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Upgrade the WIN Server 2003 AD domain to win server R2

Recently saw a lot of posts from the win Server 2003 AD upgrade, many of them say there is no way to upgrade directly, but need to upgrade to win Server 2008 or R2 and then upgrade to win server 2012 R2. This explanation is incorrect, and there are

Migrating the WIN Server 2003 DHCP role to win server R2

The process of migrating the WIN Server 2003 DHCP role to win server R2 and from the win server 2008r2 to 2012R2 are very different because the framework of the win Server 2003 and the framework of the win server 2012r2 There have been some

Win+r Adde Use Tutorial Tips Summary

1. The first time to start the program The first time you open Win+r Adde, you will see this interface, please click OK and let the program automatically complete initialization. It is also recommended that you exit all security and

How to deploy Rstudio server on a linux server, configure SQL Server on the ODBC Remote Access win server

How to deploy Rstudio server on a Linux server, configure ODBC after you remotely access SQL Server through the RODBC packagebackground: before writing an article that mentions the recent deployment of Rstudio server (building the analytics

Win server AD upgrade to win server 08R2 AD (i)

Windows Server 2003 AD upgrade to Windows Server 2008R2 ADNuzhihai Operating system version Server role IP Address windows Server 2003r2 primary ad

Win Server R2 WSUS does not recognize the solution for Win Server & WIN10

Hello everyone, today to share a question I have encountered. I believe that after Microsoft launched the Windows Server 2016 and Win10 operating system, a lot of students have been installed and tested the first time, want to feel the first time a

Win under the SSH server set up and through the command line SSH jump to another SSH server

Normal situation we are to SSH client directly connected to the service side of SSH, even if the jump is also in Linux or other Unix system through Ssh-server to other open SSH services on the host, because Openssh-server, Ssh-client such software

Win server AD upgrade to win server 08R2 AD (ii)

9. Demote the AD004 server to retire Domain10. Install the Windows Server 2008r2 system, log in with the enterprise administrator after joining the domain, and open the Add Active Directory Domain Services from Server Manager add server role650)

Powershell and win dns server to solve the website load balancing problem, powershelldns

Powershell and win dns server to solve the website load balancing problem, powershelldns   Add a windows dns server by using powershell. Solve the website load balancing problem from the perspective of adjusting the dns Server Resolution ip time

Improvements to IIS 7.5 in Win Server 2008 R2

According to Microsoft's Roadmap, the official version of the next-generation server operating system, Windows Server 2008 R2, will be released in 2010. Although Microsoft R2 win Server 2008 as the next-generation server operating system after win 20

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