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Ruby's fiber is not meant to be used for concurrency at all.

Would have done a concurrent fetch, that Ruby1.9 added after the fiber is similar to the Golang kind, can be implemented concurrently run, but found that the efficiency has not improved, in order to confirm that fiber is not in parallel execution,

MySQL random fetch record order by Rand optimization

Next I will use the users (Userid,username,password ...). Table (with Ibedovan Records) as an example, to explain the next several methods of efficiency problems: The code is as follows Copy Code 1.select * from the

Go JavaScript implements reflection by dynamically calling function--js through parameters

The following articles are from  http://blog.rongzhiwang.com/king/archive/2012/08/13/javascriptjseval.aspx    Today, people ask the question: do a menu with jquery, each time using simultaneous to enter a parameter, this parameter is a function name,

Getting Started with DFC and DQL

Http://www.bluefishgroup.com/library/2006/getting-started-with-dfc-and-dql/  Introduction Before I joined Blue Fish Development Group this past year, I had never worked with Documentum. so, my first task was to familiarize myself with the basics of

How to get your Ajax app content to crawl search engines

This document outlines the steps is necessary in order to make your AJAX application crawlable. Once you has fully understood each of the these steps, it should not take your very long to actually make your application CRA wlable! However, need to

GitHub: Why would we abandon jquery?

Recently, we removed jquery completely from Github.com's front-end code, which marks the end of our gradual process of removing jquery over the years, a milestone event for us. This article will describe how we relied on jQuery over time, and we

The Class Loader Architecture

One of the central tenets of Java is making code truly mobile. every mobile code system requires the ability to load code from outside a system into the system dynamically. in Java, code is loaded (either from the disk or over the network) by a

What's new in IOS 9

Https://www.hackingwithswift.com/ios9Search ExtensibilityUpdate:i wrote a tutorial on Core Spotlight in IOS 9 as Hacking with Swift project 32–check it out!Finally (finally!) You can hook your apps directly to Spotlight for integrated, System-wide

Use ComboBox in the DataGrid)

Download source files-2.45 kb Introduction I neededComboBoxIn myDataGrid. After looking around on the web, I found has examples, but none of them worked for me. With inspiration from Alastair stells article here on the Code project and what

The regular expression __html5 of JS

Full name: Regular expressions, abbreviation regexp;Function: The RegExp object is used to specify what is retrieved in the text.Two methods are created:1. Normal way: var reg=/expression/Additional parameterExpression: A string that represents a

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