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Fastjson the first letter to lowercase when the bean is turned into a string

A project requirement requires the return value to be in JSON format, and most of the fields are capitalized, and some are similar to the N_TX format, in the output of such a result encountered a problem, due to the time is tight, directly copy the

Advantages of the Linux file name lowercase

Description: From the old Ruan why the file name to lowercase articles, in fact, I think it should be said that the Linux file name is more appropriate for lowercase.First, portabilityLinux systems are case-sensitive, and Windows systems and MAC

Delete a repeating character in a lowercase letter string in the data structure

Analyze the problem: Delete the duplicate characters in a lowercase letter string, for example: AABCDEEC, deleting duplicate words specifier: ABCDE The method used in this problem is: Define I=0 and two subscript J, K, start to point to the second

How does PHP convert the first letter of a string into a case?

Before we tell you how to convert the case of a string, there are times when we don't need to completely capitalize or lowercase the letter of the string, but just need to convert the first letter of the string to uppercase or lowercase. So, this

Shell finishing (26) = = = Uppercase and lowercase letters replace and randomly take out an odd number

(a) Title: Accept an input, if the uppercase letter is converted into lowercase letters, lowercase letters to uppercase.For example:[Email protected] hushuai]# bash 4.shInput:dingxueDingxue[Email protected] hushuai]# Method (1)The shell code

JS how to go heavy and string odd digit lowercase to capital JS to go heavy and string odd bit lowercase capitalization tutorial

In the interview, we often go to the array for weight. As a qualified front-end developer, it is not known that several ways to go heavy are not in the should. Not much nonsense to say directly open the ... One, IndexOf () method Implementation

Conversion of uppercase and lowercase letters in php

In php, the uppercase/Lowercase conversion functions include: strtolower, strtoupper, ucfirst, ucwords, and so on, this article will introduce how to use these uppercase/Lowercase conversion functions. 1. convert string to lowercase Strtolower ():

How does PHP implement uppercase and lowercase conversions?

We know that in PHP to implement the case conversion can use the Strtolower function, then today we will give you a very brief introduction of how to use PHP to achieve this effect. 1, convert the string to lowercase Strtolower function: This

Uppercase and lowercase conversions

1 ;the ASCII code of the lowercase letter is 20H larger than the uppercase ASCII value. 2 ;For example, the ASCII value of capital A of 01000001 lowercase a is: 011000013 ;Formula A (01100001)-20H (100000) = A (01000001)4 ;A (01000001) + 20H (100000)

Word2013 How to replace uppercase and lowercase letters

Word2013 How to replace uppercase and lowercase letters Method One: General operation Open the Word document, select English, and then on the Start tab, click the Change Case icon, open the menu, and select the appropriate format, such as Select

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