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Ways to migrate from movable type to WordPress

Movable type and WordPress are the world's most used two blog systems, both of the functions are very powerful, the use of different, of course, the difference between the two is also very large. Movable type is written in Perl, CGI may be more

Movable grid Enterprise Web application Generator won the "2017 Excellent software Products"

Recently, the Chinese Software Industry Association issued the "2017 Outstanding software Products" list, the movable grid enterprise Web application Generator by virtue of the unique advantages of products, and in recent years in the enterprise Web

Migrating from 7LOG to movable Type

I've had a lot of trouble with modifying the 7LOG program recently. The code change is not very good modification, and the author seems to be also suppressed to find traces, disappeared, and even its homepage have been killed, watching the need to

Multiple Remote Security Vulnerabilities in Movable Type

Release date:Updated on: Affected Systems:Movable Type 5.12Movable Type 5.11Movable Type 5.06Movable Type 5.051Movable Type 5.05Movable Type 5.04Movable Type 5.03Movable Type 5.02Movable Type 5.01Movable Type 5.0Movable Type 4.37Movable Type

Multiple SQL injection and Command Injection Vulnerabilities in Movable Type

Release date:Updated on: Affected Systems:Movable Type 4.37Movable Type 4.361Movable Type 4.36Movable Type 4.35Movable Type 4.34Movable Type 4.27Movable Type 4.261Movable Type 4.26Movable Type 4.25Movable Type 4.24Movable Type 4.23Movable Type

Understanding object-oriented programming from the angle of movable printing

"Big Talk design mode" starts from the example of movable type to discuss the object-oriented benefits, personally feel very image. The movable printing technique mainly embodies the following points of object-oriented:1. Can be maintained: Modify

By setting the filter globally, you can make all the Windows movable, rather than inheriting the specified Qdialog

#include"appinit.h"#include#include#includeAppinit::appinit (Qobject*parent): Qobject (parent) {mousepressed=false; Qapp->installeventfilter ( This);}voidappinit::load () {}BOOLAppinit::eventfilter (Qobject *obj, Qevent *evt) {Qwidget*w = (Qwidget *)

CMS distribution of Technorati 100 most popular blogs

Technorati selected the 100 most popular blogs. Which blog/CMS system were used to create these 100 blogs? CMS wire analyzes the Page code of each blog and asks some bloggers to obtain the following list: WordPress-34 Movable Type-16 Custom CMS-1

Jdom the use of detailed and examples

Dom| detailed Introduction of JDOM Jdom is an open source project that uses pure Java technology to parse, generate, serialize, and manipulate XML documents based on a tree-structured architecture. JDOM directly for Java programming services. It

Disappearing occupation: Lead-type workers enter history with lead-Type Printing

First, the high temperature cast a grain of lead words, put on the shelf, the Sorter and then a grain of pick to pick the desired lead words to clear the sample, this "lead and fire" printing method has continued until the 1980s S. Today, laser and

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