mark, while using different colors to mark, the different levels of content listed in detail, and to highlight the focus. At the same time, also need to pay attention to the entire Site page tonal coordination, as far as possible to bring users a sense of pleasure, so that users in the shortest possible time to find the information they want, and the site has a favorable impression. Easy to understand also reflected in the site's new user Guide,

[Technical Discussion] What is the best software design method?

often lack flexibility, that is, they are prone to rigid dogma, but the overall management efficiency is better than that of most companies. However, companies with unclear management systems are similar to the first one. For some transactions that need to be processed quickly, they can achieve very efficient results. Jihadbird 12:01:06 Yes The finer the allocation, the more time it will waste in coordinat

[LINK] What is Web 2.0-Design and business models for next-generation Software

Http://spaces.msn.com/seesunshine/blog/cns! C65f11a9442f377f! 686. Entry What isWeb 2.0-- Design and business models of next-generation Software (Full Text Translation-1Blog Version) 【Author】 Tim Ole (Tim O 'Reilly), Ole Li media company (O 'Reilly Media Inc .)Chairman andCEO Translate:Seesunshine This articleArticleIsO 'ReillyCompanyTim O 'ReillyM

What is web design-from paper to software

The growing importance of the web| design usability concept of web design is directly related to the transformation of the Web category from print to software. In the past, Web sites provided simple features. Most sites simply provide an electronic version of printed matter such as brochures, catalogues, or magazines.

What is the impact of website domain name change on the website? What is the impact of website content revision on the website?

/, such phenomena as URL changes, the site rankings, included have impact. This kind of revision also needs to be in Webmaster tools to submit revision rules and dead chain processing. Q: Web page layout changes, will be the site rankings, included an impact? A: the website page structure revision, only is the page style change, will not have the influence to the rank, includes, only relates the page URL ch

What is software testing? What is the purpose and significance of software testing?

The first is to use manual or automatic means to run or determine the process of a system. The purpose is to check whether it meets the specified requirements or to find out the difference between the expected results and the actual results. Second, software testing is to carefully

What is website, what types of work, and what is Web art?

More and more friends asked in QQ or QQ groups, "What Do website art engineers need?" and "How do they learn webpage art "...... Or you may be new to this course. I don't want to answer the same question again. I wrote this article to talk about what a webpage artist is and what

[Software life] thinking: What is the purpose of the software, what the programmer is actually doing

Recommend a text Dr. Hangyuan Li on my understanding of machine learning machine learning and natural language processingHttp://www.thebigdata.cn/JieJueFangAn/13162.htmlDr. Hangyuan Li's "Talking about my understanding of machine learning" machine learning and natural language processingThis article is well written, and it is understandable to get started.To know that w

What is responsive design? Why should I do a responsive design? What is the basic principle of responsive design?

Page design and development should be based on user behavior and device environment (System platform, screen size, screen orientation, etc.) to respond and adjust accordingly. The concrete practice way is composed of many aspects, including elastic grid and layout, picture, CSS Media query use and so on. Whether the user is using a laptop or an ipad, our pages sh

If it's you. Ministry of Railways 12306 website architect, how to design the software architecture and hardware system architecture of the website

measured), therefore, the front desk that point text data, what is good optimization. Of course, optimization can be, but the crux of the problem is not at the foreground of this text data.2. Use the cache with the database.Those who say this, have to understand what is cal

What is responsive web building? What is the difference between the traditional website and the production?

Responsive website Construction approximate cost analysis! , let your website construction ideas more open, and let you have a clearer understanding of the construction station industry.Of course, you think the article has value, or pay attention to the sharing of gratitude and so on, also handy point of praise ha-to the article value as a bridge, "like": so that "your value" to extend and continue to stay

What is a mode? What is a framework? Why is software layered?

Patterns and frameworks are everywhere in software design. A friend once asked me what is the mode? I am also studying and give the following summary about my learning experience. (Note: personal opinions are for reference only. please correct me .) 1. What

What is real website optimization (the real meaning of website optimization)? _ Website operation

According to the new competitive network Marketing management consultant's research, website optimization is through the website function, the website structure, the page layout, the website content and so on the reasonable design

What is Office software, commonly used office software have what?

What do you call office software? The word office automation is very familiar to everyone, its English name is office automation, abbreviation OA. In the early 80, when the domestic computer technology increasingly popular, office automation is almost synonymous with comput

What is a domain name? What website name? What is a URL?

.com/Access to the current root directory/.If you do not understand what root directory, please Baidu check, here is unknown said.At this point, the Web server will see if you have this directory, OK, sure. So, does the server return the entire directory to you? No!The server will be in its own directory to find the default Web page, generally index.html, of course, you can configure the page to modify. Sma

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