what is periodic inventory system and perpetual

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What is the purpose of the pharmacy Inventory Machine? How to achieve efficient drug inventory? Pharmacy inventory check plan, drug warehousing management information

The drug inventory machine is also called the drug Inventory Machine and the Inventory Machine of the pharmaceutical factory. It is mainly used in the inventory check of pharmaceutical factories and retail drug stores. Hand-held d

What is the difference between computer dormancy and sleep, Win7 knowledge inventory

What is the difference between Win7 system computer hibernation and sleep? We all know that the computer system in order to save energy settings have sleep and hibernate function, use is used, then these two functions in the end what

What is a system clock? What is a clock system? What is the function of the clock system?

1.Q: What is the system clock. What is a clock system. A: Usually referred to as the system clock refers to the clock system, which

What is a system, what is an algorithm--lemon OA System Learning Summary

First, the understanding of the Module divisionFor a large (here is only a medium-sized system) system, the code is written not a day, the level of detail is not a glance can see clearly.In this case, you need to think well, preferably from top to bottom.The ability to parti

What is the basic computer system and what is the basic computer system?

What is the basic computer system and what is the basic computer system? What's the operating system? First, we need to know,Why is there an

What is an embedded system? What is an embedded operating system?

Embedded system:Embedded system refers to the computer as a part of a special system exists, embedded in a larger, dedicated system of computer systems, is a application-centric, computer technology-based, software hardware can be cut, function, reliability, cost, volume, power consumption has strict requirements of th

SIS system and DCS system use and configuration of the essential difference analysis, more profound know DCs in order to control, SIS in order to protect! What is the difference between SIS system and DCS system?

DCS--distribution control system decentralized controls, plant control level systems, conventional data acquisition, device controlThis system is completed.Sis--safty Instruments System Security instrumentation systems, interlock system, generally do the plant process equipm

What is POSP? What is the system logic? POS Receipt must Read

system query system data. The front-line system and the backend system are designed to meet the financial system's 24-hour operational potential, and the Big Data processing systemBusiness function 1. Consumer transactions: consumption, consumption, consumption cancellation, consumption cancellation rushed positive, r

What is the group Control plus human system, and what kind of mobile phone is used in general?

With the current in our lives in the role of more and more obvious, many enterprises have tried water marketing, mode for a stubble and another stubble, but can not find a good way, powder mother flow platform with you detailed introduction of what is easy to do marketing.Now the most commonly used on the market is Thor Mobile phone Group control

Invoicing system design ideas is what? What to do with it

Invoicing system design ideas is what? Have not done a similar project, ask a general idea. Probably means that A,b,c is a three-layer agent, C from B to purchase, b from a stock, a has a total product inventory table. My current design idea

What is the XP system experiencing that is recommended to let the system restart automatically?

Our system will be stuck in a lot of times, and sometimes it will be better if it doesn't move. But sometimes it is not good to decide, we are artificially difficult to judge the problem. And we often encounter computer card dead, forced to shut down the computer is not good, the following share with you how to set up your own computer, so that their computer enc

What is the System idle process? is the System idle process a virus?

When you extract a large file with a WinZip, you can see that the system Idle Process system takes up CPU time changes. System Idle ... is to indicate the remaining CPU resources of your system! Don't want to end it! If he's got 0 CPU resources, you should reboot!

Understanding the system, what is the system ......

the user to judge and can only be taken back to the seller for repair. Quasi-system user group The advantages and disadvantages of the admission system are prominent, so what kind of users are suitable for the use of the admission system? From the diyer's point of view, the purchase admission

What is the system variable term used? Its values include VT100 and vt220. What do these values mean?

, which is a device that interacts with the operating system. The system directly outputs some information to the console. Currently, users can log on to the console only in single-user mode. Q: What is/dev/tty? A: tty devices include virtual consoles, serial ports, and Pseu

What is the file system in the WIN7 system?

Just contact with the FAT32 file system, FAT12 file system, many users are confused, what are these file systems? And what is the effect of it? Today, a small series of new radish home WIN7 pure version of the system for example,

What is the operating system?-familiar with the experimental environment and Operating System Environment

What is the operating system?-familiar with the experimental environment and Operating System Environment Prepare lab materials 1. Download the experiment materials hit-oslab-linux-20110823.tar.gz (including linux-0.11 source code, bochs simulator, etc) URL: http://www.ritchiehuang.cn/ 2, download and install the gcc-3

What kind of system is a good system

, classes do not listen to lectures, but each exam can always get a very good results, there are always someone to fight the life of the effort, but the final results can only reach the medium and so on. Of course, not only schools, there are all kinds of places to work, real life is full of, natural ability is a fork of the people, such as the League of Heroes, how you try to be a bronze row, the top of th

What is the left-hand coordinate system (LH) and the right-hand coordinate system (RH)

Since we first came into contact with the left-hand Cartesian coordinate system of Direct 3D, we developed an inertial thinking that camera should look forward along the Z axis regardless of the coordinate system, therefore, I cannot understand why zaxis = normal (eye-at) in d3dxmatrixlookatrh ). Now we finally understand that if we set our eyes to camera, we will see the forward of the Z axis in the left-h

The system prompts & quot; the language of the installation package is not supported & quot; what should I do ?, Not supported by the system

When an application is installed, the system prompts "the language of the installation package is not supported by the system". What should I do ?, Not supported by the system Recently, When I installed an application software fo

What is the difference between a 32-bit operating system and a 64-bit operating system?

-Bit performance will be greatly reduced. Difference 3: The computing speed is different. The data width of 64-bit cpu gprs (general-purpose registers) is 64-bit, And the 64-bit instruction set can run 64-bit data instructions, that is to say, the processor can extract 64-bit data at a time (only two instructions are required to extract 8 bytes of data at a time

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