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Four ways to detect a virus on a hard disk

To carry on the infection, must leave the trace. Biomedical viruses are the same, so are computer viruses. Detection of computer viruses, it is necessary to go to the site of the virus to check, find abnormal situation, and then identify "in",

Linux security system ClamAV Virus scanning program [Turn]__linux

> Excerpt from: ClamAV virus scanner for Http://www.shangshuwu.cn/index.php/Linux security system ClamAV is a typical anti-virus software with extensive and GPL-license open source code that supports a wide range of platforms, such as Windows,

Principles of virus Diagnosis technology

Diagnostic principle of comparative method:The comparison method is used to compare the original or normal file with the file being detected.Including length, content, memory, interrupt and other comparison methods.Diagnostic principle of checksum

Linux how to protect against viruses Linux virus method

One, beware the Linux virus At the beginning of Linux, because of its original excellent design, seems to have innate virus immunity, so many people believe that there will be no virus for Linux to appear, but Linux is finally no exception. In the

Using Qmail/vpopmail/courier-imap/qmail-scanner/igenus to build a mail system

Description: This guide will show you how to use Qmail/vpopmail/courier-imap/qmail-scanner/igenus to build a messaging system. 1. Foreword This part of the text is translated from Gentoo forums. You can access the above address to view the

How to Write a simple virus program

Document directory How to Write a simple virus program How to Write a simple virus program Author: QQ: 273764089Author's mailbox: [email] 273764089@qq.com [/Email]Author blog: http://hqsoft.blogdriver.comReprinted please indicate the source: http:

List of common virus terms

Boot SectorBoth hard drive, soft drive, and logical drive (After partitioning) have information about the boot sector. See Partition Table, Master Boot Record, and multi-partite virus. Boot Sector or MBR Virus A virus that can affect a fixed boot

How to Write a simple virus program

Currently, this technology actually hides many xuanjicang, including many technologies. Without special study, it cannot reach the realm of "Ox. Now I have written this article Article The introduction is quite practical and can reduce your detours

Use a scanning method to determine if a hard drive has a virus

Search method This method primarily scans for specific strings that each virus contains, and if a particular byte string is found inside a detected object, it indicates that the virus represented by that byte string is found. The virus scanning

List of common virus terms encountered during computer use

Boot sector The hard drive, the floppy drive, and the logical drive (after partitioning) all have boot sector information stored. Refer to Partition table, Master Boot record, and Multi-partite virus. Boot sector or MBR virus A virus that can

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