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Installing Oracle 10g R2 under CentOS 6.3 (x86_64)

DirectoryFirst, hardware requirementsSecond, the softwareThird, System installation noteIv. System Readiness prior to Oracle installationV. Install Oracle and set up the settingsSix, upgrade Oracle to Patchset using Rlwrap to invoke the

Full explanation of Oracle 10g RAC Installation

Full explanation of Oracle 10g RAC Installation Directory1. ORACLE Database RAC description... 1-21.1RAC system description... 1-21.2 preparations before installation... 1-21.2.1 hardware preparations... 1-21.2.2 quasi-work on software... 1-22.

What is the difference between Oracle 10g versions!

What is the difference between Oracle 10g versions! Oracle 10g Standard Edition & Enterprise Edition Oracle10g is divided into four versions:1. Oracle Database Standard Edition one, the most basic commercial version, including basic database

Oracle 10g RAC root. Sh failure at final check of Oracle CRS stack 10 Solution

 I. Problem Description   Installation environment: Oracle Linux 6.1 Database:   When Oracle 10g RAC is installed, an error is reported when root. Sh is executed on the first node, as shown below:   [Root @ Rac1 ~]

Oracle 10g/11g password policy user password case sensitive description

 1. Oracle 10g1. 1 Description In Oracle 10 Gb, passwords are case-insensitive by default. This is due to the default parameters of the password file.   C: \ Users \ administrator. David Dai> orapwd Usage: orapwd file = entries = force =

Oracle 10g rman backup and recovery 3

Oracle 10g rman backup and recovery 3 1. rman is actually a backup tool that coordinates this part. It means that the target database, auxiliary database, disk/sbt tape, catalog database/controlfile are connected to the above three databases at the

How to install Oracle 10g on Redhat 9,redhat ELAS 3/2.1,redat FC1

Oracle This article will show you how to install the following contents: -Oracle 10g (10.1.0) on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Advanced Server 3 (RHELAS3) -Oracle 10g (10.1.0) on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Advanced Server 2.1 (RHELAS2.1) -Oracle 10g (10.1

Remember Oracle 10g data recovery Events once

It turns out that it's not going to die without dying, this time the oracle crashed and it took me two days to unload it just because I installed some inexplicable Android simulator.After uninstalling, found that the Oracle database can not be used,

Hangcheck-timer module of Oracle 9i/10g/11gr1 io-fencing in Linux

 I. Official Website description Refer to Mos: Linux: hangcheck-timer module requirements for Oracle 9i, 10g, and11gr1 RAC [ID 726833.1]   Hangcheck_timermodule is required to run a supported configuration in Oracle Real applicationclusters

Oracle Database 10g Special Edition: not only suitable for beginners (Author: Lewis cunnheim)

Source: http://www.oracle.com/technology/global/cn/pub/articles/cunningham-database-xe.html   Oracle Database Xe is not necessarily important to beginners, students, amateurs, or small businesses-it is equally attractive in many other

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