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What is the difference between a direct serial cable and a null modem serial cable?

The serial cable can be divided into straight chain and intersection. Generally for straight line extension PC equip, will 2, 3, 5 connect 2, 3, 5, because PC universal male. But the devices are mostly female, so they are just plain, and it can also be used to extend the connection; the crossover PC is connected to the PC with 2 pairs of 3, 3 pairs of 2, 5 to 5, and the general two are female at both ends!B

What should I do if the LED is not lit when the router is connected to the cable?

In accordance with the normal application of the topology of computers, routers, cats connected, if the corresponding router LED is not bright, this problem may be connected with the network cable, fault, port failure and other reasons, this article provides detailed troubleshooting ideas. The WAN port LEDs are not lit 1, check whether the WAN port wiring, check and WAN port connection of the cat

LCD TV Plug the cable TV signal line is which interface HDMI is what interface

1, LCD TV cable Signal line interface (analog signal) is a radio frequency interface (also known as RF interface, coaxial cable interface, closed route interface), digital signal through the set-top box to convert analog signal video output to the TV, in order to watch TV programs.2, TV or HD set-top box on the HDMI interface

What if the system shows that the network cable is unplugged?

The daily use of the computer at the same time some friends may encounter is on the internet or just turned on the computer when prompted network cable was unplugged, such a phenomenon makes people very disgusted, the general phenomenon is not the computer network is not connected to the network

What is the cable connector order?

Line sorting is generally divided into two kinds of standards, one is the 568A standard, the other is the 568B standard, and generally we use the network cable is the most commonly used 568B standard, its network cable connector s

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