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Title: An integer, which plus 100 is a complete square number, plus 168 is a complete square number, what is the number?

Title: An integer, which is a complete square after the number, plus 168 is a complete square number, what is the number? Public class lianxi13 { publicstaticvoid main (string[] args) { for (int n = -100; n ) { if (math.sqrt (n+100)% 1 = = 0) {

An integer, plus 100 is a complete square number, plus 168 is a complete square number, what is the number?

Program analysis: Within 100,000 to judge, the number plus 100 after the root, and then the number plus 268 after the root, if the result of the root to meet the conditions, that is the result#include #include int main (){long int i,x,y;for (i=1;i{X=SQRT (i+100);Y=SQRT (i+268);if (x*x==i+100y*y==i+268)printf ("%ld ", i);}return 0;}An integer,

Python Classic Exercise 1: An integer, which plus 100 is a complete square number, plus 168 is a complete square number, what is the number?

Python Classic ExercisesThe answers that can be searched online are: for in range (1,85): If 168% i = = 0 := 168/ i ; if and and (i-j)% 2 = = 0 := (i + j)/ 2 = (i-j)/ 2 = n * n-100 pri NT(x)The output answers are:-99212611581But in fact, four figures are not in accordance with the conditions of +100 and +168, which are still the full square number;The correct code is as follows:Import= 0

What is the function of CSS selector plus sign + and css selector plus sign?

What is the function of CSS selector plus sign + and css selector plus sign? What is the function of the CSS selector plus sign +:This selector can match the sibling element next to the

What is the group Control plus human system, and what kind of mobile phone is used in general?

of changes, the latest play is group control. Although so much of the enterprise can not grasp how to absorb the key point of powder, how to convert.Thor Micro-control principle is to use a computer to control a number of mobile phones up to 100, a person can easily control add powder, make friends circle. This software also conforms to the market trend, with the labor cost gradually become higher, marketi

My system is XP SP2. How can I enable the security mode when the computer is started? What are the most suitable tasks in the security mode?

see additional options related to restoring or restoring the system using the Remote Installation service. Practical Application 1. I used to use an old monitor and a beginner. What do beginners like most? I also feel a sense of accomplishment when I change the wallpaper and set the resolution, I did not expect to adjust the resolution and refresh rate too high by mistake. The next time I start the screen, I had to reinstall the operating system. Now

Ching/Port Version/US/Japanese version of IPHONE6/6 Plus version which is good? What's the difference?

) network, this version is more suitable for unicom users to buy. Model CDMA version of IPhone6 (A1549), IPhone6 Plus (A1522), to support the CDMA network, because the United States law does not prohibit 4G phone lock network, so in the domestic use of mobile 2G, Unicom 2G, 3G, telecom 3G and 4G (FDD ) network, more suitable for domestic unicom and telecommunications users to buy.In addition, although the

What is the role of the CSS selector plus +?

What is the function of the CSS selector Plus +:This selector matches the sibling element immediately following the specified element.The code example is as follows:DOCTYPE HTML>HTML>Head>MetaCharSet= "Utf-8">Metaname= "Author"content= "http://www.softwhy.com/" />title>Ant Tribetitle>styletype= "Text/css">#items{width:

When landing with Sql*plus in Oracle, what is the user name and password?

The Sql*plus user name in Oracle is the system user, and the password is the password you set.If the password is forgotten, it can be reset by the following method.1, Win key +r key, enter cmd, open command prompt.2. Input Sqlplus/nolog3. Continue entering Conn/as SYSDBA4. Enter the ALTER user name identified by passwo

JS file in the pre-function plus a semicolon and exclamation mark what is the meaning?

represent "execute functions immediately".But execute the function immediately, as part of the expression, or the JS interpreter will report a syntax error. In general, the easiest way to understand an expression is to add a parenthesis to the left and right ends, such as "(function () {})". Therefore, the most common notation for executing functions immediately is "(function () {})", which

CSS named some plus #, some dot, some do not add. Excuse me, under what circumstances is it used?

"nav{}"Such a style is used to define the style of a particular label directly, the style name is corresponding to the label, for example, I want to set the The style of ". nav{}", which is preceded by ".", is that the style is called by the class, that

[Recommendation] What is security token? What is claim?

security token" based on the Interoperability Protocol. it takes a lot of work to implement these protocols, but WIF has done all of these work for you so that it can be used by non-protocol experts, it can be used to construct and launch the Security token service at a very low cost. WIF makes it easier to construct your own STS. How to Implement logic, rules depend entirely on you, and you need to enfo

Alipay bank card What is the security risk? The bank card security Insurance handling method

Alipay Bank card security Insurance is what From Alipay account security to bank card account security Alipay Online bank card security risks, as the name implies, the protection of the Bank of the payment scene in the loss of

What is the cost of mobile phone QQ pay-plus group? Mobile QQ pay group can transfer?

What is the cost of mobile phone QQ pay-plus group? QQ Pay Plus Group amount: Small knitting here to tell everyone is the cost of addition group: only 1-20 yuan, and can only be set to integer , group members can be paid to enter the group, the specific how much to see t

HashMap in high concurrency if there is no handling of thread safety, what is the security implications, the specific performance of what

.Start(); T3.Start(); T4.Start(); T5.Start(); T6.Start(); T7.Start(); T8.Start(); T9.Start(); }}2, multi-threaded put can cause element lossCause: When multiple threads execute addentry (Hash,key, value,i) at the same time, if a hash collision occurs, causing two threads to get the same bucketindex to store, there may be a case where the element overwrite is lostvoidaddEntry(intint bucketIndex) { //多个线程操作数组的同一个位置 Entrynew Entryif (size++ >= thre

What is micro-separation? Fine Granularity teaches you how to improve network security and fine-grained network security

What is micro-separation? Fine Granularity teaches you how to improve network security and fine-grained network security Micro-segmentation (or micro-isolation) is a method for creating a global security in the data center and clo

Mobile phone QQ Security Center Face recognition is what? The method of face verification in QQ Security Center

To use this feature we have to ensure that their mobile QQ is the latest version of QQ or otherwise will not have this function oh Now login QQ After we click "Security Center" to find "tools"-"laboratory" open into Then we'll find "face verification" to open the entry, as shown in the details. Select the Create Now button and open the entry as shown in the following illustration

What is page security color with 216 Web page security Color _ Application Tips

When we understand the "digital color", we will know that the colors in the Web page will be affected by various environments. Even if your Web page uses a very reasonable, very beautiful color scheme, but if everyone looks at the effect of different, then your color scheme will not be very good to convey to the viewer. So what can we do to solve this problem? The answer is--216 Web page

What is memory security _ memory

Recently engaged in a number of software security aspects of the online public class resources to integrate, this work will be launched in October this year. So far, I've done a buffer overflow, formatted string attack and some other C-language weaknesses in the material collection. After giving these materials, I want to ask, "What do these mistakes have in common?" The answer

Explain what is firewall _ network security

I. The concept of a firewall In recent years, with the increasing number of ordinary computer users, the word "firewall" is no longer the agency of the server domain, most home users know to install a variety of "firewall" software for their own love machine. However, not all users are aware of the "firewall", some users even think that "firewall" is a name of the software ...

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