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Apple 6 S automatic shutdown what is going on? What should I do if iPhone 6 S has 30% power automatically shutdown?

According to a number of channels of information, the current phenomenon of this unexpected shutdown on the iphone 6s, and know that feedback and discussion of the answer has more than 500, some netizens said, the problem of mobile phone to the Apple Store detection, the conclusion is that the battery is no problem. Ce

What is the SIM card type of Apple iphone6? What SIM card is used for iPhone 6?

What SIM card does iphone6 use? Nano-sim Card specific size is 12x9mm, only the first generation of SIM card (25x15mm) area of about 30%, the thickness is only 15% of the latter, and even if compared to the 15x12mm size of the Micro-sim card, Nano-sim card can save 40% of the space, This apparently frees up more space for other components inside the phone.It

What should I do if the iPhone 6 plus software is crash? How to restore the flash of Apple 6 plus software

We can use the itools tool to crash the Apple mobile app.Download the latest version of iTools1. Now we have installed the iTools software on the computer. Then we will award the iPhone 6 for connecting to the computer, and then click the "application" column in itools.2. On the open itools interface, you will see a "repair and crash" button,

Which version of Apple iPhone7 is better? What are the differences between iPhone 7 versions?

hardware problem, thousands of dollars of maintenance costs is still very annoying. So if you are wondering which full netcom version to buy, then we are the first recommended this year is still domestic licensed, no longer have to worry about their use of the operator, card is used. And at present, Apple

The failure of Apple iPhone's automatic shutdown is exposed. The short battery board is not limited to 6 S series.

As the weather turned cold, Apple's mobile phones began to suffer many problems. Many netizens reported that during this period, Apple's mobile phones automatically shut down when there was about 20% of the remaining power. In this regard, Apple's after-sales staff also confirmed that this situation exists, and said that there

What is the price of an Apple 27-inch imac?

What is the price of an Apple 27-inch imac? Apple's 27-inch imac will meet you at the October 16 Apple launch, so what's the price for the new imac on the 5K screen? The following small series for everyone to reveal the

What is the price of Apple imac27 inch 5k screen?

How much is the price of Apple imac27 inch 5k screen? The following will be revealed in the 5k screen Apple imac quotes, configure the 5K screen 27-inch imac price will be? If you want to know, please see below. Apple has release

What is the price of an Apple 5K imac?

Q: How much does the Apple 5K screen imac computer cost? When can I buy it? A:2k recently came 4K, and now 4K has not sat steady Apple launched 5 K, last week, Apple officially released the 5K resolution display of the 27-inch imac, then this Apple 5K imac display how much money? When can I buy it? 5K screen i

Download 25 exquisite IPHONE 6 and apple watch prototypes !, IPhone Apple

Template Apple Watch Free Template PSD Apple Watch Time Piece inc. PSD Mockup Apple Watch Mockup Apple Watch Mockup Kit Free PSD Objective analysis of iphone 6, iphone plus, and

What if the serial number of an Apple mobile phone is not applicable? Tips for iphone serial numbers not applicable

1. When we connect the Apple phone to the computer, we will find the following sequence: Not applicable 2. Listening to a friend this is due to a DFU recovery model of the iphone system, which allows us to install the system in the DFU recovery model like a computer installation system, but itunes still displays the connection status when we connect to the com

What is the difference between imessage and SMS in Apple's iphone?

What is imessage?IMessage is a chat tool in iOS devices, a bit like micro-mail, but imessage can phone video, chat, voice, SMS and so on.the difference between imessage and SMSIMessage send information is free and the message is charged and imessage as long as there

Download 25 exquisite IPHONE 6 and apple watch prototypes !, IPhone Apple

Download 25 exquisite IPHONE 6 and apple watch prototypes !, IPhone Apple Since the launch of iPhone 6 and Apple Watch, many designers have

What should I do if the Home key of the iPhone 5S is loose? Solution for Apple 5 s Home key loose

1, if found home loose relatively big words, we are in the Apple official online booking, and then remember the technician to help me check processing, of course, can also hit the Apple 400 customer service phone so also can help me deal with this problem. 2, I passed the above method is to change an Apple 5s but ch

Apple phone iphone memory is not enough to do what to do which files can be deleted?

1. Useless photos There will be more than one photo at a time, but you can also back up your iphone photos to your computer to clean up. 2. Recently deleted After the photo deletion of our photos in the last deleted, we found the most recent deletion can actually delete the photos. 3.iMovie Project IMovie "Video Items", those video items that contain a lot of

Believe it or not! The screen width of iPhone 6 is not necessarily 375px, while that of iPhone 6 Plus is not necessarily 414px,

Believe it or not! The screen width of iPhone 6 is not necessarily 375px, while that of iPhone 6 Plus is not necessarily 414px, You may not believe this question. The reason for this problem i

What is the difference between foreign exchange bid price, foreign exchange price, and cash bid price?

1. What is Cash Exchange notes ~ ~There is no such problem in the currency of a country, but foreign currencies have a problem of "sinks" and "banknotes" in other countries (such as the dollar in China).First, the so-called foreign banknotes/notes are foreign currency banknotes (such as Dollar notes, $1, $20, $100, etc.),The foreign currency/spot

What happens when the Apple iphone comes in with stripes?

What we need to understand is that when the iphone is flooded, it has to wait until the water is completely dry before powering on, or it can cause damage to many parts. This screen appears to be the phenomenon of stripes is obvio

Why is there no 32G iPhone 7 black screen image appreciation and price for iPhone 7?

What kinds of colors do iPhone7 have? The new release of a total of bright black, black, silver, gold and rose gold Five colors, of which the four IPhone 7 total 32GB, 128GB and 256GB three storage options, the price is 5388, 6188 and 6988 yuan; IPhone 7 Plus three stor

What if Iphone6 Plus connects to the computer and doesn't respond? Apple 6 is not connected to the computer solution tutorial

Data Cable issues: 1. The Apple 6 Plus iOS8 system has a detection data line function. This may be the case, some friends have a number of Apple phones, may be mixed data line, resulting in computer can not recognize the Apple 5s phone. It is also possible to use a cottage

Apple September 9, 2014 content (iphone6, iphone 6 Plus, Apple Watch)

-2014-09-09-at-11.28.30.jpg "alt=" screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 11.28.30 "width=" 560 "height=" 268 "/ >Now there are WatchKit APIs that can be programmed.650) this.width=650; "class=" Alignnone wp-image-5899 "src=" http://www.powenko.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/ 2014/09/screen-shot-2014-09-09-at-11.30.27.jpg "alt=" screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 11.30.27 "width=" 560 "height=" 283 "/ >This article is from the "Optimus Prime Teacher" blog, please be sure

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