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Question 1:js What is the ability to speak such a language? (Run platform) problem 2:js whether the ability to manipulate files (generally not), Ajax can manipulate files (generally not)?

question: What is the ability of JS to speak such a language? (Running platform)A: Now the JS language can be run in the browser (js If it is running on the browser can not operate the disk file), you can also run NodeJs on the server side ( JS can manipulate files on the server side). question:JS is able to manipulat

Liu Ye: The official language of the home is Chinese do not understand Niang three speak French

only consensus is that in the home, the official language can only be Chinese, "this time to participate in the" Grandpa, "I was the netizen laughed at English is not good, think I took the American film, there is a foreign wife, my English to say a lot of slip ah, maybe I will show French, the results let them big surprise.In fact, the official language of my home is Chinese, I am at home, others are not

C Language Programming "Let the computer Speak"

Why does a computer appear? Our great man, the invention of everything is to help us human beings, improve human life. Computers are also tools used to help us humans. Think about it, if you want the computer to help you do one thing right now, what do you need to do first? Do you have to communicate with the computer first? Then communication needs to depend on a language. Human communication can be used i

Teach Alexa to understand sign language, do not speak can also control the voice assistant

Alexa, Siri, small degree ... A variety of voice assistants are dazzling, but these devices are targeted to the ability of the user, ignoring the ability to listen to, say, the obstacles to the crowd. The writer is acutely aware of the bug and trained Amazon's voice assistant Alex to learn to recognize American Sign language. Social media has been a hot hit after the project was released. This blog post will cover the underlying technologies of the pr

Data speak: What is the most sought-after programmer?

We are divided into two points, first of all, we look at the factors that affect the programmer's pay rise.1.1 What kind of programmer raises the most salary?Android, IOS, Web front-end pay increases are higher than in other languages. For a single programmer, to get a higher pay rise, choosing the hottest language and work place is the cornerstone of success. Other conclusions are not over-described in the

Learning Python makes it difficult to learn a programming language. what methods or skills do you have to learn?

doing during programming. It is recommended that the subject buy a booklet to learn the C language. Really. Learning C language at the same time does not allow you to make software faster, but it helps you understand what you actually do. I also learned programming in the middle of the road. I understand that just like me, people who study programming in the mi

Learning Python makes it difficult to learn a programming language. What methods or skills do you have to learn?

" Linux high-performance Server programming" I personally think that the environment is very important. A good company environment and development environment can help you get twice the result with half the effort and communicate with other colleagues (besides colleagues, Daniel, github, zhihu, stackoverflow, and other platforms ), do not build a car behind closed doors.Please do not recommend those books with the same chicken soup? As you said, are those books more conducive to learning progr

What kind of language will have the company "reprint"

, to solve the problem, and design philosophy directly determines that he is more adept at solving any problem, it is like everyone has his own style and belief in the doctrine, and these directly determine how you behave If you want to know how powerful the language is, look at Babel 17. One of the stars in the war is to let the other party learn a language, that is, let the other side steppir to. Pr

"Go" What is "scripting language"

scheme have long been able to compile scheme into efficient machine code. In fact, many of the Scheme interpreters also perform a certain amount of "compilation", some compiled into bytecode, some compiled into machine code, and then executed. So in this case, what is often called "compiled language" and "explanatory language", there is almost no fundamental dif

Some people say that PHP is a spam language. We suggest learning Node. js, Python, and Java. What should I do?

I am a beginner in PHP. I have bought a java manual and haven't started to read it yet. This statement has made me very excited. I really want to know the specific situation. I am a beginner in PHP. I have bought a java manual and haven't started to read it yet. This statement has made me very excited. I really want to know the specific situation. Reply: "Father, forgive them for they don't know what they're doing (saying)..."-Jesus,

I know what you're thinking: cracking your body language in seven days

attitude.I know what you are thinking: seven days of body language cracking is suitable for college students, white-collar workers, and general readers.DirectoryI know what you're thinking: cracking your body language in seven daysPreface even if you do not speak a word, th

The advice of an old programmer: what language you know doesn't matter.

truth. Now I don't forget, you should do the same. It doesn't matter what language you speak or what language you use. Don't be confused by the various religious propaganda around the programming language, which will only obscur

What is the meaning of a variable of register type in C language

the use of less frequent data, will bypass the cache, directly into memoryRead. So not every time you can get the data from the cache, this is the cache hit rate, can be read from the cache hit, or die. register variable For an example that calculates the approximate value of π, an approximate formula for the solution is as follows: To improve accuracy, the more loops the better, you can define the loop's increment control as a register variable, as follows:#include There are sever

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