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Continuous Integration Practice (I) functional testing before submission is too slow

code library will grow up in a day. For long-cycle projects, we need to reconsider the ideas behind this theoretical practice. Selenium testing is a function test that consumes a lot of machine resources. Therefore, you can ask yourself some questions to find the answer. 1. Is there a unit test? (1) If so, has the unit test coverage reached a reasonable range?

What is continuous integration?

testing, the current code is a version that can be deployed directly (artifact). All files of this version are packaged ( tar filename.tar * ) archived and sent to the production server.The production server will package the files, unpack them into a local directory, point the symbolic Link (symlink) of the running path to the directory, and then restart the app. The deployment tools in this area are ansib

7. What LoadRunner did not tell you-how can we ensure that the parameterized data is sufficient and will not be repeated when LoadRunner is used for Continuous testing for a long time?

copyright : This article can be reproduced, but without my permission, it shall not be used for any commercial purposes or other purposes for profit. I reserve all rights to this article. If you need to reprint the content, Please retain this copyright statement and ensure the integrity of this article. You can also understand the hard work and respect the work of the author. author: Chen Lei (jackei) Email: jackeichan@gmail.com Blog:Http://jackei.cnblogs.com

Project Management Dafa Archive-mind mapping, prototyping tools, interface testing, design patterns, versioning, unit testing, continuous integration, code review, Bug tracking

Project Management Dafa Archive-mind mapping, prototyping tools, interface testing, design patterns, versioning, unit testing, continuous integration, code review, Bug trackingThe beautiful Life of the Sun Vulcan (http://blog.csdn.net/opengl_es)This article follows "Attribution-non-commercial use-consistent" authoring

[LNMP automation integration] use jenkins for PHP continuous integration-automated code check, analysis, and Singleton testing

[LNMP automation integration] use jenkins for PHP continuous integration-automated code inspection, analysis, and Singleton testing continuous integration to solve problems Uniform test code release Code automated

Automated testing and continuous integration solutions--Interface testing

In a previous post, someone asked why the interface test was first in line. The reason is very simple, the interface is first, the interface is not good, the subsequent coding work is limited, not to get data. Traditional interface Test interface Automatic test interface Automation

How to use Jenkins for continuous integration testing

In this article, we built the continuous integration test environment of Jenkins, and then we started our creation task and run the build.(i) Create a task1. Create a taskClick on the "Create a new task" link on the homepage below:2. Choose the Jenkins task typeJenkins offers four types of tasks:1) Build a free-style software projectThis is the main function of J

Python+selenium Automated Software Testing (11th): Continuous integration with Jenkins and GitHub

config--global user.email [email protected]Workaround: Press the above elevation, cmd window and then enter>git config--global user.name "Here is your GitHub user name">git config--global user.email [email protected] (your email)2. When submitting to remote, prompt:Fatal:remote origin already exists.WORKAROUND: Delete the remote git repository>git Remote RM origin3. When you need to log in during the first operation, enter your account name and passw

Jenkins+testng+ant+webdriver Continuous Integration Testing

locationHere are the questions:1, testng-results.xsl can not find this fileWorkaround:I went to download a zip on the internet, will unzip this file testng-results.xsl, put in Test-output (this file testng will automatically generate, as long as your testng.xml is successfully executed)After the ps:ant1.7 version, processor = "Saxon Liaison" attribute is used after the error, the direct deletion

Jenkins Continuous Integration Project setup and practice-based on Python selenium automated testing (Freestyle style)

About JenkinsJenkins is a very popular continuous integration (CI) service written in Java, originating from the Hudson project. So Jenkins and Hudson function similarly.Jenkins supports various versions of control tools, such as CVS, SVN, Git, Mercurial, perforce, and ClearCase, and can execute projects built with Apache Ant or Java maven. It can also use plug-i

Continuous integration of CI and automated testing

vendorsIntroduction to software project Risk managementIntroduction of enterprise project managementOne of intelligent Enterprise and informatizationFrom the basic qualities of entrepreneursMethod and practice of quality assurance of agile softwareBuild efficient research and development and automated operation and maintenanceIntroduction to it operation and maintenance monitoring solutionQuality management of it continuous integrationTalent company

Continuous integration: What should be automated?

of continuous integration code and the time cost of integration. As the project progresses, the hardware and software environments become more complex and the finished Code expands. At this point, the team needs to modify or add the original test code to adapt to these changes. At the same time, the time required for each in

(Jenkins) Build an android project continuous integration and NativeDriver-based UI automated testing environment on the hudson Platform

(Jenkins) Build an android project continuous integration and NativeDriver-based UI automated testing environment on the hudson Platform From kevinkong 02:56:51 | category: automated test | font size subscription After the deployment, running the build will first start the android simulator, then build the source code to generate the apk file, then install the ap

Continuous integration testing framework for Jenkins+ant+jmeter interface Automation

In the busy idle, these days to come back to study, the Jenkins+ant+jmeter interface automation of continuous integration testing of the entire environment to build a successful.Now fill it up. ant installation website Download http://ant.apache.org/bindownload.cgi 2. After the download is successful, unzip it and put

Unit Testing and continuous integration in IOS

Unit Test Tool 1. ocunit: it is easy to integrate from xcode 2.1 into the development environment and requires no additional libraries. You can also configure xcodebuild to test in the command line, so as to test and report in CI. 2. unit test section of GTM: expands ocunit and adds some macros. Address: https://code.google.com/p/google-toolbox-for-mac/wiki/iPhoneUnitTesting 3. ghunit: has an independent GUI. Address: https://github.com/gabriel/gh-

Let's explain "what should we automate continuous integration ?"

Continuous integration is one of the best agile practices, but not only teams that use agile methods can adopt it. But if you can adopt agile methods, it will play a greater role. What is continuous

The path of continuous integration--unit testing of service layer

After you have completed the unit of the data access layer, you will see how to write unit tests for service layers (services). Service layer should be the most important in the whole system, strict business logic design to ensure the stable operation of the system, so this layer of unit testing should also account for a large proportion. Although unit testing should generally be as far as possible through

Use Hudson continuous integration to perform Android Automated Testing

After you have written a bunch of automated test scripts for your project using the Athrun, Robotium, and other frameworks, how can you make them continuously run and present reports outside Eclipse? As far as I know, there are roughly two convenient methods: one is to use Hudson (or Jenkins) to continuously integrate the system; the other is to use Testin or Neusoft to test cloud and other third-party clou

The path to continuous integration-unit testing of the data Access Layer (cont.)

In the previous article, the configuration of the data source for testing was completed. The following continues to build the tests that can be run. Iii. using Dbunit to manage data The maintenance of the test has always been a headache for me, and I expect to have a more maintainable and reusable way to manage this data. In the absence of a better method, temporarily choose Dbunit. ( reflection: I've been worrying about things that didn't happen, so

The path to continuous integration-problems encountered in data access layer Unit Testing

When writing unit tests on the data access layer, you may encounter many problems. Some problems can be easily solved by Google, while others can only be solved by yourself. Here are some typical problems and solutions. Let's first explain the testing framework Spring Test + springtestdbunit + dbunit used. 1. Let's talk about a low-level problem first. Spring uses the However, at startup, an error is alw

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