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Basic concepts: Mean, expectation, median, mode, range, population variance, sample variance, covariance

# -- * -- Coding: UTF-8 -- * -- import mathimport itertoolsdef mean (t): "mean" Return float (sum (t)/Len (t) def E (X, p): "discretization mathematical expectation (also called mean) of a random variable ): the sum of the product of random variable

Take a dip in analytical math (Zhang Kaijun)

It is said that the latest reform of the college entrance examination of the math test occupies an important share, which reminds of why the "society like Mathematics" this education problem. Since mathematics by the public "attention" to such a

3D Math Primer for graphics and game development

Triangular mesh (Triangle mesh)in the simplest case, a polygon mesh is just a list of polygons, and a triangular mesh is a polygon mesh that consists of all triangles. Polygonal and triangular meshes are widely used in graphics and modelling to

Turn: Complex network Analysis summary

Read Catalogue 1. Features of complex networks 2. Community Testing 3. Structural balance 4. Maximizing impact 5. Network communication 6. Supplement 7. References In our real life, many complex systems can be

:: What does it mean in C + +

(1) indicates "domain Operator"Example: Declares a Class A, Class A declares a member function void F (), but does not give the definition of F in the declaration of the class, so when F is defined outside the class,will be written as void A::f (),

Suggestions on reuse and reduction in Python Programming

This article mainly introduces some suggestions for reuse and reduction in Python programming, from the IBM official technical documentation. For more information, see Back to nature Many popular toys are based on the concept of simple building

Some suggestions for reuse and reduction in Python programming _python

Innocence Many popular toys are based on such a concept: simple building blocks. These simple blocks can be combined in a variety of ways to construct a new piece of work-sometimes even completely unexpected. This concept also applies to real-life

In-depth understanding of matrices-matrix revolution (full version)

Matrix Revolution-Understanding matricesThe linear algebra course, whether you start from the determinant or directly from the matrix, is riddled with inexplicable beginnings. For example, in the national General Engineering Department of teaching

[C ++ exploration tour] Part 1 Lesson 8: pass value reference, file source

[C ++ exploration tour] Part 1 Lesson 8: pass value reference, file source Introduction 1. Part 1Lesson 8:Upload value reference, file source 2. Lesson 9 of the first part: array mighty, dynamic and static Integration Upload value reference, file

Java interview 30 questions

Java interview 30 Question 1: What are the differences between final, finally, and finalize.Second, can anonymous inner class (anonymous internal class) be extends (inherited) other classes, or implements (implemented) interface (Interface )?Third,

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