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What is an Oracle materialized view

defaults to force and demand. Note: The materialized view that sets the refresh on commit does not have access to the remote object. When you create a materialized view, you can specify an order by statement to keep the resulting data in a certain sequence. However, this statement

Oracle Materialized View

Recently, I have seen some articles about Oracle materialized views, which are integrated and detailed for memo: The previous version of MaterializedView is called SNAPSHOT ), renamed The Materialized View From 9i. In fact, both snapshots and

Oracle materialized view code example, oracle Materialized View

materialized views are managed together with tables, in PLSQL tools that are frequently used, you cannot delete a table by deleting it. (You cannot right-click the table and select 'drop' to delete the materialized view.) You can use the following statement to delete the table: drop

Oracle Materialized View

. materialized views occupy storage space. materialized views should also be refreshed when the base table changes.For example, how to create a table space is hardly described in other materialized views. I mainly use an example. If you have a clear understanding of the basi

ORACLE materialized view and oracle Materialized View

ORACLE materialized view and oracle Materialized View In the last few days, I have provided a View to the W System in the P project environment. Due to the complicated query logic and l

Teacher Fu class: Materialized view of Oracle advanced applications (materialized view) __oracle

materialized views. Materialized views can be partitioned. and partitioned materialized views can support zoning change tracking (PCT). Materialized views with this feature can still be entered when the base table is partitioned for maintenance operationsRow Quick refresh o

Use of DBMS_MVIEW.EXPLAIN_MVIEW package in Oracle Materialized View

DBMS_MVIEW.EXPLAIN_MVIEW can analyze three different materialized view codes:1. defined query 2. a create materialized view Statement 3. An existing MATERIALIZED VIEWThe procedure is as follows: www.2cto.com1. Run the table creati

Oracle materialized View

(' mv_emp_pk ', ' C ');--Full Volume refresh PL/SQL procedure Successfully completed. [Email protected]>exec dbms_mview.refresh (' mv_emp_pk ', ' f ');--Fast Refresh PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.(2) Use Dbms_refresh.refresh process to batch refresh MVIf we specify the refresh time for start and next when we create the materialized view,

The materialized view Log on Oracle is newer than the last refreshed content ____oracle

016-09-27 14:36:09,802 ERROR [500.jsp]-Could not commit JDBC transaction; Nested exception is java.sql.sqlexception:ora-12048: Refreshes the materialized view "the". Check_form "Error ORA-12034: "Teenagers". The materialized view log on Ch_task

Oracle materialized View

Tags: force entity fetch number Save time existence comm Simple aggregation/*Oracle materialized View*//*Why use materialized views?Materialized views are widely used as a means of SQL tuning in a data warehouse environment.A larg

Use of Oracle Materialized View

The materialized view aims to save some queries that take a long time to obtain results in advance, save the results of these queries to a local copy, and then query the results later, you can query data from the materialized view without querying some remote data tables. This improves the query performance. Create

Oracle Materialized View

called a master table (during replication) or a schedule (in a data warehouse ).For replication, materialized views allow you to locally maintain copies of remote data, which are read-only. To modify a local copy, you must use the advanced copy function. When you want to extract data from a table or view, you can extract data from the

Oracle materialized view description

needed. The default value is build immediate. (2) QueryRewrite: Includes enable query rewrite and disable query rewrite. Specify whether the created materialized view supports query rewriting. Query Rewriting means that when you query the base table of the materialized view

Getting Started with Oracle database--How to quickly refresh materialized views based on materialized view logs

The fast refresh mechanism for Oracle materialized views is done through materialized view logs. How Oracle can support a fast refresh of multiple materialized views through a

Differences between Oracle normal view and materialized view ____oracle

Transferred from: http://blog.csdn.net/joshua_peng1985/article/details/6213593 Introduction Materialized views are a special physical table, and the materialized view is relative to a normal view. Normal view

Oracle materialized View Syntax ____oracle

Create materialized view [view_name]Refresh [Fast|complete|force][On [Commit|demand] |Start with (start_time) next (next_time)]As{Create a query statement for materialized views} These are the common syntax for Oracle to create materialized views (

Oracle materialized view log structure

Oracle materialized view log structure To refresh a materialized view quickly, you must create a materialized view log. This article briefly describes the meaning and usage of each fiel

Oracle Materialized View

Oracle Materialized View In actual work, multiple data sources are synchronized to a single database for data analysis. These data can not be synchronized in real time. Generally, we extract data from the statistical analysis database through regular tasks for application use. The general synchronization method can syn

Oracle Materialized View Details

Oracle Materialized View Details In actual work, multiple data sources are synchronized to a single database for data analysis. These data can not be synchronized in real time. Generally, we extract data from the statistical analysis database through regular tasks for application use. The general synchronization method

Expert one-on-one Oracle chapter 13 materialized view Reading Notes (3)

information that can tell it to obtain the information we want.Oracle is just a software, and she can only process the information provided to it. The more metadata is provided, the better it is to read more information about potential ORACLE data. This informationIt may be some constraints, primary keys, foreign keys

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