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Basically, replacing switch with design mode is definitely a bug and over-design. Consider that a few lines of code to modify a file can solve the problem, become modified 3-6 classes to achieve the same functionality. Not stupid, what?

passwordformat.hashed:Oldpwd = _encryptionservice.createpasswordhash (Request. OldPassword, customer. PasswordSalt, _customersettings.hashedpasswordformat);BreakDefaultOldpwd = Request. OldPassword;Break}BOOL Oldpasswordisvalid = Oldpwd = = Customer. Password;if (!oldpasswordisvalid)Result. Adderror (_localizationservice.getresource ("Account.ChangePassword.Errors.OldPasswordDoesntMatch"));if (oldpasswordisvalid)Requestisvalid = true;}ElseRequestisvalid = true;At this point request

What I want to talk about after being tortured by infopath

time of release. The key is security and trust, it largely determines whether your infopath form can be successfully published. Because I am working with WF, you can select the domain trust level or full trust level. Here I select full trust. You can set other settings as needed. In this way, we have completed the infopath settings, and then we can release our

InfoPath is displayed in XmlFormView on the aspx page

, navigate to the activated website! In the website concentration function, you can see the newly activated infopath form. In the site, create a new form Library: TestDemo, and navigate to Settings> form library Settings> advanced settings. Be sure to set "allowed to manage content type" to "yes ", the default value is "no" First, click "add from existing website content type", find the activated custom

If your SharePoint has a status service problem, InfoPath is not working correctly

Create a new ' state Service ' service application using PowershellFebruary,Leave a comment Go tocomments 2 votesI encountered this issue and had some trouble finding the correct info on it, so I thought that I ' s share a good guide wit H all.If you had made the correct choice to not run the Configuration Wizard to install all of the Service Applications...then yo U may encounter that is missing the state Service application. It can also

"iOS Dev-61" after replacing the plist resource, the running program iOS emulator still shows what the last data looked like and how to fix it?

(1) Introduction of the situation--We first import a plist file to do the project, simulate the running view effect.--delete plist, replace a new plist,cmd+r simulation run, and discover whether the program interface shows the last data.(2) ReasonThis is because the first time the simulation runs, a "sandbox" has been generated and all the resources are stored in the sandbox (if the user's phone is equivale

What are the methods of replacing the Str_replace () function with the PHP string? (Four types)

What this article brings to you is about the method of replacing the Str_replace () function with the PHP string. (four kinds), there is a certain reference value, the need for friends can refer to, I hope to help you. The following article to share the PHP string replacement str_replace () function 4 uses, the speci

In Java, the code for replacing the ordinal index with EnumMap is described in detail.

In Java, the code for replacing the ordinal index with EnumMap is described in detail. This article focuses on the Content of replacing the ordinal index with EnumMap in Java. Study NotesTive Java Chinese Version 2nd The Enum ordinal method is often used to index enumeration types. public class Herb { public enum Type

PHP is a regular match for multiple results, randomly replacing one of the results

PHP matches multiple results in regular, randomly replacing one of the results With regular match characters, if all substitutions are simple, using preg_replace is fine. But I'm going to have to randomly replace one of the results of the multiple matches I've got, which is a bit of a hassle. I wrote a function to solve, do not know there

What are the three layers of the front-end page, and what are the respective ones? What is the role?

There are many web designers who have experience designing layouts for paper prints. In fact, when designing a Web site, treating a Web page as a paper print is the easiest idea to think about, except for replacing the blank with a screen. This approach is doomed to failure. The Web is a different kind of media. When d

Twisted (1) -- What is asynchronous, twisted -- What is asynchronous

Twisted (1) -- What is asynchronous, twisted -- What is asynchronous I have long wanted to write an article about python's two asynchronous libraries, twisted and tornado. When developing python tcpserver, we usually only use three libraries, twisted, tornado, and gevent. The efficiency of asynchronous libraries repres

What is refactoring and what is not refactoring

for reconstruction. Do not refactor the code that you do not intend to change or will not change. Scratch Refactoring) Michael Feather's "Working processing tively with Legacy Code" book mentions the concept of Scratch Refactoring. Martin Fowler calls it "Refactoring for understanding ". This is used to deal with the (or intolerable) code that you don't understand and clean it up so that before you actually want to modify it, you can have a better un

What is the Ctfmon.exe process? What is the role of Ctfmon.exe?

we want the system to automatically load other programs) can be. The second method If your Win2000 system installed OfficeXP or above, it will leave a ctfmon.exe in you and the system, this is really a demon, once troubled countless netizens. Today, I am determined to hold the sword of righteousness, chop demon to remove demons, but also a net friend a pure Chinese and English input space! Before I execute it, let me read his guilt:1. No matter

What is the difference between main () and _ tmain ()? What is the difference between main_tmain?

is incorrect. Please note: _ tmain and main [@ More @] 1. Main is a function of the C program, and _ tmain is a function of the main used to support unicode.2. The definition of _ tmain can be found in 3. Therefore, after _ tmain compile is still main, You can execute In addition, wmain

What refactoring is, and what it isn' t

the code. Perform regression tests on your refactoring actions. Then make corrections or changes. Test again. Later, you may need to refactor more code to make your code change intent clearer. Perform another comprehensive test. Rebuild and change. Or change, and then refactor.You are not Refactoring for reconstruction, because you want to do other things, And Refactoring can help you complete these things. The scope of refactoring should be determined by the Code changes or code corrections yo

Root question! What is the surface subdivision technology?

textures and Smoothing Effects, A large number of polygon exist. Imagine how developers want to achieve the landform effect of a city by replacing textures on a triangle. There is a beautiful replacement texture, and how to deform and stretch the three vertices in the district? However, if you have 100000 vertices, it will be much easier. In fact, from the user's point of view, the content of this sectio

HTTP protocol details-what is the http protocol and http message structure?

HTTP protocol details-what is the http protocol and http message structure? HTTP protocol details-what is the http protocol and http message structure ., The development technology of today's web programs is truly a battle, ASP. NET, PHP, JSP, Perl, AJAX, and so on. Regardle

What to do if the ASUS motherboard is not lit?

What to do if the ASUS motherboard is not lit? Reason Analysis and solution: BIOS repair steps that are not lit by the motherboard: Typically, the new BIOS on the motherboard fixes some bugs in the older BIOS, corrects the known compatibility issues with certain hardware and software, and adds support for new hard drives, such as increased support for large-capacity hard disks and high-frequency CPUs. Th

What is the role of Python in data analysis compared with R, SAS, and SPSS?

prefer to use mysql directly. Next, R is open-source, so new theories are updated quickly. data Processing is very convenient, especially for data frame list. What are you missing? biomedicine and research in schools like to use R to solve problems? many non-IT people need to face a lot of programming troubles, if we sort data, do we start with the bubble algor

What is the role of Python in data analysis compared with R, SAS, and SPSS?

matlab, so it's troublesome to perform mathematical operations unless you buy an iml library, but it's used by pharmaceutical companies because of its authority (the boss is fda certified) in addition, the bank's risk control will also use sas. the advantage is that the proc SQL built in big data processing is good, but to be honest, I prefer to use mysql direct

What is SPDY? How to deploy Spdy?_ servers other

On the left is normal HTTPS loading and the right side is SPDY loading. Isn't it amazing? What is SPDY? SPDY is a Google-developed application layer protocol based on Transmission Control (TCP), and the development team is pushi

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