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Web Design theory: Beautiful but not empty minimalist website design

As designers, we all know that a minimalist design can achieve beautiful results. However, many designers have trouble implementing: either there is no time to make a page with so few elements look beautiful, or the end result just looks "imperfect"

Start from scratch and teach you to create minimalist style in web design

What is minimalist design Minimalist design, strictly speaking, can not be regarded as a visual style, but a design philosophy. It keeps the basic skeleton content on the basis of the elimination of superfluous elements, decorations, colors and

3 Quick rules to help you deal with minimalist websites

Today @ Mantra Big Kiwi This translation is particularly good, for no experience, want to learn from other people's designers, if there is no strong inductive ability, read the minimalism also in vain. Just this article to the minimalist

Minimalist design is a lot of design principles

This article is translated from a foreigner's article (original text), but not completely literal translation, the article has added some my experience and the idea: As designers, we all know that a simple design can create very beautiful results.

Studying minimalist design: simplifying your design

Article Description: Minimalist Design: Less is more. This article is translated from a foreigner's article (original text), but not completely literal translation, the article has added some my experience and the idea: As designers, we

Minimalist Design in mobile development

Original link: The Art of minimalism in Mobile App UI Design Original Author: Nick Babich From: Nuggets translation program Translator: Edvardhua Reviewer: Owenlyn, Jiaowoyongqi, graning The article ends with the

Minimalist website design: A white minimalist website design

Article Description: The design of 35 minimalist websites abroad. Original: 35 minimalist web design abroad From: Effective examples of minimalism in Web design Please respect the copyright, reproduced please indicate the source, thank you!

What are the key techniques to handle minimalist sites?

Junior designers Learn to do addition, and senior designers learn to do subtraction. Today in minimalist style website design For example, teach students from which aspects of the site to do subtraction. Minimalism is not deleted, but to extract the

The application of minimalist style in design

Hello, I am Itsuki, today I combined with my real project in micro-blog to share with you a little design experience of minimalist style. In modern city life we have to face noisy streets and subways every day, all kinds of advertisements, handling

UI design Novice Must see: How to shape the minimalist style of app products

In the context of more and more content, designers should reduce the interference of useless information so that users can quickly focus on the content itself, this "less is more" design thinking is what we often say the minimalist style. UI Design

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