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The issue of leadership skills in the agile development environment is more important.

cycle between us and our team. However, this loop is not a simple repetition. It is spiral, and we either spiral up to new and good experience results, or fail. Reflection may be the most important character for Agile teams and their leadership. The Agile team constantly re

Agile development Prajna agile Series 3: What is agile (below) (no living, no living, no empty execution, illegal, not illegal)

...... Below aggregation, most will get a specific document or practice. In the environments with these characteristics, we cannot stick to null, but need to pursue good methods. This gives a general outline: What is agility? They do not live in law, they do not live in the air, they are illegal, they are not illegal, they do not think there is a univer

What is extreme programming? What is programming as an excuse? What is agile development?

incremental development, the two methods mentioned in any software engineering textbook, play a very important role in the agile development model. Looking back, we can also see the shadows of waterfall and quick prototyping, and there may be more. Improvement, not innovation. Agile development can be understood as the integration based on the original software

Agile development is more important than product management, not just project management

times have changed, in this unpredictable world, it is more important to focus on " Product Management " , and no longer just " Project Management " . "Customer behavior, preferences, business changes too fast, just do project management, and can not guarantee that the product can be accepted by customers, to obtain the favor of customers." ”Therefore, agile deve

Agile development One Thousand and One question Series 25: What is the fundamental foundation of agile development?

This is the first article in The One Thousand and One Q A series of agile development. (Here, I would like to ask, one, two, three, and the General Directory of the question)Q: What is the fundamental foundation of agile development? Wh

What exactly is agile testing?

what the specific features of agile testing are, or what the main practices are, and then discuss agile testing (or scrum testing) in scrum on the very hot Agile concrete framework scrum. let's look at the 12 principles behind the Agile

Turn: planning is more important than planning-agile progress grasp

calendar in the table are buried in the trap. Because, inProjectIt cannot predict how many working days it will take to complete the ambiguous demand, or reflect the impact on the progress after the actual situation changes. When we discuss the progress, there are actually two unknownVariable. The first is the workload required to complete the requirement, including the requirement definition and development content boundaries. The second

Agile development Prajna agile Series II: What is agility (on)

told me that their consulting in Europe was 150 days × 2 years = 1 cmme level, the truth is also true when the European Headquarters communicates with foreign consultants, so there is new hope. But the result is that our consulting business is difficult in China, because the cost

What is the real agile development?

The most heard description of agile development is iterative development, side doing demand side doing development and so on. It is also argued that agile development is a pattern, as long as it is as

What is agile development in the real sense?

The most common description of agile development is the development of iterations, while doing the development of requirements and so on. Some people also think that agile development is a model, as long as other methodologies to comply with what time to do things can be

What is agile development in the true sense?

What I hear most about agile development is iterative development, where I need to develop and so on. Some people also think that agile development is a kind of model. As long as other methodologies observe the time to do and what

Performance Management of agile development-9: What is the software team of amoeba? (I)

This is the ninth part of agile development performance management. (Total column directory) If you are confused about the long-term lack of job title improvement, the following content may be helpful. The higher the job, the less like a migrant worker, but like an enterprise operator.What is business For a development team, the following four main content needs

What is the use of!important in CSS? The role of!important in CSS

This article brings you to the content is about CSS in!important what is the use? CSS in the role of!important, there is a certain reference value, there is a need for friends to refer

It's both what you say and the way you say it. (what you say is as important as what you say)

The question is not just what you have, what you say, but how you pack it. Unless you can communicate and share with them, you have the best idea, the most coolCode, Or a better architecture will eventually be fruitless. As a developer, we must communicate with each other. Communicate with customers, demand analysts, project managers, technical directors, boss,

What is the relationship between the scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) and product management?

SAFe is to RUP (Rational unfied Process), Lean, Scrum . SAFe Perhaps it solves some of the problems that big teams have in developing version planning and collaboration. but I really don't understand, SAFe and the so-called " Product Management " What's the matter with each other? ?SAFe has neither the most basic "value identity practice" nor the ALM (application Lifecycle Management), nor the PLM (Product Lifecycle Management).So, I do not understand

What are CSS selectors? What attributes can be inherited? How is the priority algorithm calculated? Inline and important which priority

-right order.Example Analysis:1.div {font-size:12px;} Analysis: 1 element {div},specificity value is 0,0,0,12.body div P{color:green;} analysis: 3 elements {body div p},specificity value is 0,0,0,33.div. sjweb{font-size:12px; Analysis: 1 elements {div},specificity value is 0,0,0,1 1 class Selector {. Sjweb},specificity value

When web applications face a large amount of data at the same time with a large concurrency, performance is a particularly important issue. In the face of performance optimization, what should we do and what aspects should we optimize?

Data Structure Design: Establish a proper data structure for business logic needs. Intermediate optimization and network environment deployment: Intermediary and network environment are also important factors. Database: 1. indexes or associated indexes are used, but the more indexes, the better. Too many indexes will degrade cud performance and occupy a large amount of space. 2. Eliminate link queries for big data tables and process big data tables:

What is the most important part of a programmer interview?

only interested in pure technical issues such as what a * algorithm, asynchronous programming, and JVM class loading mechanism, and are not interested in implementing user requirements. Such people seem to have certain technical capabilities, but they have very limited contributions to the company. They are even less technical but responsible. Therefore, once the interviewer has a good algorithm, I will pay special attention to whether it will be suc

What is the most important part of a programmer interview?

because I think the middleware development experience is the main contradiction, switching from C to C ++ is not a problem. Therefore, the interviewer needs to determine which experience is important and which experience is secondary. For example, we are looking for Android

What is the reason Python is important to programmers?

compare the framework implementations of other languages, such as spring in Java). Also python realizes the importance of development speed for developers. Easy-to-read and refined code is only part of it, and the other part depends on a powerful constructor that avoids many tedious and repetitive code. In addition, maintainability is also important-the number o

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