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The privacy problem of SNS website in China

Students interested in Facebook's "privacy crisis" can go to the major science and technology blog, where there are detailed reports, I would like to share a little bit about the privacy of the domestic SNS website, which was accidentally discovered

Robots.txt prevent disclosure of the site's background and privacy to hackers

In order to keep the search engine from indexing the site's background pages or other privacy pages, we have disabled these paths in the robots.txt file. But paradoxically, robots.txt files can be accessed by anyone, including hackers. In order to

How to Protect Privacy Protection against browser cookies (1)

This article focuses on the general principles of "software" and "service. From "How to Protect Privacy: How does a browser cause privacy leakage", we have learned several reasons for the browser's privacy leakage. How can we protect privacy? This

What is cookie privacy?

CCTV this point can be, it is a packet, each visit to the site when the browser will send cookies back to the Web site server, and the site can also arbitrarily change your machine corresponding cookies. But there is a very important information in

How to Protect Privacy: How to isolate browsers (1)

After reading "how to protect privacy-related software and service selection" and "how to protect privacy-related browsers to cause privacy leaks" and "how to prevent browser cookies, in the face of security risks in browsers, how can we isolate

How to protect personal privacy from being spied on by Google

  we know that a while ago Google changed its privacy policy, which again brought attention to Google's privacy policies. How can you keep your privacy from being Google or being made available to Google? Take a look at the following strokes to

Watch out for apps on your mobile phone secretly scanning your privacy-Android mobile phone security

Some time ago, I posted such a paragraph on Weibo: I had a habit of registering a website. When I asked for a photo name, I entered yuan Sina when I registered Sina, And I called Yuan yahoo when I registered Yahoo, when registering Baidu, I will

Have you leaked my personal privacy penetration instance today?

Social engineering is psychology In an ever-growing network society, each of us becomes one of them. When you turn on your computer and connect to the network, one day, you find that all your personal archives are well known by the uninvited

Google Search Skills challenge privacy (Google hacker)

Google Hacking originally refers to the technology and behavior that uses Google search engine search information for intrusion. Currently, it refers to the technology and behavior that uses various search engine search information for intrusion.

61 things website developers should know [interpretation]

After reading 61 things that should be known by website developers translated by Ruan Yifeng, I recorded my understanding and analysis as follows: If you have any mistakes or omissions, please criticize and correct them! The description section uses

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