what is difference between iphone 7 and iphone 8

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What is the difference between iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus? Comparison between iPhone 7 and Plus

colors: black and black, removed the traditional 5mm headphone interface, changed the Home key to the solid button, equipped with up and down dual speakers, and the back of the new arc antenna design, metal screen on the back has a higher proportion.Black and Black added for iPhone 7 and 7 PlusThe differences between iPhone

Which version of Apple iPhone7 is better? What are the differences between iPhone 7 versions?

improved concept, performance and functionality are obvious. If you are using the iphone 6 and previous models, we recommend that you update them. But if you're using the iphone 6s/6s Plus, frankly we don't think there's much of a need to upgrade, after all, the difference is not too big, except for the camera and the

What should I pay attention to before selling the iphone? 7 things to sell a second-hand iphone

you to talk to the buyer about the price. Method: Set-general-about this machine-through the "serial number" can query the phone's warranty period. Recommendation six: Related software chat record backup! With the most popular chat tool micro-letter as an example, in the micro-letter presumably there are a lot of memorable moments. Click on the micro-letter settings-general-chat record migration, you can put the current chat record uploaded to the server for

What is the difference between writing iPhone applications?

I started learning about iPhone today. Book: begining iPhone 3 development_embedding ing the iPhone SDK (Basic tutorial for iPhone 3 Development) What is the difference between writ

What is the difference between imessage and SMS in Apple's iphone?

What is imessage?IMessage is a chat tool in iOS devices, a bit like micro-mail, but imessage can phone video, chat, voice, SMS and so on.the difference between imessage and SMSIMessage send information is free and the message is c

Why is there no 32G iPhone 7 black screen image appreciation and price for iPhone 7?

What kinds of colors do iPhone7 have? The new release of a total of bright black, black, silver, gold and rose gold Five colors, of which the four IPhone 7 total 32GB, 128GB and 256GB three storage options, the price is 5388, 6188 and 6988 yuan; IPhone

Why is charging iPhone 7 Plus too slow? How to increase the charging speed of iPhone 7 Plus

Because the iPhone 7 Plus has increased the battery capacity, as a flagship product in 2016, it still does not have the fast charging function, resulting in a very slow charging speed. For users who don't have the power to rush out, it is simply miserable.Many users complain about the slow charging speed of the iPhone

What about the speed of the iphone? The iphone is running slow optimization method

If your iphone appears to be in use with cotton, it may be because it is in the background trying to apply the upgrade, which can be done manually. To change the settings for an automatic upgrade application, you need to go to the setup >itunes Store and app store> to automatically download the item, and then turn the "Upgrade" slider off.   6. Turn off automatic downloads

Is iPhone 7 worth buying? Six reasons why iPhone 7/Plus is worth buying?

directly upgraded to 4 cores (size core), performance compared to A9 in the efficiency of the 40% increase in the operating speed of 20%, and further reduce power consumption. IPhone7 compared to iphone6s for two hours, IPhone7 plus iphone6s Plus can be more than one hours. V, stereo speakers IPHONE7/7 Plus's voice does not just cancel the 3.5mm headset interface, but also provide consumers with stereo speakers, IPhone7 's upp

What is the iphone warranty need to bring with you what kind of material

What do I need to do with my iphone repair Apple's official IPhone6 service for aftermarket services will vary according to the path or channel you are buying: 1. Through the Apple website online store/offline direct store purchase If you are buying an iphone via an Apple online store or offline direct store, go directly to the Apple offline Direct store for

What is the SIM card type of Apple iphone6? What SIM card is used for iPhone 6?

What SIM card does iphone6 use? Nano-sim Card specific size is 12x9mm, only the first generation of SIM card (25x15mm) area of about 30%, the thickness is only 15% of the latter, and even if compared to the 15x12mm size of the Micro-sim card, Nano-sim card can save 40% of the space, This apparently frees up more space for other components inside the phone.It

Foreign media: IPhone 7 canceling 3.5mm headphone jack is expected

With regard to the iphone 7, there has been a recent rumor that the next iphone will no longer be equipped with a 3.5 mm headphone jack, citing the word "reliable insider" by Mac Otakara, a Japanese technology website. Instead, iphone users must use the Integrated lightning interface.In fact, this rumor does not surpri

What happens when the Apple iphone comes in with stripes?

What we need to understand is that when the iphone is flooded, it has to wait until the water is completely dry before powering on, or it can cause damage to many parts. This screen appears to be the phenomenon of stripes is obvio

Believe it or not! The screen width of iPhone 6 is not necessarily 375px, while that of iPhone 6 Plus is not necessarily 414px,

results in different definitions ). First, we must make it clear that CSS pixels in front-end development is irrelevant to the resolution pixels mentioned in the device resolution. Because the default viewport of most of our mobile devices is 980px, it is larger than the device-width in most cases. To facilitate reading, we usually need to reset the viewport on

What if the serial number of an Apple mobile phone is not applicable? Tips for iphone serial numbers not applicable

1. When we connect the Apple phone to the computer, we will find the following sequence: Not applicable 2. Listening to a friend this is due to a DFU recovery model of the iphone system, which allows us to install the system in the DFU recovery model like a computer installation system, but itunes still displays the connection status when we connect to the computer. 3. We can manually allow the

What should I do if I cannot identify the iphone normally in Win7? What should I do if I cannot identify the iphone normally? Solution

In Windows 7, iTunes is installed and connected to the iphone, which can be identified by PCs, but iTunes does not respond.Method 1:1. Fully uninstall iTunes.2. Reinstall Windows 7. (This is required, because it is not clear wheth

What to do when the iphone is slow to surf the internet? Slow solution with wireless network

  iphone uses wireless network for slow resolution Step 1: When using WiFi access, first also check the current network signal is good. If the signal is not good, move to a location closer to the wireless router. Walls and distances can cause wireless networks to receive bad signals. Step 2: If the signal display is

Apple phone iphone memory is not enough to do what to do which files can be deleted?

1. Useless photos There will be more than one photo at a time, but you can also back up your iphone photos to your computer to clean up. 2. Recently deleted After the photo deletion of our photos in the last deleted, we found the most recent deletion can actually delete the photos. 3.iMovie Project IMovie "Video Items", those video items that contain a lot of

How do I set the facebook port for iPhone 7? Tutorial on setting facebook port for iPhone 7

How can I log on to facebook on iPhone 7? As we all know, China cannot log on to the official website of facebook. Users must use VPN to change the IP address of their mobile phones. Let's take a look.Step 1: Click"Set"Icon to enter settingsStep 2: Click"General"Go to general settingsStep 3: Click"VPN"Enter VPN settingsStep 4: Click"Add VPN configuration"Step 5: S

Comparison between iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 on iOS 7

Apple released the latest iOS 7 System in WWDC 2013 this year, supported iOS 7 models include iPhone 4, iPhone 4 S, iPhone 5, iPod touch 16 GB/32 GB/64 GB, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, and iPad mini. However, not all supported models can use all functions of iOS

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