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Detailed description of billing and price during the construction of broadband and NGN

Broadband construction and Discussion of NGN are in full swing, and various preferential methods are also emerging. Of course, the subsequent business construction is also changing with each passing day. However, after this boom, the issue of

SDK Access (2) on Android Google play inside payment (In-app billing) Access

SDK Access (2) on Android Google play inside payment (In-app billing) AccessNext to the Android Facebook SDK access (1) after finishing the Facebook access process, you can then sort out the access process for Google Play in-app billing payments.

What kinds of Aliyun billing mode

   The billing mode of Aliyun Cloud Server ECS has two billing modes: Package Annual Monthly Pay by volume "Pay by volume" and "Package year Monthly" Billing mode is different, can also use the same free cloud shield, cloud monitoring, load

OCs: the key to winning 3G by carriers

Prepared by: China HP Communications and Media Industry Consulting and Integration Division The approaching 3G undoubtedly brings unlimited business opportunities to China telecom operators, but it is accompanied by a dramatic increase in the

Statistical analyst-Linux Router Traffic statistics system

Article title: statistical analyst-Linux Router Traffic statistics system. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and

Engine for evolution of 3G and NGN (1)

Sitch: In recent years, the 3G wave of China Telecom has been surging in the cloud, from the high-tech experience brought by 3G technology to the civilian population, various media are also not talking about the bright future of 3G. Unlike the

Jasper: User Guide/device/life cycle management/SIM card status

Ylbtech-jasper: User Guide/device/life cycle management/SIM card status 1. back to top 1. SIM card StatusEach device has a status that determines whether it can establish a data connection on the network and

In-memory database

In contrast to disk, memory data reads and writes more than a few orders of magnitude, saving data in memory compared to accessing from disk can greatly improve the performance of the application. At the same time, the memory database abandoned the

China Telecom value-added business study note 13-value-added business management

1. Basic concepts of value-added business management 1) changes in value-added business management The value-added business chain tends to be open: from the initial technology-centric to user needs and market-centric, the role of operators is

A configuration example of the RADIUS AAA scheme for the H3C switch 802.1x user

Example of RADIUS authentication, authorization, and billing configuration for 18.6.3 802.1x users In 802.1x authentication, the use of remote RADIUS servers is the most commonly used AAA access control, and the RADIUS server can not only realize

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