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What is Bi (Business Intelligence

Source: http://www.cnblogs.com/jiesin/archive/2008/06/23/1227694.htmlLet's talk about our understanding of Bi and redescribe it from the definition, basic technology, terminology, instance application and expansion of Bi to consolidate our understanding of Bi. I. DEFINITION OF Bi Bi is the abbreviation of business intelligence. It

What should business intelligence data marketing do?

behavior and characteristics, we subdivide the user group, by mail, SMS, client recommendation, or even the combination of traditional store products listed, paired with sales to specific customers to recommend specific products, to achieve accurate positioning.Mining key Customers28 theory tells us that 80% profit from the less loyal old users, and the cost of developing a new user is much higher, so to maintain the old users, mining key users becom

What is the real need for success: emotional intelligence, moral commerce, and physical commerce do not overestimate IQ

Albert Einstein's IQ is estimated to be 160, Madonna is 140, and John F. kennedy only has 119, but it turns out that when predicting success and career achievement, the IQ score is eclipsed by the scores of emotional intelligence, moral commerce, and physical commerce. IQ tests are used as indicators of logical reason

What exactly is a Preach intelligence podcast sticking to?

Wisdom Podcast to the vast number of students of a letter has been more than 1 months, but the online remaining temperature is still, there are some institutions to imitate, but you have run off. Countless students are questioning a training organization, in the summer such as the admission season, you do not fire full, scramble for students and market share, what are you doing? Yes, it

What is machine intelligence?

This semester I have taken my boss's machine intelligence course again. I have listened more seriously this time than in the previous two years. I took the first class and learned more about what machine intelligence is, let's make a summary here. I will write down the following:1:

What is business operation, how to realize the integration of Internet + business and it

transformation to lay a solid foundation.650) this.width=650; "height=" 430 "src=" http://static.oschina.net/uploads/space/2016/1027/102651_9dqn_1792703.png "Width=" 430 "style=" Border:none;margin:auto;height:auto;/>Cloud Intelligence is the business operation and maintenance solution service provider, its product monitoring Bao (www.jiankongbao.com), Perspecti

What is the basis of the Win 10 service intelligence?

in this year7Month indays later,Win TenThe operating system is called "Windows Services", which there is no "smart" factor? Can it be called an "intelligent operating system"? Why? What is "intelligence"? theyears3Month -Kaku, a well-known American theoretical physicist ,Mi

One of the artificial intelligence: what is AI?

Preface To everyone's words: Today we mainly discuss the definition of artificial intelligence. Today I wrote this article about the matter, I believe that we have better ideas, let us together thought back, to create better everything.I love the King's Dream. what is AI. I believe that understanding intelligence inc

What is the artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence? Physics teachers in high school often think that problems given as text are more demanding than pure computations. After all, the pupils have to read and understand the problem first! So they don't state a problem like''U = 10 V, I = 5A, P =?"But rather like''You have an electrical circuit that contains a battery with a voltage of U = 10 V and a light-bulb. There's an electrical currentOf I = 5A through the bulb.

What is the age of the next era: the era of intelligence

The development of human society from the Agricultural Society to industrial society, and then from the industrial society to the information society, the human society in the continuous development, in the title of this article, the author refers to the name of the next era, is to say, master the theme of the development of the Times, the development of the future of the hole through the law, is a national

What is the purpose of Docntye in HTML what is the pattern and what business hooks are there

1 in-progress validation of the document 2 determines the rendering mode of the browserStandard mode is strict,Weird patterns and promiscuous patterns are not allowed, old, wrongBusiness hooks with progressive enhancements elegant downgradeIncremental increase is mainly for the bottom version of the browser for page construction, to ensure basic execution. Interactive and improved for high-version browsers,

What is artificial intelligence?

Question link: http://uva.onlinejudge.org/index.php? Option = com_onlinejudge Itemid = 8 page = show_problem problem = 478 Question: It's really frustrating. This question has been done for a long time. The meaning of tat is very simple. It is to describe any two of the voltage U current I power P in a language and find another one. String Conversion and unit judgment. It's not difficult. It's always in

Mobile QQ Online Business Hall how to use? Mobile QQ Online Business Hall is what?

Mobile QQ Online Business Hall is what? Tencent QQ Online Business Hall is committed to the billion QQ users with high-quality, convenient, reliable mobile, unicom, telecommunications operators of communications products and services;2 Tencent QQ Online

What is the role of the hook function in thinkphp? What business logic is generally used for processing?

What is the role of the hook function in thinkphp? What business logic is generally used for processing? Reply content: What is the role of the hook function in thinkphp?

What is the framework used to create a website with slightly higher business logic responsibilities? What should I do?

What is the framework used to create a website with slightly higher business logic responsibilities? I used java for my website. now my company has a product that requires php. which framework is suitable? I think zf is too heavy, and it

What kind of IT business is suitable for outsourcing?

Many companies should have encountered such a problem, what kind of IT business is suitable for outsourcing?Baidu everyone can Baidu to some information, such as:In response to this recommendation, is it necessary to think carefully about what kind of

What is WF series? [Use WF to implement the signing business process]

What is WF series? [Use WF to implement the signing business process] OnWhat is WF series? [build a data logic layer based on WF and WCF]The article mentions that WF is not a product for enterprise business process applications,

What is the main role of the process management system and how to choose the business architecture?

Some consulting organizations want to go to Oa, sales management, contract management, production management, project management, financial approval management, workflow management, and other projects. How do I select the technical reserve and architecture? As process management becomes more and more important, is OA a process management and process management an OA? The following is my personal opinion on

What is this business?

the connection, I got into trouble. "Please Press 1 for phone fee query, and press 2 for xxx ...... Please press 5 ......, Dizzy, what do I belong? It seems to be "suggestion", and 5 is still on the edge. Pressing 5 is a long music and waiting period. During this period, another 5 times out. Finally, someone answered:" Hi, China Telecom ......"" Hello, the doo

What kind of talent is truly lucky when we start a business?

Lead: in the era of high-speed information technology, this has attracted and created a lot of wealth myth. Therefore, especially for people in this field, almost everyone has the impulse to start a business. However, well, this is the case, but it has prompted many "Heroes" to compete! I believe everyone knows this, you know. Today I am here to emphasize a central topic.

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